Dadi says, tell me.. Thorns kept hurting me.. Web Toolbar by Wibiya. Nani enquires about Akash and Arnav, anjali replies they have gone for a fitting. When they take blessings from Garima, she asks Arnav to forgive her. You lied to me? I am glad to see that your web site share valued info that can assist to several readers. Dadi says, from today you have no relationship with Arnav and our family.

If he had to come then he would be here by now. Dadi says, tell me.. NK comes and says something to Arnav, Khushi confused asking why he should hide the shoes, Anjali then asks about the explanation that she had give him. Khushi now sees all smoke going off and she runs there saying, noo. March 27, at Dadi leaves from there now. Dadi continues, this is same Garima because of whom my family destroyed..

Arnav is pretty much unconscious now after his car hitting to a tree. Dadi leaves from there now. He seems to be angry with himself and he leaves from there. ,ya

If he wanted to come then he would have came here long time ago. She hears the car and tries to run to see but Payal tells her to calm down and act like a bride.


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When they take blessings from Garima, she asks Arnav to forgive her. Posted by Sreedevi K N at Khushi loses her balance and is about to fall down on the ground but Arnav quickly catches her. Khushi says, he will definitely come, buaji.

Anjali ties their knot. Soul Mate Ishqbaaz Fanfic. Shyam is worried for some reasons and is calling someone. She says, I tried a lot not to come between your marriage but. Arnav then carries her. HE cries too… Khushi on the other hand is still waiting for Arnav… Anjali cries.

Arnav is just smiling.

iss pyaar ko kya naam doon

He also thinks about his moments with Khushi. Dadi then tells Arnav that Garima is the reason his mother and father killed themselves. He says he is researching all the rituals to take part. Like Us Updste Social Networks. Nk tells him, get serious.

Khushi & Arnav (Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon)

Khushi says, he will definitely come, buaji. Nani is looking all these and crying.

After couple of pheres, Khushi comes in front now and they resume their pheres. Blood is coming out from his head.


Email required Address never made public. Receive all updates via Facebook. Arnav is driving his car somewhere. NK saying he is not enjoying any rituals. Khushi also comes there now and asks Dadi.


Arnav is not going to come now. I think I need it! Shyam tells Arnav might be in too much tension we should look for him. The most beautiful woman at the venue. Kik Messenger is best for dating and make new relation please check kikusernameslist.

This anti-obesity drug is also used for blood pressure control upsate maintaining the cholesterol level. And it was all because of you Garima. Khushi now sees all smoke going off and she runs there saying, noo. The Mami and Bua were well matched!!

I am here today just because of you where there is only pain, betrayals, hate and nothing else. Dadi says to her, after what you did with my family.