Sight Unseen, Part 1. Asuka Versus Manjome White Thunder! Chumley’s father believes he is a poor duelist because of his grades and wants him to leave Duel Academy and help run the family business. He says he just wanted to feel young again, and when he saw all the youthful people like them, it made him want to be young no matter the cost. He is getting irritated with everyone interrupting him and goes up to the Academy roof for some peace and quiet. What did Ayer’s Rock ever to do the writers?

They are confronted by the third Shadow Rider, Amazoness Tanya, who selects Bastion to duel against her. Views Read Edit View history. Turning the Page, Part 1. Hell Kaiser Versus Darkness Fubuki. The Tarot Deck of Destiny. They decide to have a match between the two and the winner will duel North Academy’s representative.

A Pro League Duel.

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Jaden gets nervous about dueling the best student in the school, but he keeps a kagemxru head and agrees to duel. Nature of the Draw. One of these monsters is Kaibaman, who has the voice, form and dueling deck of Seto Kaiba. The School Duel, Part 1. Banner joined the Shadow riders because he wanted to defeat their leader and before he crumbled away, he gave Jaden an ancient tome to help aid him.

Jaden is uaden being beaten by Nightshroud and his Red-Eyes deck. Chazz’s brothers, Slade and Jagger, want to take over Duel Academy. Field of Screams, Part 2.

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Syrus is sad that the last thing he did with his friend was fight with him. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. And then he discards a trap card to bring back Uria, who will only have defense points.

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Jaden Vs Kagemaru Part 1

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uaden But, to be fair, the fangirls probably don’t mind as much. They go out into the forest to find this mystery duelist, and discover that he has been living out in the wild for a long time perfecting his drawing technique. Shining Flare Wingman attacks Hamon and destroys it, but it turns out that when Elisode is destroyed in defense position, all damage to Kagemaru is reduced to zero, so Shining Flare Wingman’s second effect doesn’t finish Kagemaru off.

Chazz, still irritated by his losses to Bastion and Jaden, arrives at North Academy.

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The Gravekeeper, accepting defeat, give Jaden half of a mysterious amulet. Chronos says that all that’s left are next week’s promotion exams, and Judai flips jaen, as he’d forgotten all about them. Crowler still beats him, but he gives the recommendation anyway and Chumley says goodbye to his friends as he headed off to his new job. Seriously, what the fuck was with the crying? Samurai Jack Animated, Action, Adventure. He leaves a fake love letter, claiming to be from Alexis, so he can catch Jaden out of kqgemaru dorm after hours and thus have a reason to get rid of him.

The Duel Tennis of Youth.

Jaden doesn’t believe it and fuses four of his hero monsters into Electrum to win. Views Read Edit View history. He becomes increasingly worried as the Paradox Brothers summon their strongest monster, the Gate Guardian.

Afterwards, Banner started to fall apart and told Jaden that he lied before and that Jaden’s duels were a test to be sure that he be ready for the final battle. Jaden Yuki is on his way to the Duel Academy entrance exams when he bumps into Yugi Mutowho gives him a special card, the Winged Kuriboh. During the duel, Jaden seems to duel much more differently and it turns out, jasen was trying to duel with his head, more than his heart.


When the boat leaves to head back to North Academy, Chazz decides to stay at Central Academy because epislde still has things he wants to do there. Zane will not allow anything to happen to his brother, and throws the duel in order to protect him. And hey, guess what?

Anyway, Judai activates Bubble Illusion, allowing him to activate a trap card from his hand, making me wonder why he episodw just set the trap card in the first place. Tanya, accepting Jaden as a great epieode, is released from her human body and into her true form jadfn a white tiger. Instead of sending Jaden and Syrus back to class, Alexis decides to join them in finding Chazz. But Jaden knows that it wasn’t, and that duel spirits really do exist because he can see Winged Kuriboh’s spirit.

Kagemaru mocks Judai and his monster, and is epiaode, way, way overdramatic in his card drawing. What did Ayer’s Rock ever to do the writers? Doomsday Day, Part 1. The next morning, everyone thinks it was all a dream. He says he just wanted to feel young again, and when he saw all the youthful people like them, it made him want to be young no matter the cost. The Ultimate D Card. His dream is to build an underwater Duel Academy and he wants Jaden to become a teacher for the school since he is such a powerful duelist.