On one occasion when he was recognized, he vowed revenge on a couple of well-known Chicago House Music producers who he claimed had stolen his music from a laptop. He is in a tough spot. Is there anything from that is worth hearing? I like to think I’m okay at talking about this sort of music but it’s become almost a point of pride for me that I don’t really know the mechanics of how the music is made. I am not even going to get into the drums Lee Holman , Nihad Tule. Underground but accessible, diverse but consistent thanks to the pair’s fuzzy-but-polished production, the set sees them showcase a range of cuts that expertly meld club-friendly beats and sounds – think grime, techno, post-electro, acid house and the punchy-but-rubbery rhythms of UK funky – with skewed pop hooks, oddball vocals, hazy electronics and a big dollop of experimental intent. On the flip,the raw repetition of the title track is reminiscent of Surgeon’s early work and “Momentum” goes down a different route altogether on this freeform electronica workout.

From what I remember it’s a pretty hard and kicking and somewhat technoish house album. I was thinking of BPD the real 1 to me not long ago, after hearing their new single the one with the Robert hood remixes ; it’s a beaut. It’s complemented by the B-Side track “Mingo” which is much more indicative of the brand of hypnotic machine music Mark E is currently specialising in, and will appeal to fans of drums!!! To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Do you think they’re going to up and start listening to Moodymann or whomever 8 years from now? Its not about who slept on who’s floor, and who knew who.

Funny, I’ve been looking for a vinyl copy of Law of Grace by Soul Capsule, or a rip and haven’t got one yetwhich was brought on by hearing Vincent Lemieux play it to finish off a Piknik Electronik playing the whole track, unmixed, in it’s entirety, as an encore of sortsand it was one of the most perfect piece s of deep house I’d ever heard. It is one of those records that is so advanced that it is intimidating. And as mentioned by Rio but not shared, the best Burrell song: HammerAli Renault.

The Stockholm album is disdogs one of my favorite electronic albums of all time. Then why stress it so much, apart from the cultural cache such an analogy might provide? All in all, this is serious, gutter dwelling machine ja,es from a heavyweight cast that demands the attention of all discerning beat freaks. That night I was listening while preparing dinner, and I honestly thought the A side had a really incredible locked groove. Anyone know the last tracks the last 2 main ones, I guess on “Detroit is Jacking!


Been impressing me for some time, but I never hear anything about it. Chronicles – Is that the Rush Hour re-issues or something else? Dance is awesome but the dub is better. She flips caet script slightly on “In Sum”, where spacey, Detroit-influenced electronics envelop a snappy deep house rhythm. On one occasion when he was recognized, he vowed revenge on a cazt of well-known Chicago House Music producers who he claimed had stolen his music from a laptop.

I felt similarly when people used to claim that you couldn’t really tell if a dubstep record was good or not unless you had heard it over loudspeakers at DMZ.

I really don’t understand what there is to be won in claiming rudkin certain music developped at a certain place and a certain time. Today Kimochi Sound gets Baltic Sea sonar pinging techno deep, maybe something like bridging jamess gap between Sleeparchive and Mono Junk. The full EP is great.

Inhe founded the project “Kolinahr” togheter with Fabrizio Ippolito aka dj Doraemon. An interesting voice for sure. Van Wey has rarely made anything quite as heart-achingly poignant, beautiful and sorrowful as this.

Also in terms of Hawtins acid stuff from this time, I prefer this to the Robotman Do Da Doo remix whose vocal “Got to do the do” really grates me, but structurally they’re the same. The other problem is that this is a entertainment industry not a music industry The intermittent vocal samples and the release’s signature organ set you up for the flip, “Lady Science NYC Sunrise “.

This track set follows a couple of Ilian Tape singles from Skee Mask doan marked him jamss as a producer of real potential but he’s really outdone himself on Shred. Dlwn the title, the spotters out there might easily guess what the source material for “Kahn” is, and it immediately calls to mind all those great reworks the Midlands-based producer did for Jiscomusic, Running Back and Golf Channel in the pre-disco edit flood era.

I also picked up a boot with a kames killer re-edit of Downfall last weekend. I would like to hear what he has to say about it It’s an original copy, sounds like poor mastering – all mid tone, but on certain tracks thoughs the ddep inside dub sounds relatively fine but the original mix doesn’t. The result is a quartet of cuts that could arguably be described as retro-futurist Afro-tech – all delay-laden beats, basslines and organs subtly sparring with gentle acid lines, Motor City electronics, beguiling deep space textures and shimmering, 31st century motifs.


As an rus,in, I watched one of the comedy videos Larkin has on his Myspace.


I don’t know how I’d feel about a 5 foot high stack of 12′ on my floor which would take like a year and a half to get all listened to esepecially when, because of my sensitive hearing, I have to be very moderate in my listening habits, which would be affected too.

What about Jeff Mills? He was right there for the second wave and then he got sucked into crappy hard techno as the 90’s progressed. Synthetic Nature Gabriele Carasco: It is raw and expressive, but there is more sophistication in any 16 bars of that track then there cat in any random 50 tracks that get gushing praise on the bobbins thread.

I really need to bite the bullet and track down those other two records they did on Nu Groove. Is there anything from that is worth hearing?

Theme record about urban renewal. Quod EP hand-stamped 12″. And where does that “Go on an’ get you some more” sample come from? And thank Christ for that, really.

Svreca at Unit, Tokyo

Slowhouse – B2 5. Making music is surely about composition and ideas, which is not the same skill as being able to physically play an instrument. I don’t know why it’s being singled out right now. It is entirely possible for somebody to drop another World 2 World level record, UR does not have the market cornered on good music.

The difference between older dance music and today is that the guys making jamees old stuff had a background in “real music. I’ll have to dig it out but I guess its this one. Ben SimsStojcheRolando.

So I was wondering, besides being the godfathers of funk and rap, should we credit James Brown and The J. Great song, basically pop. I don’t think they are horrible, it is just that there wasn’t much going in them musically, the drums weren’t that funky, and they just seem really tooly.

Techno as it is recognized as a genre came from the people in that scene cooked up.