An over-preachy movie with too many recycled gags. Unintentionally Delayed, Must Read Update! Ian Gelder as English police officer. I was still worth a shot, man.. Now just keep proving me wrong! GoodFellas star 8. February 7, at

January 6, at Dehlavi Films Production Country: January 15, at I actually read what you write before the comic because that is where you give your true opinion and in this case, I am definitely puzzled. I am surprised to see the negative comments here, as if to say that you have no right to spoof hit movies. It means a umm…….. And this 3 Idiots comic is too good.

Mail will not be published required. April 4, at June 15, at mlvie I took my entire family for this movie thinking this would be an awesome treat and kept sinking in my seat deeper and deeper.

The Theory of Everything star 7. October 31, at A movie i bet he must have liked is Rocket Singh. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply.

If I stop writing now, will anyone even notice?

March 7, at Hi Sahil…Your review reminds me of the mixed feelings I had walking out of the theatre after watching 3 idiots. January 3, at June 7, at Dang I just entered a long and comprehensive comment, and when I tried to submit it my ,ovie did something really weird. Have to sell out somewhere to survive no? January 31, at However, I always admire you for your hard work to convey your message. Your opinions are valued as always.


The paper gig is just to pay my way.

Ian Gelder as The English police officer. I fucking hate that movie. I no longer watch hindi movies. Some of the best Mad Magazine spoofs happen to be for epic cinema! January 21, at Now just keep proving me wrong! GoodFellas star 8. You could contact me if you wish. All was not well… None of it was well.

Rather, adding more frames conveys the ideas better which is what you do now in your comics.

kinnah November 9, at December 7, at A part of me winced at all the above mentioned flaws…I usually avoid most bollywood movies for their insanities…but a part of me acknowledged that the movie had been enjoyable and had a certain appeal to it. Kudos to you Sahil!! They expected it to be a very serious movie review or criticism and were utterly disappointed I guess. BlacKkKlansman star 7.

SOULTRAIN MADRID – The Incredibles {} p BRRip X – Mr. KickASS – El baul de los RECUERDOS

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Review: Tere Bin Laden

Sahil, this is fantastic. I mean, come on- A little more imagination, guy! The paper might run a mellowed down version, but I am loyal to my readers. June 25, at Any awareness created, bad or good, I could use! Did it come though or is it lost and I have to do it again? What more low-down do you want: After reading your other reviews I had kickaas faith that you would not like this film.