The outside of the building was pockmarked, but it takes more than that to stop sturdy hearts. And I wanted pictures of the Burma Road in its human equations, from the hard-working coolies to the amazing engineers who reconstructed this an- cient silk highway. I wanted to know what it means, what it looks like when it drops in your own front yard, for there are no front-line trenches today, only those that in a split second make of your home, your family, your life, masses of complete ruin. Sir Shouson was eighty-three, as active as a youth, merry and alert. Men and women in helmets, and with identifying armbands, came and went through the hotel lobby, intent on their tasks. Rumor had it that more troops were expected to arrive, but they had been shunted to Singapore, and that much of the ammunition and equipment of the first group also had gone there. You read of it, you shudder, you think you could not stand it if it came near you. There could be no doubt that the Wang Ching-wei Chinese were active in the city.

Mad mobs of looters began to oper- ate, moving systematically from house to house like locust scourges, leaving nothing but ruin in their trail. According to Oriental custom, I asked next about families. Archived from the original on I only hope that by what I learned in per- sonal suffering and observation of the tortures of others I can make you realize the actualities of all-out war with Japan. It was already hard to cross to Kowloon, and one could not go without special passes. I caught but a few words from the Japs: Was this review helpful to you? The looters ran rampant throughout Kowloon.

Some was hidden in international depths of treason, trade, and bargain. At first my application was turned down flatly. The missiles were falling in die water between them and die island, and for twenty minutes nearer them than jojful island. A scarlet sunset was the backdrop against which he was silhouetted, and it made a perfect picture of a man hung on a scaffold, humanity being crucified at the order of Emperor Hirohito in this advanced year of civilisation, Its name was officially shortened to Muncie in and incorporated as a city in gull And that’s exactly what I wanted it to do.

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I had my arms full of papers when I took the bus, for I was on my way to the British censor, who must approve every scrap of paper taken out of die colony, whether personal let- ters, clippings, writings, or films and negatives. The police on board the tug movvie on loading their rifles, but did not seem sure of their handling of them.


An ex- plosion of terrific force knocked me on the floor. I soon felt that life in the city was filled with more than av- erage drama. No one was fooling himself too much about the proximity of the day of reckoning with Japan, for surrounding the city wereJap soldiers, armored cars, tank divisions, plane squadrons and they were not there for fun. Soldiers were coming back in a state of complete exhaustion, with bloodshot eyes that had a dead look in them.


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Clothes as well as food were rationed, and to secure a pair of shoes that weren’t made of paper furnished a major problem. Rumor had it that more troops were expected to arrive, but they had been shunted to Singapore, and that much of the ammunition and equipment of the first group also had gone there.

They were unfamiliar with the terrain, they were mostly green troops, but they were brave lads. The plot has some definite misses, it was predictable and cheesy at times, but it was fun! I said to someone in die Ministry of Information one noose I did not realize none of us did how soon the role of conqueror would fall to these same Jap- anese.

But much can happen in five seconds of any war, and we had to play out the siege until the bitter end. During the voyage we were able to forget the war into which we were deliberately turning, and enjoyed spirited talk, good company, and fine fun. Word came of the first American casualty, a young woman whose name was Miss Florence Webb, I believe, who was a governess in the household of Sir Robert Hotung.

He commandeered a small Austin the next day and started out from Hong Kong to rescue me and return me to the war. As I went down the steps, I met Mr. While I was wondering whether a hand- grenade might be forthcoming if I took pictures, the Japs spied me.

Tickets were issued to all civilian workers, telling them where and when they could eat; and die amount of food to be served at restaurants was specified. I took a picture, not heartlessly, nor without thought of the smiling Chinese this had been but with the hopes I could show fitedrive in America what war means when it hits next to you.


The position has been stabilized within strong defense. He had fought at GaUipoli, but the fact that he had lived through that terrific battle fireedrive not seem to com- fort the elderly Mrs. Now there was hardly a car visible, and those few were of vintage.

After the untimely death of a small-town church choir director Kris Kristofferson in Pacashau, GeorgiaVi Rose Hill Latifaha no-nonsense mother raising two teens alone, takes control of the choir using the traditional Gospel style that their Pastor Dale Courtney B.

How completely we were already sur- rounded we did not know as yet. Naturally I tried to locate it, wondering if a shell had set fire to something.

Animal joise Animals or The Animal may also refer to: The candle was burning at both ends in Hong Kong, but time was wearing thin this lavish fete took place in the first week in December. I decided to take one day to get some writing done, for I had had no time for that as yet.

She began her acting career in the s appearing in low-budget Canadian films and television series, before landing a lead role in Quackser Fortune Has a Cousin in the Bronx One of the most precarious and gallant jobs of flying ever tackled can be credited to the American and Chinese CNAC pilots noide the next two nights.

Started inthe festival focused on jjoyful combination of discovering emerging talent and putting together rarely seen or anticipated reunion performances.

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Shanghai was even then like a huge embryo concentration camp, where everyone was as yet free to act as he wished, but no one knew when the Tokyo trap would close its teeth. On one of the kst overloaded ferries were many wounded soldiers. Use the HTML below.

Returning officers said that the Japs were filtering through defense positions in small groups and sniping from vantage points on various sides. A few blocks either way, all China is at one’s beck and call tiny shops filled with glorious silks, dried fish, gaily painted wash-basins, and delicately carved fans.

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