Watch Logistics to be the backbone of economic activity of India: Resha Konkar topic Resha Konkar is an Indian television actress. Member feedback about Sukirti Kandpal: He had always given an excuse. Rajiv and Akash want Prithvi to support them in their business. What will she do now? Prithvi finds it hard to adapt to city life. She tells Ishwar that she wants to gift a diamond locket to Meera.

She consults her friend, Ragini, about Prithvi’s lawyer. Prayagraj Kumbh Subscribe Now – http: Hence Meera tells Jeevanlal to go and eat so that she can send the cows and ruin the crops. Meera and Akash don’t know about what happened 20 years ago and they want to fulfill every last wish of their mother. In episode of Junoon – Aisi Nafrat Toh Kaisa Ishq, aired on 15th April , Prithvi finds his burnt wedding photo Meera panics on thinking about her burnt wedding picture. The people of Hardoi celebrate Meera and Prithvi’s marriage too. Meera gets stuck on the way. Bharatiya Janata Party Delhi 26 views.

Junoon Aisi Nafrat Toh Kaisa Ishq – 15th November 2012

To customize the size of the player as per your requirements change the width and height in the given code. Meera does not move the entire night, so that Prithvi can have a sound sleep. Shaalu tries to deviate Prithvi’s attention from Ishwar, and lies to jaisa about her marriage anniversary.

To escape this, Meera and her mother settled in Delhi and got her engaged again to a man named Akash. In DelhiMeera finds out that her Bittu has cancer and she needs all the love she can get. She tries to clear their misunderstandings in aiis of Akash.


Prithvi supports Ishwar episoce the same, in order to build their relationship. He tries to provoke her against Prithvi, but she slaps him and warns him to stay away from her. Meera and Akash don’t know about what happened 20 years ago and they want to fulfill every last wish of their mother.

She keeps her promise to Prithvi and hides about her involvement in the murder. They feel that Data had tried to kill her daughter. Ishwar pretends to be Meera’s well wisher in front of Prithvi.

Episodw the help of another maid she enters Ramdhari’s house and is shocked to see a picture of her mother mounted on the wall with a garland hung on it.

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Resha Konkar is an Indian television actress. This is the Link: Prithvi aims to build Meera’s relationship with Ishwar. Ishwar makes Prithvi realise that he loves Meera. Ishwar tells her that Meera will never accept her gift and taunts her.

Junoon Aisi Nafrat Toh Kaisa Ishq – 15th August 2013 – Ep 203

Ramdhari and Sudha are able to make Prithvi confess his love for Meera. Kalki performs emotional drama in front of Meera calling her Miu, her childhood name and calling her mother Sudha “Behenji”. He again orders his men to kidnap Meera by making her faint. Will Prithvi be able to know about Ishwar’s identity? Pandiji forbids Prithvi from doing the same.


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Prithvi becomes shocked on figuring out that Aakash has murdered Sudha. Mishraji informs Shaalu that he failed to find whether Prithvi is alive or dead. Lakhan reaches, points a gun to a nurse and kicks her too.

Meera becomes outraged at Prithvi for bringing her closer to Ishwar. A few days later, Kalki gets a feeling that Meera is really Sudha’s daughter. She tells him of her last wish that the full family stays together.

Like us on Facebook – https: Ajab Sa Junon Hai. Meera tricks Prithvi and escapes with his gun. Santram Varma topic Santram Verma born is a male director of Hindi films and television shows from Mumbai. After lots of struggle, Meera and Prithvi get married, successfully. Indian male television actors Revolvy Brain revolvybrain 21st-century Indian male actors Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Indian male film actors Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.