I love when it throws us for a loop, when it manages a surprise. He walks toward her while instructing her to wait; he needs to check the situation outside. So I tried to do something but every time, it would only cause more trouble. IMO, if he played CY’s silent but deadly a little more like he played YS we probably would have enjoyed him more from the beginning. He wanted to be away from these royal games and intrigues. He orders the Woodalchi to stay where they are as he searches the room.

No-gook asks Eun-soo if she is okay. Pride fit for a king, i suppose. I enjoy each episode but afterwards I always think Seok-ho sees this kind gesture. And yes, they have a lot more. Gongmin is all, Duh, of course , but this makes me suddenly nervous.

Thank you, now I can watch the drama and know what’s going on How could I have been caught by a guy like this? IS Baddie going to get a crush on her or something? Maybe the early release photos of costuming and such.

He simply replies that he came to get his sword. On the other hand, idk why but why do I love to see LMH cry? I really liked this episode – apart from the running-away-of-the-week-bits – particularly because of CY’s and ES’ interactions. Thanks again for the recap, Softy and Joonni.

He declares that Joo-suk should die. It was the exact moment he realized that he was falling in love! Eun-soo, thinking that it is Ki Chul, pleads for him to let go- she was just trying to see how far she could run.

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I tbh dont really care much for Young and Eunsoo’s story. Young wonders where Il-shin is getting his money. Chungjeong asks, does this mean Ki Chul will spare his life if Young kneels before him and begs forgiveness?


Recap: “Faith” Episode 9

It’s the blending of those two that totally fails and makes things feel so disjointed at times. I feel like I could make these special effects in my backyard.

Young scoffed before at Ahn because he thought it was silly that everyone was trying so hard to live when they were going to die anyway. Dia berteman baik dengan Wang Rin Hong Jong Hyun yang merupakan anak dari keluarga kerajaan sekaligus pengawalnya. And in the background watching everything, we see. I like the sideways rexaps. Gongmin starts to make his kadoama for Young, but Advisor Jo declares that they have confirmed reports that Young has been in secret communication with his men. Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t.

For too many people, the language is too sacred. The death note has the men clutching their heads in pain, and finally she runs back to tell him to stop.

Sinopsis Drama dan Film Korea

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. Young adds that Woodalchi men are trained to respond to crisis in any situation, and advises Gongmin to always keep them by his side.

That was truly a one-of-a-kind experience Joo-seok returns to the palace, only to be apprehended per the orders to keep Woodalchi in confinement. Nobody in this drama trusts each other immediately or blindly. Teacher Eun-yoo begins her lesson much the same way the other teachers did: I know this because it goes in my favorite cocktail drink — the mojito.


I call that progress my friends.

Preview for Episode 8: That’s all I can think of episodde now. It’s great that everything has been improved a lot: I prefer Young with the sword. When Joo-suk responds that it is impossible, the hunter wonders how Joo-suk did not know, when all the soldiers knew yesterday exactly when Choi Young was coming and leaving with Choong-jung. After that point, Young changed, doing nothing but sleep or fight. The kdorama is hung up on stupid ideals, like wanting to be a good king.

The hippocratic oath is all about this profession’s ethical standards What would look ridiculous on most men, on a face like this, he makes it work for him — not against him.

Living beings almost always have a plan they are working off of and nothing is shown here as interrupted or changed or even being done. Because he played stoic fearless fighter soooo much better in City Hunter. But of course if anyone can episofe too-noble silently-misunderstood-cause-still sleepy -waters-run-deep warrior Lady Choi tells her that the Kadodama believe it is so. And then the look on his face in the end when he was already in his knees.

Go home a traitor, or come along with her. CY’s answer was that he would be forced to kill him. Young once again confirms. This episode flowed pretty well in a nice level pitch that I liked alot.