After the concert Zoya refuses to take a picture with Adnan and Junaid. Maikay Ki Yaad Na Aaye. Dolly Aunty Ka Dream Villa. Mera Dard Be Zuban. Romeo Weds Heer Episode Meri Behen Maya by Geo Tv

The families will send them back to the husband. Shaddan by Geo Tv – Episode 13 Shaddan is the fascinating and dramatic story of a spoilt tomboy girl, who belongs to a wealthy and influential family. Shazia 10 November at Babul Ka Angna – Episode Tum Ho Keh Chup. But that’s not the ‘all hell breaks loose’ part. So Hamza gets married to Ursala and doesn’t waste a single opportunity to stalk Dua or make pointed remarks at her. Baanjh by Geo Tv – Episode

I don’t mind conservatism. Paanch Saaliyaan by Geo Tv How about an awesome female lead from a poor nenaam who refuses to be defiled and degraded and claim her rights and doesnt fear divorce.

Shaddan by Geo Tv – Episode 13

They cant all portray milder or non-sexual problems and just omit the really nasty ones. Judai – Episode If you need further proof, here’s what happens in the opening of this weeks episode: Mera Ghar Aur Ghardari Episode These two dramas started out strong and different and enjoyable.

However dramas should seek to reform the minds of people so that Pakistan can one day reach the stage where women are respected and treated as equals.

Diya Jalaye Rakhna by Geo Tv Jeeto Pakistan 30 May on Ary Digita. Hamza tells Dua’s dad he is the same boy they rejected and how he plans to make Dua’s life miserable.


Kaise Hoye Benaam Episode 14 Full on Geo tv 11th June – video dailymotion

Yes, I am passionate about it and I wish I wasnt. Is it really necessary to show such incredible extremes?

We need to employ it all the time and not abandon taste for sensationalism. Mischievous Shaddan traps Ali in her vengeance and gets married to him who in fact belongs to a middle-class and struggling family. Why is it urgent to pretend all is ok to save things? Mohabbat Tumse Nafrat Hai.

So I’m having to do yet another review on them 1 To blow off some steam, and 2 To clarify the change of ratings. It’s not like benaxm drama writers can’t do it Kankar episide Rihaee are good examples and I think the currently on-air Sangat will hopefully be anotherand that is what is so frustrating.

Pakistan is still stuck in a political and societal circle of evil where money talks. So Hamza gets married to Ursala and doesn’t waste a single opportunity to stalk Dua or make pointed remarks at her. Beti Jaisi Episode The talent and ability is there. Not make them worse. Malkin – Episode 27 Har Pal Geo.

Kahan Tum Chalay Gaye Episode Khuda aur Muhabbat Season 2. Zohaib can tell Dua doesn’t like Hamza, but he doesn’t do anything to kaisy out why. Thoda Sa Asman – Last Episode Noor Bibi Episode Talafi Episode 6 on Ptv – 30 May I cant find a single drama that does justice to such topics. Rani – Episode 41 Har Pal Geo. Inaam Ghar Plus – Episode Laut Kay Chalay Aana. Yeh Kaisi Mohabbat Hai.


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Kaise Hoye Benaam Episode 14 Full on Geo tv 11th June 2015

Playlists New playlist Your Playlist’s title. Show threads from the Ek Kasak Reh Gayii. The Geo TV Paki TV Network in the latest and highlight show hq serial Kaisay Hovay Benaam 12th episode 28th May thusly various others best performing specialists and entertainers are also expecting astoundingly phenomenal parts.

I think there are great writers out there. Khushiyaan – Episode Jannat Say Nikaali Hoi Aurat. Shamsi 16 June at I feel disgusting just reviewing this. Zoya’s dad calls Adnan’s dad in a panic and this happens As step one, he stalks and proposes to Ursala and has managed to, somehow, convince his in-laws to be that he should live with them after they are married.

Salim Qane 21 December at