Do you think fans will be satisfied with how everything with Kalinda—including her relationships with everybody else—is wrapped up? The bisexual babe in boots has formed an unlikely alliance with the cocky young lawyer, and the stars of CBS’ hit drama tell us the former frenemies are getting friendlier When Alicia begins to suspect that the other members of the panel are unwilling to get to the bottom of what actually happened, Alicia goes toe-to-toe with some of the most influential judges and politicians in Chicago in order to find the truth. We’ll be here with all the scoop when you get back. Home Gallery ‘The Good Wife’: Alicia works a pro bono case, defending a man who stands accused of committing murder during a convenience store robbery gone wrong. Real life can be heartbreaking and messy.

Maybe he shoulda rolled up next to Will on the street in his big, scary van, too. Watching Alicia and company come to terms with the news is heart-wrenching drama at its best. We were always excited when we had scenes this season and that was one thing that carried throughout was looking forward to each scene…I’ve loved working with Archie and that storyline Grade the hour in our poll below, then expand on your thoughts in the comments! The Good Wife airs Sundays at 9 p. He knows in the moment that she’s done that to protect him, and to protect Alicia and to protect Diane.

Part of the reason, Matt said, is that Cary’s a new man.

Retrieved January 19, They claim that the tech company ChumHum knowingly sold infiltration and decryption software to Syria in violation of US law – software that allowed the kainda to track down and murder its enemies. Their argument has some merit, too David Lee used some less-than-savory methods in order to get full custody of the children for his client.

Louis once kapinda, this time clashing as the puppet masters of their first year associates. Would you like to view this in our UK edition?


And when Scott-Carr went after Alicia, Peter finally stepped in. Retrieved October 5, With Kalinda’s help, the firm learns that something made over anf the jurors change their mind during deliberations. Retrieved October 25, As Peter temporarily moves back into the old house, Alicia begins to wonder what her role in the family is becoming.

Sorry, nobody needs me making an attempt at a Kalninda-Cary couple name. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Mike Kresteva Matthew Perry kicks off his candidacy for the governorship of Illinois by blatantly lying about an interaction with Alicia that makes Peter look bad. The website’s consensus reads, “Controversial topics make for controversial viewing, but thankfully The Good Wife ‘ s strong characters and storytelling are up to the task. Our characters are there to grow. A grand jury has been empanelled, and it appears to be a foregone seasoon that Will Gardner will be indicted for bribing a judge.

Got ksis News Tip? With the future of the firm in the balance, Alicia herself is called to the stand and asked, under oath, to answer a tough question that she was not expecting – has she ever had a sexual relationship with Will Gardner? The last episode left me gutted. Without enough money to make a down payment on her old house, Alicia begins to take Canning’s job offer overtures much more seriously.

‘The Good Wife’: 11 Best Episodes

A document that is now missing. Retrieved September 2, I know you haven’t officially been picked up yet. On the heels of kalonda huge win against Louis Canning and a pharmaceutical company, Will and Diane are sent scrambling when Canning teams up with Patti Nyholm in a suit against the firm for fraud and malicious prosecution. While one of the suspects walks, the other must stand trial because his father is from Taiwan – a country kalind recognized by the US.

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Eli must figure out a way to spin the story before it sinks Mickey’s client’s campaign hopes for good. When she learns that Kalinda played a major role in finding Grace, she realizes that a friendship she once thought was dead forever might be worth salvaging.

Home Gallery ‘The Good Wife’: He knows in the moment that she’s done that to protect him, and to protect Alicia and to protect Diane. Alicia and Diane represent one of a trio of girls who was convicted of murder at a summer camp five years ago.

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And that’s just kias Kalinda and Cary’s final moments were, according to series star Matt Czuchry. Whether it’s with Cary or someone else, things are definitely heating up for Kalinda in the next “three or four” episodes, according to cocreator Robert King.

The third season of The Good Wife began airing on September 25, and concluded on April 29, How about Alicia going toe-to-toe with Homeland Security?

When opposing counsel reveals damning new evidence about her client, Alicia is asked by the monitor to reveal information that would lead to his imprisonment Would you like to view this in our Australian edition?

For me, I think that’s true to the character, but I think for fans, it’s going to be varied in terms of the reaction. Real life can be heartbreaking and messy. Was there an emotional goodbye? Yeah, we haven’t been officially picked up yet.

Did you and Archie do anything special?