Kalinda reached her arms around Lana’s waist and expertly undid her robe. Peter prepares to engage Maddie Hayward in their first televised debate, with Diane Lockhart helping him prepare. The critics consensus reads, “This season of The Good Wife continues its winning streak as one of television’s top shows, with unique legal cases and intelligent political drama. Diane is approached by Peter to fill the seat of a recently deceased Illinois Supreme Court Judge if he wins the governorship. Kalinda threw the pillow off of her face and freely moaned for Lana to hear. Lana placed a kiss on the side of her neck, still no response.

List of The Good Wife episodes. Lana enjoyed the warmth on her face and let herself drift off into sleep. Kalinda shook her head gently. This page was last edited on 13 November , at Retrieved April 17, Kalinda gets distracted by the presence of her estranged husband. Kalinda didn’t want to hear it so she brought their lips together in a fiery kiss.

Kalinda barely resisted before she opened her legs for Lana. Lana stepped back and let the door open.

Kalinda sat up and pulled Lana toward her so that they were both sitting facing each other. Alicia and Diane represent the CFO of an online tax return company whose conversations with his husband could implicate him in defrauding the government. Lana felt a little disappointed. A classmate of Grace kills herself after her boyfriend Connor breaks their relationship, and Grace becomes dangerously attracted to Connor.

Retrieved April 3, Again,” Lana said playfully. For the first time, she saw desire in Kalinda’s eyes. Now that the firm has money, they have a whole new set of problems, including the firm heading towards civil war. Covered in her white srason, Lana watched from her balcony as Kalinda drove away. Xeason had no reaction at all. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In one ajd motion, Lana hit Kalinda’s weak spot and kept her fingers pounding on that spot until Kalinda burst into an orgasm.

Eli, having forestalled the publication of a damaging magazine article must sesson contend with a blog threatening to post a story regarding the article not being published in the first place.


Retrieved January 15, This story attempts to fill in the blanks between the end of season 3 and season 4 episode 3.

She kissed her as softly as she was kissed and trailed the kisses down Kalinda’s toned abdomen. Meanwhile, with the firm now enjoying a surplus of cash, the partners debate llana what to do with it, and explore the possibility of re-leasing the two building floors they lost during bankruptcy, and hiring a second investigator.

When Kalinda stopped moaning, Lana began to suck gently on the little pea and inserted a finger inside of her. Kalinda threw the pillow off of her face and freely moaned for Lana to hear.

Retrieved November 20, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Lana put her glass down and looked into Kalinda’s eyes. I want you to come for me. Also, using Alicia’s family, Eli schemes against Jordan to get him thrown off the campaign.

She didn’t understand why she felt like it was acceptable to let her guard down around Lana. Meanwhile Peter’s mother, Jackie, tries to become more involved in her son’s gubernatorial campaign after she recovers from her stroke.

Lana’s heart raced a bit. Once brought wjfe the attention of an emergency courtroom hearing however, the details turn out to be potentially ruinous for Peter’s campaign. Now Kalinda thrust her pelvis into Lana’s mouth and she threw a pillow over her face to muffle her pleasure. Archived from the original on February 10, She swirled the wine in her glass and took a sip. Lana thrust her hand while occasionally extending her thumb to stimulate Kalinda’s clitoris.

They looked at each other in silence for a moment. Sesson looked back at her, seemingly innocent, and said, “You’re not.

Did Kalinda Kill Nick On ‘The Good Wife’?

Lana was staring intently into Kalinda’s eyes. Alicia faces Louis Canning again, struggling to depose an executive in a lawsuit against a bank who foreclosed on houses with stagnant swimming pools, facilitating the spread of disease-bearing mosquitoes. With a thrust of her hips, she threw Kalinda on the bed and pinned her down. Retrieved November 13, Tensions are exacerbated when Alicia and Cary are asked to prosecute in a mock trial against Diane and Will – the outcome of which has real consequences for their client, an energy beverage company being sued for the death of a young girl after she consumes one of their products.


Veronica, meanwhile, still disapproving of Alicia’s continued commitment to Peter, attempts to interfere as Peter asks Alicia to renew their vows in Hawaii. Lana took in a deep breath of disappointment. Lana watched her carefully as she placed one of the fingers in her mouth.

Kalinda grabbed Lana’s wrist and turned her around, immediately pinning her against the door again once the turn was complete. Also in attendance to the Shamrock dinner is Republican gubernatorial candidate, Mike Kresteva, who ends up in a confrontation with Peter. Cary, after sseason years, has a chance meeting with his father, which doesn’t end well.

Kalinda & Lana 9 – VĂ­deo Dailymotion

Nevertheless, there was a defiant part of her that was running victory laps around her head. Meanwhile, Peter beats Maddie Hayward and wins the Democratic primary. With the prosecution stalling, the firm must rush through trial in order to head off a conviction. Before she could turn around, Kalinda’s body forcefully pressed her flat against the solid wood of the door. Lana lied back down and curled up in fetus position, pulling her sheets into her core.

Your review has been posted. Lemond Bishop goes to trial, charged with the murder of a confidential informant. She saw a flash of need across Kalinda’s face, but as all other emotions on Kalinda’s face, it didn’t last.