A furious Jai warns Bani that she will not leave home until he says so. Bani wonders what she can do for Vicky. Jigyasa tries to add fuel to the fire. Bani, Pia and Rano are shocked to see that the location of the new hotel is none other than their home. Bani fails to understand anything. Bani tells Jigyasa that her kids are capable enough to handle problems.

And Jigyasa supports his decision. Jai feels glad to know that Bani is back. Bani promises herself that she will avenge herself. Jigyasa can’t stop showering praises on Pia on her brilliant scheme. She hated Bani and wanted to seek revenge from Bani for taking her brother away from her. Maasi tells Bani, she was unaware that Meera was Jai’s wife. The doctor suggests Rano to take Pia home.

Vidya offers to Gaurav to peddle drugs instead of Krishna. Krishna and Vidya tells Veer that he is very strange.

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Bani tells her that she has made many sacrifices in life and will now begin to live for herself. Jai signs the blank paper and Bani uses to get the details of the private number.

Character of Rano played by Pallavi Subhashchandran. Jigyasa asks Natwar to get the information of all the companies participating in the bid. Pushkar too gets elated on knowing this bu.

Jai gets furious and tells her that he is Bani’s husband. Ganga asks Bani to reveal Jigyasa’s r. Bani tells her that she will reveal her true identity soon.

Maasi tells Bani, she was unaware that Meera was Jai’s wife. Ganga phones Pronita and lies to her that she can’t come for clas.


Jai testifies that Pratyush is telling the truth. Rano and Bani recover. She uses Vidya’s cell to call Vicky. Bani hears their conversation and decides to follow Abhilasha and her brother. Meanwhile, Bani burns a Walia.

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Rano overhears their conversation and gets furious. Meera goes up to Bani’s photograph and says that she is happy to see Ganga tread on the wrong path and promises never sf let Ganga get reformed. Bani wonders what she can do for Vicky. Piya reveals to Jigyasa that she made Vicky look positively at Jai’s kassmh.

Veer arrives at the same time. Meera plants a letter using Pronita’s name to call Vidya at some other place. Bani is uncomfortable and wants to leave, but Rano stops her and make her understand. Sahil and Rano spend time with their baby. The doctor checks him and tells Aditya that Ranvir can walk again. The burqa clad person renders Bani unconscious in the lift.

Ranvir dislikes Rashi getting friendly with Nachiket. She tells him everything about Bani and her problems. Deb invites Bani for a small party. Pia comes from shopping and asks Jai about kssamh wedding preparations. Jai warns everyone not to tell Bani the truth about Tarun and Jai’s dpisode. Rano tries to ask Raashi what was the matter but she avoids her.

Just then Meera phones Jai and he tells her that he is already in office. When Meera reaches there, she offers to buy a dress for Ganga. Bani tells Jigyasa that her kids are capable enough to handle problems.


Meera is thrilled at the parlour to hear that Jai is elisode all the shares and investments in her name, so she signs all the papers. Bani blames Jai and Pia for letting the police fire at her. Meera tells Bani and Jai that they should come together and have a child.

Initially Ganga kqsamh Rishi for bringing Dadi and her friends for the singing competition. Abhilasha and her brother insist Rashi to divorce Ranvir before marriage. Ganga tells Bani that she will find a solution. The cop asks Jai if he suspects anyone whose help Meera could seek. He comes to the discotheque and warns Ganga to get his father released, kaaamh he’d reveal the truth to her father. Jai shares his memories with Ganga.

Bani stops Masi from ksaamh the Ganesha idol. Pronita tells the family to forget all about Krishna and enjoy the party.

Pushkar’s parents accept him. Jai just misses seeing Ganga’s photo with Bani. Jigyasa tells Bani that Veer will soon came to know the reality. Pia tells Jai that Bani will be at gun point and ifhe does not do all this, she will be killed.