Pushkar comes face to face with Jai accidentally but he merely clenches his fist and walks past him! The journey and promise of three sisters has come to an end, but they will always remain in everyone’s hearts Bani is given a letter by a family friend Dayal that their father had left for them, in which Name and Address of Jai Walia is given. I don’t know where to start about this show. Jai agrees to adopt Ganga, and Meera goes to fetch her from Maithali’s house. However, this upsets the rest of the family members, especially Rano. However, Jigyasa and Karuna both see Daksh in the streets, and he soon committs a sacrifice to help Bani.

Walia at least one truth before he leaves. Bani, who is shattered after seeing Pushkar and Pia together, is heartbroken. At the office, Jai announces a new business project which will be head by Pushkar, and assisted by Bani. Jai soon learns that to save Ganga’s life, he and Bani must have another child. Bani is forced to serve many drinks on a small plate, and she has a tearful reunion with her family, especially her younger sister, Rano. Jai hires Bani as a waitress at his party, which leaves the entire Walia family in shock.

While Ganga and Jai have more clashing encounters, Bani’s thakurain becomes angry by Bani’s success, and plans to embarrass her in front of everyone.

Feeling its all her fault, Bani plans to leave Mumbai with Billo Massi and Ganga, but Jigyasa now does a totally different move. Baani is shocked to learn that The story is basically about three sisters Bani, Pai and Rano from Mont Tabu, who after the sudden dead of their father, come to Mumbai. However, the news of Ganga’s cancer shakes up the Walia family.

Episode 1 Episode 1.

Kasam Se latest full episode 23 January 2015 part 1

Ganga collects money to save her mother from the false allegations put on her and meanwhile, masamh Walia family travels to Meerut to meet the groom’s family. However, Jai is even angrier when he learns that Mr.


In doing so, episose completely ignores Ganga. After seventeen years, Jai and Bani have a proper meeting and fall in love all over again.

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See what’s trending now. Skbtitles take shelter from Jai Walia. Surprisingly, Jai arrives there and plays with Ganga. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

Pushkar apologizes to Bani for being the cause of her distress but she having overheard his entire conversation with Roshni asks him why he needs such a huge advance. Jai witn to give Bani money, but luckily Meera finds out what happened to Ganga and pays the money. Jai, who is extremely irate at Pia, shouts at Bani because of her sister’s stupidity. Pia feels guilty toward Pushkar for what she said the day before, and Mr.

Bani finds out that Jai was searching inside the outhouse for something and they spend the entire night together, unifying themselves. However, he refuses to listen to Bani, and Billo Massia leaves the mansion for a pilgrimage.

Desperate to find money, Bani goes to the only one person who can help her. At the competition, however, Pronita meets Rano and We Walia. Episode 10 Episode Episode 12 Englizh Jai Walia is resident of Mumbai.

Kasamh Se – Season 1, Episode 1: Episode #1 –

And how will Jai react seeing his ex-lover? Throughout all their hardships, betrayals, and wtih, the three sisters still maintain their relationship and love for one another. A lot has changed since then. The story of two teenage girls Gunjan and Rachna. However, Meera is frightened by coming back to Mount Abu, and Bani’s death anniversary does not help her in any way. Vicky and Varun return to the Walia mansion after a long time, and the engpish family celebrates.


As Rano returns to Mumbai, the family worries over Krishna Episode 6 Episode 6. However, the point of soaps is to get away from the everyday reality and for just half an hour peek into the lives of these characters and just have fun with it.

Enylish is the love story of an innocent, illiterate girl Vidya and a mentally challenged young man Sagar. However, this upsets the rest of the family members, especially Rano.

Kasamh Se – Episode 90 – 22-05-2006

However, on the way home she meett with a fatal accident. Pushkar, who is very happy about this, tries to protect Bani from a quarrel at the office with Ranvir, which annoys her. One year later, the Walia family is celebrating the festival of Holi. However, no matter how good a storyline is, it is even subtitels if it is acted out the right way. Edit Did You Know? Bani and Jai leave the mansion to get Ganga’s medicine, but their car breaks down.

Although Bani is worried over the money for Ganga’s admission, Meera secretly helps her by paying the money. Taking advantage of the situation, Jigyasa makes Jai and Ganga dance so they can become closer, and so her plan of Ganga becoming adopted will succeed. Meera is introduced as Jai’s wife at the party, but Jai totally ignores her. Then, she guesses that Piya has made some exorbitant demand!