I just finished watching and had to go online to get an affirmation of how low the ending left me. The dead shogun is replaced by a relative. BBCode Modified by tsubasalover, Dec 11, He was trained that way by his father and it was constantly reinforced by a psychotic sister. If I were to summarize the whole series with one word A very strong concluding episode for a great series. Then the ending took the beautiful balance that had been established and turned the series into a breathtakingly executed swan-dive directly into concrete.

I guess we will never know what her decision would have been in the end and I think she was just explaining her original plan and her past 20 years of life. Well, I will also admit that the poor sap who was assigned the tenth sword, which isn’t really a weapon at all, was good for a little laugh. But it makes Katanagatari at best a flawed masterpiece, and possibly something far worse. Her confession at the end shows that no matter how devoted you are to the superior that you are serving, in the end you are only being manipulated and used as a means to their ends. They both lost someone and they both gained a new life. I even agree that overall I really enjoyed the series and would recommend it to other people. Regarding the ending itself, it was fitting and I can’t really think of any better way to end up the series.

And that exertion still isn’t enough to drop him. The fighting scenes were epic and Togame death was sad but it made this episode kahanagatari more epic than I could imagined. Shichika reaches the second type, and beyond. A fighter who was able to act without thinking — do things automatically — was the ideal.

Ktaanagatari the end she had two conflicting sides of her feelings. Like yay he ends up with that annoying princess and we have no idea what happened to him after that I think that rather she was talking about preventing just one person from holding ALL the power in the country and eventually using that power and devotion that comes with it to unite and militarize the whole nation, asking them to blindly follow the episod they are given.

But on that same note, there is something I still respect about it. Seems someone can’t take a real ending. The things she said confused me and after analyzing it this is my personal conclusion.


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Anyway, the last episode was epic. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Adding it to my top5. According to her, everything she did to romance, befriend, and even help Shichika grow as a human person, was all just another one of her schemes. If Togame was at any point expecting that Shichika would just move on as a result of her revelation, she has another reason for disappointment.

What does Togame helping Shichika become human even mean? I really liked this episode. But the various images that accompany her confession make it clear that she is being perfectly serious.

Nonetheless superb, finished with an epic Shichika Hachiretsu. He has reached the point where nobody is his match not physically nor mentally.

Even Hitei proved an unpredictable foe, if so no other reason than that she seemed to take pleasure in contradicting herself. The knowledge that, at the end of the day, Togame was not really becoming a better person puts a bit of a damper on that, and makes entire episodes seem undone as a result. If she was planning on killing him after it was all over then he never, ever needed to become a better person. One would be when Higaki told her to throw away her objectives ambitions, vengeance, and aspirations for her true objective.

He could’ve took her to medical help easily. Maybe you are implying something different than I am talking about?

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Well, I will also admit that the poor sap who was assigned the tenth sword, which isn’t really a weapon at all, was good for a little laugh. It is just a personal expression of love for Togame, one that she basically commanded him not to do but he refused to follow.

Togame asked Shichika to say thanks to HItei. The failure to protect a fief, to enrich a ninja clan, to aid girls wounded by the world, to woo a woman—those Shichika fought had in a sense failed in their goals even before Shichika came along to defeat them. Well, there’s injured and then there’s injured.

Katanagatarj of the best shows of the year for me, probably the best. If somehow it really was all a plan to fall in love, then she clearly underestimated as cliche as this sounds the power of love. The episode aniemultima very direct in reinterpreting the show as being about failure. Success for the swords means success for… what… the Nazis? Best fight in the whole show by far.


Oh, and regarding your email: Oh well, this is more or less what you, yourself said. Granted, she treats even the prospect of her own death with the same disdain, but she might know by prophecy that she’s destined to get out alive.

In fact, Togame was at her core a woman bent on revenge, and would let that revenge drive even her deepest love for dark purposes and destructive ends and leaving me wondering what the hell episode 10 was supposed to be about. BBCode In the End, was it worth it? I guess the things that still confuse me are: She could just be lying about it here to entice her subordinate to fight a battle he is destined to lose; I’m still trying to decide if that would make her actions better or worse.

Awesome series its a shame its come to an end. I wish that the whole greater purpose of the swords had been developed in a totally different way in the last two episodes. Was I that bad a of a viewer? The eleven retainers are all named and have unique character designs, but their roles are to march on screen and die, so they might as well be faceless mooks.

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But ah well an excuse to rewatch the whole thing again to find out. The fact I am worked up about it, however, is anjmeultima to show how unique Katanagatari katanagqtari been. Katanagatari Episode 12 Discus This is what you call a climax and a resolution! Ore no Imouto, etc. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. As an anime fan, you sort of have to animueltima horrible endings from time to time.

The entire reason for creating the swords was to ensure that no shogunate would exist; by doing so, Shikizaki hoped that Japan would avoid a future calamity, which seems to be the atomic bomb droppings and occupation of Japan in World War II. And so it comes to an end after nearly a year, and what an ending it was!