In a way, this also makes the further story a little lame concerning Killua seeing as that he has full control of this power, he’s essentially invincible now. On one hand, it showed how smart he was with figuring out all of the different ways Blaster could escape and then trapping him. I still somehow find this scenario unlikely though. While Ikalgo was lamenting his weakness Within the shifted central tower, as Morel faced off against Pouf’s cocoon, he was battling doubts of his own, as well. The king was an excellent fighter, but he wasn’t very experience. Two, I move Brovada somewhere else while he’s asleep. There’s a way out!

He came down here without a passcode? He vanished, as though he were never here to begin with. However, that is all there is to it. Like many other characters we dont actually have enoigh data to say. Yojimbo Yes, have some. Why is everyone neglecting Hisoka while still considering Chrollo?

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What’s that name of the dude wearing sunglasses in the black bakground I see in a lot of people’s profile pic i see on YouTube for example? A second input error will result in your restraint. Fake x And x Real. Don’t call me crazy and I killu know if I’m actually correct, but I found out that Boomerang’s schedule has been changed starting tomorrow at 6 AM.

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Hangin’ out with my new puppy Goofy to watch the Oscars. Killua god speed 1 years ago. Killua vs Palm 1 years ago. He would absolutely have to surprise him. The door has been locked.


Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. It allows Killua to move his body according to his own will so that means that this can be used to travel really long distances at incredible high speed.

He closed off his only escape route, just to finish me off? PapaGreg Open bar knock yourself out.

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While Ikalgo was lamenting his weakness Within the shifted central tower, as Morel faced off against Pouf’s cocoon, he was battling doubts of his own, as well. There’s no one else to help me! I believe being able to constantly stunlock an opponent nearly forever with his kind of combat skills absolutely gives him a chance.

When Gon was knocked out, he said “he wanted total victory, right Gon?

Kite’s new identity as Meruem’s sister, gives her the immense nen capabilities of a chimera ant Princess, effectively placing kollua in the god class category capable of fighting an ant king.

I think I saw that there’s a video that edited all the storylines together so that they happen in time with each other.

Then, I have to take control of Brovada’s corpse, and use it to take out other Squadron Leaders. There are abilities in the hunter universe that could instantly make one a god-level combatant.


I thought the final Anime Arc was cool, but it also taints future storytelling. In fact, I believe Killua even mentioned one in the greed island arc when he stated that the combination episoce risky dice and fickle genie could make an individual quite powerful. Arcane Arcane 8, 6 26 Couldn’t someone technically wish for Something to kill Meruem? Did he kill himself? Epic killua zoldyck moments 4 years ago. Your passcode and name do not match. Top 5 Hunter x Hunter Fighting Scenes 3 years ago.

They could be equal in combat, but I doubt Maha could dish out a true defeat. It’s weird that the control room was completely unguarded why leave a room where you can release sleeping gas unguarded?

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Hunter x Hunter Killua Badass Moments 2 years ago. Featured post i can’t draw anything that isn’t kurapika.

If he returns to the surface, and tells the others that Flutter’s dead, I’ll be able to move around freely! SuGa 1 day ago.