Alessio De Filippis as Seiji Hiwatari. And around now would be the perfect time for Kirari to confess her feelings to Seiji. Mushroom in Manga Training!? Sayaka and Miku start to think that Kirari cares for the fans more instead of her friends. Nick Creamer has the details. Kirari and the other idols will make a show on ice, but Kirari can’t skate, and there is a special guest star with them.

Shin Hyung Sik 31 episodes eps , 28, , Planning: Eun Hee Kim Producer: As a cat, Na-san was rejected instantly during an idol audition. Rebecca Silverman has the details. Idol Battle Against the Super Fubuki!! After the premiere of the drama starring her, will she have second thoughts?

Hiroto tells Kirari that she express her feelings for Seiji. Kiari realised that Luna-chan is her mom? Japanese staff Japanese cast Director: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Compare Credits Compare this anime with others. Episode will start the series in 3D avatar figures.

Emanuela Pacotto as Erina Ogura.

Shigeru Chiba Director of Photography: This episodee needs additional citations for verification. Idols’ Big Battle Against Tests! Koi No Meiro No Nyuuyooku!? Izumi becomes infuriated and chases Fubuki only to reveal her true identity: When she arranges Na-san like a moikanKirari decides to challenge the hairdresser. Tony De Padua Synchronization: Two weeks of film shooting had suddenly been canceled, meaning that Kirari can go spend time with her friends Sayaka and Miku.


Meanwhile, Muranishi’s manager thinks he’s been cursed from trying to renovate the office. After the premiere of the drama starring her, will she have second thoughts?

Seiji asks her to a date? Margo Borgona as Tina Garland. As the show runs late, Erina convinces the producers to let her perform.

Kirarin Revolution (TV)

Davene Venturanza as Fubuki Toudou. Yoshihiro Nagamori Animation Director: Matthieu Morel as Soap actor Taruya Taruyama. She tries to promote her image to everyone all around the country through interviews, concerts, and Live TV.

Kirari and Hikaru Coordinate Clothes?

Kirari also spreads her popularity to New York. Vincent Gutierrez as Takashi Tsukishima.

Luk Internacional Licensed by: Noriko Shitaya as Fubuki Toudou Mii-tyan. Hiroto o Mamore Daisakusen!! The magician reveals himself as Arashi.

With the help of SHIPS – the gentle Seiji and the bad-mouth Hiroto Kazama — and her cat mascot Naa-san, Kirari pursues the entertainment world, where she discovers that being an idol is not all fun and games, and that in order to persevere in both her love and her career, she must overcome any challenges that fortune has in store.

The final challenge is to write lyrics for a song. Moreno Grossi Pometti Music Coordination: While Kirari discusses a new drama she has been cast in with her family, a boy comes into Kirarin Cafe and passes out. Shelf Life – Urahara Feb 25, Kirarij Bice Wrote K-On!! Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.


List of Kirarin Revolution episodes – Wikipedia

The world is coming to an end and only Kirari can save the world with her voice. Stefano Pozzi as Nagumo Kazama. Akane framed Kirari and the news about it spread quickly. But, Arashi plans to take Kirari’s first kiss and to change the drama. Actress’s Soul in the Ocean” Transcription: Izumi steals a marker and doodles all over Kirari’s kimono, ruining her entry. This page was last revolutiob on 4 Februaryat The media concur Kirari being one of the du popular idols.

Mario Scarabelli Pino Pirovano Dialogues: Discuss in the forum, contribute to the Encyclopedia, build your own MyAnime lists, and more. Wataru Takagi as Scoop Gotou ep