Kirari becomes lonely and she doesn’t know what to do. Even though she always passes the rounds, Hiroto and Seiji soon intervene, saying that this MoMusu audition is a fake. The final challenge is to write lyrics for a song. Now Kirari must continue her idol career without credibility or sponsorship. Sayaka and Miku start to think that Kirari cares for the fans more instead of her friends. With the live show about to begin, Kirari desperately searches for Na-san.

Hiroto sees this as the perfect time for Kirari to confess to him! Kirari’s Quiz Showdown with a Genius!! In , Viz Media ‘s European branch licensed the anime for European release under the title Kilari! Love is in the air, and Erina has been lovestruck Seeing that Fubuki published her own manga, Kirari decides to do it too by visiting Himiko Saotome. Izumi, recently hired by Higashiyama, suddenly kisses Hiroto in front of a big crowd during a relay competition.

Aidoru Dake no Suiei-Taikai!! Izumi and Kirari compete as pastry chefs. Arashi tries to challenge him with his fairytale performance of love. Kirari is the winner of the tiebreaker, with Kirarih questioning why she had lost.

Luna spends the day with Kirari and her manager then later goes out with Kirari to an amusement park. Koi No Meiro No Nyuuyooku!? This page was last edited on 4 Februaryat Kirari’s insecurity about the kiss in the drama interferes with her other idol activities, but with Seiji’s help, she finally gains determination to go through with the climatic scene.

Even though she always passes the rounds, Hiroto and Seiji soon intervene, saying that this MoMusu audition is a fake.

Kirari and the other idols will make a show on ice, but Kirari can’t skate, and there is a special guest star with them.

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Naomi to Sakurako Kiseki no Deai enh Japanese: Crank up the Tears” Transcription: In the week of December, the Kirarin Revolution anime series had an average viewership rating of 2. Kirari is not very competitive at these sporting events, making winning a very challenging task for her team. Kiari realised that Luna-chan is her mom? Kirari meets a new idol girl named Hikaru, but maybe they got off on the wrong foot.


Cappucino claims him in 3rd place.

Tina and Kirari’s Revolution” Transcription: Goin to school also became a problem because of Kirari’s work schedule. Challenging Kirari to difficult events such diving off a high location, Erina hopes Kirari will lose in favor of her. Emotionally damaged from Luna’s confession, Kirari holds one last concert. Doing another publicity stunt, Kirari becomes policewoman for a day and helps a detective track down mysterious criminal Phantom X. A childhood friendship between Hikaru and a boy begins to crumble as both put each other aside to pursue their individual dreams.

Kirari’s mushroom theme is all the rage in Japan. Although Kirari’s identity revolytion discovered while saving Na-san, her confidence and persistence allowed her to become an idol. Wpisode will win this confrontation? Na-san, with some revolytion on singing, teaches her how to become a better singer.

In response, mirarin pulls the company’s sponsorship. The director of Blackwood threatens Kirari to join his company or else he will ruin the careers of her and everyone around her. Na-san finds his route back and regolution with Kirari just in time for the live show. Hiroto is in New York while Seiji remains in Japan. Namida no Kurankuappu ” Japanese: Idol tachi no Tesuto Daisakusen!

Kirari will be the leading role of a new drama, “The Sonata of Love and Youth”.

Kirarin Revolution Episode 52

Sayaka to Miku to Natsuyasumi ” Japanese: Challenge to a song!! Erina makes the task harder by telling, whining, and making direct lies at Tomy, the revklution who runs Kirari’s 1st job.


Kirari accidentally injures a performer playing “Pink” in EatRanger. Kirari learns how to play baseball. However, they can’t seem to come up with any good fashion ideas. Director Nezumi chooses Kirari’s first job as an idol. Tomy, originally unsatisfied with Kirari trying to take his place during his shows, finally accepts her. This quiz show tests people’s critical thinking and IQ.

Kirari must compete with Erina Ogura in a cake commercial. Erina finds methods to impress everyone over Kirari. Kirari, Akane, and Aoi were chosen as candidates for the idol queen.

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Hikaru experiences what Kirari’s stardom life is like. A familiar cat comes back from Na-san’s graduation, and holds a severe grudge against him. Obaa-chan Revoluyion No Nekomichi!? Love Song Echoing By the Sea Papa is Against It!?

Aoi says she is retiring as an idol, and receives an explosive goodbye from her idol friends. But Kouta really sees Naa-san as a best friend Meanwhile, Muranishi’s manager thinks he’s been cursed from trying to renovate the office.

Kirari will star episodf a talk show, but Higashiyama Co. Luna confesses to Kirari that she is Kirari’s mother. The world is coming to an end and only Kirari can save the world with her voice.