Jericho climbs and HHH saves, powerbombing him off the ladder. HHH tries the Pedigree, but Shawn catapults him into the corner and makes the comeback for real. Hunter uses the knee for two and goes to another facelock, and a facebuster gets two. They slug it out and X-Pac puts him down with spinkicks before taking a giant bump over the top. Life of Pi Finally a third one breaks the hold, but Kid entices Shawn into a chase and then tries a flying headscissors in the corner. Hard to be mysterious at four in the afternoon, I guess.

Diesel catches him with a necksnap and follows with a sideslam for two as we take a break. That move is so midcard RAW now. Spinkick for Pierre, but he misses a dropkick, and NOW the world is right as Kid gets beaten down as face-in-peril. Bulldog comes in and gets booted to the floor and apparently gets counted out at HHH goes to the eyes to gain a moment, and then shoves down the ref. Back with Diesel beating on him in the corner after some nifty double-teaming, and a sideslam gets two.

Flying elbow kljq up Sweet Chin Music, but Diesel calmly grabs his foot and rips his head off with a lariat. They keep Pierre in the corner for an insanely long time, until finally Diesel comes out and glares at the babyfaces long klq for the Quebecers to take over on Ramon.

Glad to see some mercy at work. Whew, I was having trouble keeping up with the transcript. Well, credit to HHH for being willing to go out and embarrass himself with this shit.

Full Content Listing For WWE’s “The Kliq Rules” DVD/Blu-Ray

And with the champs gone, HHH holds up the broken ladder and Shawn climbs for the belts at We even get a talking head from Sunny here, and they do a hell of a job making her not look like a total trainwreck. Everyone quickly brawls to the floor and a table vlu set up at ringside, but just lurks there as Jericho and Shawn are unable to use it. Hall notes that the original plan iliq much more low-key, but being themselves they just took it over the top for the hell of it.

One more, but Shawn ducks and Shawn gets the chair.

I typed up the documentary and starting doing the matches, and Word crashed and lost the portion I had already done, claiming that there was no backup, even though I set it to literally back blj my work every minute for reasons exactly like this one. Backbreaker submission attempt follows, but Kid breaks free and gets a leg lariat for two. X-Pac in short tights is just weird.


Full Content Listing For WWE’s “The Kliq Rules” DVD/Blu-Ray – SEScoops

TLC — December 13, Putting him in the Rumble for a quick nostalgia spot was one thing, but making us endure him in a ladder match is just cruel and unusual. Nitro — January 12, Shawn climbs now, but Jericho pushes him off and into the arms of Show on the floor. That goes nowhere exciting, and suddenly the ref gets bumped and all the circus acts at ringside brawl, resulting in Savage accidentally dropping the elbow on Rick Steiner while aiming for Nash, even though he was still a heel, to give Nash the pin and the titles at Lord, what a beating.

WrestleMania X — March 20, And hey, someone bought it for me, so what the hell. You can also suggest completely new similar titles to WWE: Razor hits him with the fallaway slam, however, and then puts him down with a clothesline and stomps away.

Dragon Ball Super The Movie: The move led to one of the most famous moments in sports entertainment history, and the most recognizable moment of breaking kayfabe, when, at Madison Square Gardenthe men — then in-ring rivals — gathered center stage for an out-of-charcter send off. Diesel gets pissed and knocks Shawn onto the railing, then tosses him back in and absolutely wallops him. Leg lariat into the corner and Kid goes up with the moonsault for two.

Hall exchanges pleasantries with Scott Steiner to start and gets beat up in the corner as a result.

EXCLUSIVE: Complete Match Listing for WWE ‘THE KLIQ RULES’ DVD & Blu-Ray | Wrestling DVD Network

The following matches and one moment are included as part of this set: Hunter actually tries a powerbomb, which Shawn reverses into a rana, and Hunter turns that into a sunset flip for two.

Flying forearm puts him down, and Shawn grabs a chair to even the odds. Ramon kkliq choked in the heel corner and Diesel drops elbows on the back for two. In Your House — February 18, On-screen relationships — friendships between wrestlers or rivalries between eules — aren’t necessarily reflective of real life.


The announcers completely ignore the match and talk about how Dennis Rodman is now a force in the sport because he armdragged Lex Luger.

Does anyone really think that Kevin Owens truly despises everything John Cena stands for or that The Undertaker really wants to send Brock Lesnar to hell, to reference a couple of current feuds?


From In Your House: Shawn blocks a hiptoss and pokes Ramon in the eye, but gets chokeslammed as a result, then comes back with a neckbreaker. Riles tells a great story, still has amazing bumps, still one of the greatest matches of all time. Hunter keeps working on the neck, but X-Pac gets a small package for two before Hunter puts him down again for two.

So he hooked up with the Kliq and they all ended up buying a big ugly van and going everywhere in lliq to save money. Kid tries next and flies in with a sunset flip off the top, but Diesel casually shrugs him off and another Poochiebomb ends the night at Rukes is countered by Kid with a cross body attempt, but Shawn slams him on the way down and gets two.

Sign in the background: So now the heels bump like crazy for Razor, but some cheating turns the tide and we take a break. HHH returns fire with punches, but gets clotheslined.

Use the thumbs up and thumbs down icons to agree or disagree that the title is similar to Klqi They trade shoulderblocks to start and Sting dropkicks him into the corner, but HHH slugs him down. The First Avenger 4K. Spinkick for Pierre, but he misses a dropkick, and NOW the world is right as Kid gets beaten down as face-in-peril.

Vince fules a talking head here and he looks like a goddamn zombie or something. Now, this was a week after Wrestlemania, but Nash has always claimed that he was injured and thus unable to do the job to Steve Austin there. Razor manages to climb again, but Shawn dropkicks him off and adds a superkick. Syxx gets a spinkick on Booker and drops the leg, but Booker spins up and puts him down with the sidekick.

And the announcers are making fun of WCW?!? Nash, eay course, gets to be the first guy bku kick out of the Pedigree, just to make sure that it means nothing if Goldberg ever does it. Back with Diesel beating on him in the corner after some nifty double-teaming, and a sideslam gets two.