And Sana then frantically tries to finish the book before the deadline. Afterward, Misako and Sana have a heart-to-heart talk. When Misako refuses to cooperate with Shizuka’s schemes, she turns her attention to Sana. Later Sana and Takeshi go to shoot a scene in their drama, and then Takeshi collapses during the shooting from a chronic disease. Remix of the first couple episodes in prehistoric times. He brings Akito into the middle. Naozumi encounters the strange man from before and just before he reveals the secret, Rei and Sana interrupt. Akito was unsure what to get for Sana so he asks his friend and sister.

Sana finds out that Akito is going out with her best friend, Fuka. Sana learns why Rei has been acting so weird. Sana ends up getting hurt and Naozumi is pushed to his limit. When she finds Akito, she acts as his Mom and realizes he has a fever. But it seems to be bigger than everyone expects. This episode is just a flashback of everything that had happened so far during her Junior High School years.

During the “chat,” Sana reveals that she found Rei as a homeless bum before he became her manager, and Asako realizes that Rei was her ex-boyfriend. Akito and Fuka got a picture of them together in a magazine saying there a great couple.

Kodomo no Omocha – Episode 78

Sana and Naozumi leave for New York City to star in ‘Endless Summer’ which they’re chosen to act in Broadway musical together telling no one there going. Akito and Sana kiss for the last time in the anime and Akito says that after he receives his black belt in Karate, he eng,ish something to tell Sana. Sicil overhears Yuko and Naozumi’s conversation and discovers that Naozumi is her brother.


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When it’s time for Tsuyoshi’s father to get out of jail, he wants to go see him when he gets out. The apartment that Sana stayed in gets torn down, and for another week, the Kurata family is homeless.

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They realize that it is all Gary’s fault. Sana’s friends welcome her back and pay her a visit where she announces that she and Naozumi are officially a couple. Sana overhearing, how juice helped this girl, who was feeling sick.

Rei tries to get out of driving her by pretending to have a stomach ache, but is ejglish out. They both tell him anything is good and to give her something from his heart.

Kodocha Episode 78 English Dubbed

Sana and Naozumi are returning to Japan, on episods plane. Naozumi confesses his feelings to Sana, but then gets rejected. Naozumi reveals the facts about his relationship with Sana on live broadcast, and how the person Sana really likes was Akito. Naozumi holds Sana’s hand to comfort her. Akito gets jealous after Naozumi gives her flower on stage and makes a big decision about his life.

Other kids started talking bad about Akito and Sana and Jinbo Elementary School’s 6th grade class 3 plus Fuka stood up for them.

Her friends get very mad, and create an outcast of her. Grandma Shizuka brings with her quite a few other visitors. It’s Zenjiro’s birthday so Sana plans to hold a birthday party for him. Sana learns about Akito’s weakness, a fear of heights, and tries to exploit it, but fails to think it through.

However, it’s a photo of Ms. Akito was unsure what to get for Sana so he asks his friend and sister. Rei’s distracted while looking forward to his Christmas Eve date with Asako, and Naozumi challenges Akito.


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Sana meets Aono, Tsuyoshi’s younger sister. While at home Nakao collapses. Sana tells Tsuyoshi that she englisb believe in love anymore because of what happened with Rei. Nakao a kid in the same room as Akito joins the club and Akito helps him with the Karate training. Fuka wants to break up with Akito, knowing Sana’s and Akito’s feelings for each other. Gomi confesses to his crime. The Hayama family has a family emergency. Gary, Michelle, and Sicil talk out all their problems and become a closer family.

Every time they think they found her, it turns out to be a different person, which leads to a comical situation. Sana continues to confront Akito, and the girls in the class join her. Brad tells Naozumi that Secil is actually his real sister, and that’s why Secil cannot love Naozumi like a lover.

In part kodovha Hayama’s father builds a robot mother, who then proceeds to ruin Tokyo. Sana Kurata is a sixth grader at Jinbo School, and the star of a variety show.

Naozumi and Sana set up a meeting for the Hamilton family. When Misako refuses to cooperate with Shizuka’s schemes, she turns her attention to Sana. Akito seems to begin to like Fuka a bit.