Shichisei no Subaru Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3. She hugs him and they watch the fireworks. Lists of anime episodes. Ni Gakki Episode 2. The anime is based on the manga of the same name written and illustrated by Kaworu Watashiya. Contact Us New Layout.

Rin finds a letter in the mailbox from Aoki, and she later tells Reiji she is going outside for a while and he yells at her, thinking she is going to Aoki’s house. She hugs him and they watch the fireworks. Another OVA was released on January 23, The episode ends off when as the class were about to leave, Kyoko went to wake them up, finding the three of them, Rin, Kuro and Mimi, fell asleep with Aoki under a tree. Kuro wants to become friends with Shirai, because she admires her and feels they have something in common i. Aoki decides to be more strict with the students after a fellow teacher commented on his relaxed manner of teaching on the students. Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro Chuukan Kanriroku Tonegawa. Video All Video Mirrors.

Another OVA was released on January 23, She hugs him and they watch the fireworks.

Kodomo No Jikan Ni Gakki Episódio 2

Unsure and confused about what she should do, a depressed Rin finds inspiration in the words of her “romantic rival”, Kyoko, and she pursues a radical new strategy: After talking with Shirai, Aoki’s curiosity about his students leads him to the archives where he learns about Rin’s mother.

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Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san Zoids Wild. Rin remembers what Aoki says and goes to the school where she finds Aoki talking with Hoin.

Kodomo no Jikan: Ni Gakki Episode 2 – NWAnime

Aoki asks her to have the class clean the backyard after school. When they ask if there are any sexy teachers, Aoki accidentally mentions Rin. As Kyoko channels her frustration about her failed date with Aoki into the dodgeball competition between their two classes, each of the girls attempt to mend their strained relationship with their Aoki in her own unique way. She was the teacher that taught Rin when she was in Grade 1.


Delirious from the fever, Rin asks to suck Mimi’s breasts, which she allows in order to help her. It is the first day of teaching for Daisuke Aoki and his third grade class.

Retrieved from ” https: Aoki and Reiji then exchange judgemental thoughts about one another as a result of the way of Rin has dressed. Reiji has some kind of breakdown when Rin threatens to stab him with scissors. Hoin comes up with the idea of a costume parade for the teachers, which Shirai is totally against until Kuro gets excited about her dressing up.

Ni Gakki Episode 2 online, hq. Rin comes back to school healthy and later catches up to Aoki and kisses him. This was because “males and females should avoid skin contact”, as emphasized by a fellow teaching staff. Rin becomes the Class Representative. Aoki gives all of his students a home visit notification. Aoki finds Rin sitting up in a tree.

During PE class, Aoki notices Mimi’s large chest. A compilation episode running 86 minutes, summarizing the first season from the perspective of Rin’s thoughts.

Kuro wants to become friends with Shirai, because she admires her and feels they kodo,o something in common i.

Rin knew about it and was not happy about that. Harukana Receive Hataraku Onii-san!

The anime is based on the manga of the same name written and illustrated by Kaworu Watashiya. The first such collection was released on December 21,with future releases to follow in one epixode intervals, ending on May 23, Cut to earlier, Rin shows off her new look, “low-rise”, which is extremely revealing. Shirai ponders what her life would be like if she had a friend like Kuro in her youth.


こどものじかん 2学期 Kodomo no Jikan- Ni Gakki Ep 2 English Subbed

At night, Aoki goes to a bar and rambles to his colleagues about how hard it is being a teacher. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.

Shirai discourages Aoki from making a volatile situation even worse by reminding him of his responsibility as a teacher to take care of his students without demonstrating favoritism, while Rin is reluctantly cowed into abandoning her attempts to explain the nk to Reiji after perceiving the unmitigated anger belying his seemingly calm demeanor.

Send this video to a friend! Please sign up and login to rate this video.! Lists of anime episodes. He puts a padlock on the outside of her room to keep her from leaving. After realizing what she has done, Shirai eventually decides to wear the white hair pin in front of Kuro, making her very happy. On the same day, a former teacher who taught at the school is coming back for a visit.

Kodomo no Jikan: Ni Gakki –

If you hear other audio gqkki while the video is playing. Japanese Ghost Stories 6. Aoki spots Rin and chases her to the pool where Rin pushes him in. Rin manages to win the relay race for her class, but later that night her cough is still bothering her.