Typically I don’t review individual episodes, but this one is simply too good to not comment on. An episode about Helen of Troy Cathy Lee Crosby appeared in the role dealt with immortality and aging. The Night Stalker” from a fan of the series. A lizard-man creature kills subterranean workers who have stolen its eggs. These murders occur in a series of three, in which the first victim is hanged, the second executed with an ax, and the third poisoned. Edit Storyline Former members of a biker gang from the 50s are being decapitated, and a key witness claims that the murders are being committed by a headless figure on a motorcycle wielding a sword.

Michael Kozoll and David Chase. The series aired on Friday nights at 10pm – a virtual graveyard for most TV series, particularly one aimed at a younger audience. In , Dawidziak worked with Rice to produce the first official “Kolchak” material since the end of the TV series. Both novels were republished in by Moonstone in an omnibus edition called The Kolchak Papers. Inserted digitally, McGavin is dressed in the same frumpy clothes he wore as Kolchak in the original series and smiles knowingly while touching his hat. The main reason it still gets fairly high marks is because of the generous assortment of truly funny moments.

Gilligan’s Island ‘s Jim Backus gives a great bit performance as well. While the plot is interesting, “Chopper” is unfortunately hindered by a talky, campy execution.

Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows cbopper your phone or tablet! The image of the blade about to slice off the victim’s head is captured in freeze frame and then is very effectively accompanied by a metallic clanging like the sound of a sword hitting something solid. Security Guard Jim Backus It’s a very imaginatively shot murder and one of the best such scenes of the entire series.

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A 25th Anniversary Tribute,” Mark Dawidziak. Zekial Marko and David Chase. The other, a bootleg copy of Kolcjak private tapes, features his theme and scores kolchsk for the first three episodes The RipperU. One sequence that’s especially hysterical is when Kolchak visits Aletter in a psychiatric ward and the other patients start babbling away.


He asked to be released from his contract with two episodes remaining to be filmed, which the network granted in light of the show’s dwindling ratings. Carl Kolchak must find out who is killing former members of a ‘s motorcycle gang who are being decapitated. That night Kolchak visits the warehouse where the bodies from the cemetery had been moved to and discovers a can containing a severed skull. They either participated in or witnessed his decapitation and he’s taking a few heads of his own.

McGavin had been unhappy with what he felt was the show’s ” monster of the week ” direction, and an exhausting filming schedule. Both novels were republished in by Moonstone in an omnibus edition called The Kolchak Papers. Robert Cobert scored the music for the original television movies. Guest Star Antonio Fargas. A politician on a meteoric rise murders his opposition through a pact with Satan which gives him the ability to turn into an invulnerable dog.

These often cjopper the supernatural or science fictionincluding fantastic creatures. Other character names from the TV movies are referenced in various episodes, and one episode “Timeless” chhopper much of the plot of the TV movie The Night Strangler.

The Night Stalker at TV. A second volume, Kolchak: Now the effect of the headless motorcycle rider is terrible and has to be ignored. This episode was combined with “The Energy Eater” and new narration by Darren McGavin to compose the television film Crackle of Deatheffectively removing it from original syndication. The ,olchak Stalker — Kolchak’s often stressed out editor Vincenzo kolchsk this time watch as his employees chow down on regular food while he’s forced to stick to an unappealing kolfhak diet.


Night Stalker TV series.

Also, the “reconnection” scene at chopepr end rather poorly wraps things up because the all-important shot of the head and body, now together again, is too brief and rather artlessly shot. Land development disturbs the final resting place of a headless, sword-wielding cyclist who hunts down and beheads the rival gang bikers who killed him.

Audible Download Audio Books. Although not one of the show’s finest hours, this flawed, but still enjoyable outing is still worth seeing for fans of the program.

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Helen of Troy returns to drain the youth out of unsuspecting perfect victims, sacrifices for the goddess Hecatein her quest for immortality.

Views Read Edit View history. The series was cancelled with only 20 episodes completed but the initial order of 26 meant there were scripts that were completed but unproduced for the series.

Rice wrote a novelization based on Matheson’s screenplay. Dennis Clark Teleplay by: In MayDisney announced a film adaptation is in cat works with Johnny Depp starring and producing with Edgar Wright directing.

Weaker episode is just entertaining enough to be passable, but is marred by too much footage of the headless rider, who must have been eight-foot tall by the look of him! Overall, this manages to be a pretty entertaining episode but it definitely could have been even better.

One of the locations used, St. Nolan completed the script for an intended third television movie, to be titled The Night Killers, [3] a story about android replicas. Browne’s cinematography makes neat use of snazzy freeze frames.