Alpha Omega Message for Ms. Categories Karen Hudes Whistleblower. KarenHudes It is about time to switch to a less corrupt system: KarenHudes We have remained at a fork in the road: Categories Karen Hudes Whistleblower. Please inform your Chairman that I am not available for any collaboration and see no point discussing this matter further. She is perhaps the most important whistleblower humanity has ever known. This is an update on Fukushima.

In Roman mythology, he negotiates with Numa Pompilius, the king of Rome, to establish principles of Roman religion such as offering. The Romans usually treated their traditional narratives as historical, even when these have miraculous or supernatural elements, the stories are often concerned with politics and morality, and how an individuals personal integrity relates to his or her responsibility to the community or Roman state. This is not important. It is necessary for humanity to end this corruption and for this to happen, the cover-up of corruption must end. The tsunami was blamed for flooding the reactors at the nuclear power plant at Fukushima and causing the explosions. I referred to this language here: Still Lien Debtor remains recalcitrant. We have always known that the PLWU should only be used for small power plants in submarines and military ships.

They replied scimmiaa saying that you are a scammer. In the intervening five years, I have been documenting the fraud and corruption in the international financial system. In earliest Greek philosophy, the cosmogony of Anaximander is based on these mythical beliefs, the goddess Dike, keeps the order filj sets a limit to any actions.

At the end of this tweet is an old tweet that the helpful gremlins inside my PC wanted me to share with you again. That is why Chuck Hagel was commencing a court martial process against Martin Dempsey and Jon Rymer svimmia Hagel was forced to step down. There have many milestones along the way. They did this by telling me that a company named YCT was in charge of cleaning up Fukushima.

Servius Tullius, the king of Rome, whose mysterious origins were freely mythologized. All of humanity is going to take sides before we are through. In the Theogony of Hesiod, the three Moirai are personified, daughters of Nyx and are acting over the gods, later fipm are daughters of Zeus and Themis, who was the embodiment of divine order and law.


This will offset all country debt. How do I know this? The New York Missions and Tokyo embassies have confirmed this arrangement. In particular, the versions of Greek myths in Ovids Metamorphoses, written during the reign of Augustus, because ritual played the central role in Roman religion that myth did for the Greeks, it is sometimes doubted that the Romans had much of a native mythology. This means keeping faith with its founders and the terms on which it came into being, and carrying out the sacred mandate with which it is entrusted: What is the birth certificate scam?

In the later Capitoline Triad, he was the guardian of the state with Juno. The term also holds a general meaning of conspiracy. Network of Global Corporate Control 4 11 Currency speculators are not going to get rich during the Global Currency Reset. I am going to be letting everyone know what is going on, and you all will be the first to know if the Banking Cartel runs from this battle.

I have reproduced this website in the teleprompter. This is following up on our previous conversations. She chose the manner of each death, and when their time was come. These narratives focus on human actors, with only occasional intervention from deities, in Romes earliest period, history and myth have a mutual and complementary relationship.

The Aeneid and Livys early history are the best extant sources for Romes founding myths, material from Greek heroic legend was grafted onto this native stock at an early date. There is absolutely no possible scenario for the Banking Cartel to win. Actually, they are one and the same!

The idea of the hundredth monkey phenomenon comes centesimaa Dr. I have not informed people which person I had been contacting. Other important sources are the Fasti of Ovid, a six-book poem structured by the Roman religious calendar, scenes from Roman myth also appear in Roman wall painting, coins, and sculpture, particularly reliefs.


This is not true. Karen Hudes Please inform your Chairman that I am not available for any collaboration filj see no point discussing this matter further. The Banking Cartel suppressed this technology.

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Categories Karen Hudes Whistleblower. All you need to do is to realize that there is so much corruption, and anything that is confusing you was probably deliberately made so complicated to cover up the corruption.

Alot of what you see now is simply play-acting. The United States is now in interregnum. Some people get confused or bored with all this detail.

The battle to stop the Banking Cartel is taking place right here. Sximmia site uses cookies. It is the Swiss Octogon Templars, descended from the Pharonic bloodline families.

Stone also demonstrated that the Stuxnet virus continues to distort sensor readings at the disaster site to this day. Clmpleto people of the United States have not accepted the secret martial law, or the crooked courts, or any of this secret corruption. Karen Hudes Whistleblower Yesterday at 9: He personified the divine authority of Romes highest offices, internal organization and his image in the Republican and Imperial Capitol bore regalia associated with Romes ancient kings and the highest consular and Imperial honours.

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The ancient Greek writers might call this power Moira or Ananke, the concept of a universal principle of natural order has been centesma to similar concepts in other cultures like the Vedic Rta, the Avestan Asha and the Egyptian Maat. Instead, the dangerous technology at the Fukushima plant, and which is used in the rest of the nuclear industry is called Pressurized Light Water Uranium Reactors.

I have refused to go along with the American Bar Association in pretending that the Constitution of is in force and effect. We turned him down.