It shows two markings: Tough enough to be your everyday Lomographic sidekick, the La Sardina Coyote is hungry for 35mm analogue adventures. Admittedly, my Yashica will as well because I just love the look of Tri-x and HP2 these are also probably the best films to put in the La Sardina. The wide angle lens made me fall in love on the first roll. If you want to force your mind to work more carefully, the La Sardina is also for you. This question is more about how to modify a camera to get a double exposure, not how to achieve a double exposure.

There are two different tripod sockets, one is on the side and one is on the bottom. Now, success it may not be, even with all that care taken not to let the film move while resetting the shutter. To rewind the film, just press the back release button while holding the back in place, and then rewind it in the opposite direction that you advanced the film. I seem to remember that the Minolta camera that I used as a boy also had this kind of button. Julia Grandperret Motin is a self-taught photographer, dipping her toes into analogue photography when she was just 17 years old. It may have its foibles, but the results speak to themselves.

A situation in which I will absolutely use this camera is in inclement weather. Most likely it will only waste one frame of film, but that is a cheap price to pay for being sure that you have done all you can to make it a success.

Depends heavily on the make and model. You can recock the shutter for a multiple exposure, shoot in bulb mode, or normal.


Minimum focusing is around 2 and a half feet. With that said though, I have to admit that when you hit the focus correctly, you can sometimes create some really awesome images.

La Sardina: Lomography La Sardina Metal Edition – Coyote

In an old Olympus body the button does not lock down. Post as a guest Name. Watch the film produced by Davide Arneodo and read our exclusive interview with the filmmaker here in the Magazine.

By the way, the image above is a scene from inside the viewfinder. My La Sardina often only has black and white film loaded into it, and usually only comes with me in inclement weather because there are no electronics inside.

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They’re cheap as chips and don’t expose unless you wind on the film. Multiple exposures have never been this easy! Let your loved one pick reind gift of their dreams. Film cameras typically refuse to double expose on the same frame of film.

You may also need Occasionally, I will post images from this camera on my Tumblr.

Reviews on Rewind: La Sardina ยท Lomography

We love to bring you guys the latest and greatest news and gear related stuff. The wide angle rewihd made me fall in love on the first roll. Sign up using Email and Password.


My keeper rate goes down tremendously when using this camera. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. If you want to force your mind to work more carefully, the La Sardina is also for you. Multiple exposures and a rewind knob are included so you can begin rewinf with more artistic photographic techniques, while this kit also includes the rewin Fritz the Blitz 2. With two simple settings to choose from, focusing with the La Sardina is a breeze even for beginners.

Lomo La Sardina DIY 35mm Film Camera & Flash

But don’t worry, we can recommend this alternative. James James 1, 4 14 Unleash a wide world full of color and detail!

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In practice, you just need to sardiina a feel for it all when it comes to adjusting the focusing. Seriously, a rweind flash for La Sardina would be awesome.

Truly a unique design, this camera allows you to create your own masterpiece of a camera.