Meanwhile, Bree accidentally exposes her bionic speed to her friend Caitlin, who then leaves in a fluster. Meanwhile, Bree and Owen have different opinions on how to decorate the gym for the homecoming dance. After Bree’s chip is fixed, Davenport still kicks out Douglas, as he is unable to forgive his brother’s past behavior. Davenport is upset when he discovers what Douglas has done, and is also concerned how Chase’s new ability will affect the team’s work on missions. Davenport has replaced Eddy’s disrespectful personality to make him nicer. Like the other students, her memory is blank, but she has been having headaches as well as flashbacks of Krane. Troy and Giselle visit the island to learn about the bionic team, and Bree immediately falls for Troy.

However, they notice green goop leaking out of Principal Perry’s ears and mouth which prompts Davenport to admit that she is an alien. Adam’s pressurized lung capacity from “Brother Battle” is prematurely shown in this episode. As Spike, Chase defends himself against the football team, which is upset that he is sitting at their “cool table” in the cafeteria. After Perry learns that Regina likes pottery, she repeatedly has Bree secretly use her super speed to travel around the world and retrieve pottery, which Perry claims as her own collection. Giselle manages to escape and later retrieves the remains of Marcus from the rubble of Douglas’ old lair. Douglas tells Daniel that he has the ability to replicate any bionic ability by touching another bionic person.

Leo reactivates his bionics but accidentally causes a fire at ratx with his laser spheres. The spider escapes and bites Adam, which poisons him. However, Leo subsequently suffers the side effect of accelerated aging.

Leo secretly takes them to his school, Mission Creek High, where their lack of experience with the outside world causes chaos, in part because their bionics can be inadvertently activated through their emotions. In a secret underground lab in Davenport’s high-tech home, Leo discovers three bionic superhuman teenagers named Chase, Adam, and Bree, known as the Lab Rats. That night, Davenport accompanies Bree and Leo to the school.

Later, Marcus notifies a mysterious man about his infiltration in Davenport’s lab. Goofs When Donald’s race car is seen in Pierce’s rear view mirror, the words on the hood aren’t reversed as they should be.

However, Douglas reveals that he has already given Bree the ability to become invisible. Leo soon proves to be worthy when he devises a solution to the gas leak, by sacrificing Eddy’s new body. Leo is made an official member of the team and gets an energy transference upgrade to his bionic arm, allowing him to absorb and give off energy.


Chase, Adam, and Bree discover they have secret bionic abilities, but when they confront Davenport, they find out that he does not know what their secret abilities are or when they will become known. Chase and Douglas try to find a way to save everyone before they die; they believe that the solution to the virus is somewhere in S-1’s memories. Getting mission alerts from all over the country, Chase decides not to go because at least half of the alerts are not emergencies. Giselle’s chamber burns out the chips of Chase, Adam, Bree and the students, destroying their bionic abilities.

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When Davenport later refuses to let her kogano to a concert with her friends in favor of bionic chip maintenance, she decides she has had enough and smashes her bionic chip, much to the horror and shock of the others. Leo tries using the device to shut Spike peisode, but ends up causing Spike’s aggression levels to soar. Principal Perry then reveals that Leo and Adam must go against each other in a final round set for the following day.

In order to prevent this, Davenport pulls off a sponsored stunt by flying a fiberglass jet wing he invented, to raise money to rebuild the lab. Madison Pettis as Janelle. Leo tries to make sure Bree does episodf reveal her bionics when she sneaks out to see Owen’s art at school. When Spikette becomes destructive, Bree forces Chase to activate his Commando App and become Spike by embarrassing him, so he and Spikette can battle.

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As the limo dangles over the edge of the bridge, it locks down due to its design, thereby trapping everyone inside. This is a double-length special episode. Douglas reveals that there is a fourth bionic child named Daniel, who is the sibling to Adam, Bree, and Chase. Meanwhile, Marcus tortures Daniel in front of Douglas, and after Douglas’ failed attempts to turn Marcus to their side, Daniel replicates Marcus’ bionics to blow Marcus up.

Meanwhile, using technology based on Eddy’s jkey home system, Leo develops a special pill that attaches to a person’s cerebral cortex and diagnoses medical problems. Chase, Adam, and Bree attend their first day at Leo’s school, despite Davenport’s concerns about Chase’s dangerous “Commando App”, which activates in response to a threat and transforms episove into Spike, a fearless and quick-tempered individual with increased physical strength. Davenport says he is proud of them, and they view him as their real father.


Rose gets mad and calls Davenport a bad father for allowing her grandson to be implanted with bionics. Unfortunately, he is captured by Marcus and he orders his robot to kill him. Meanwhile, Davenport has an upcoming web presentation in the lab, and Chase becomes upset when Leo is chosen over oab to present Davenport’s new exoskeleton suit. Gull, after Chase’s group fails at defeating the exoskeleton suit and defusing a virtual bomb, Chase decides to find a way to cheat and win.

The team returns to Davenport’s lab in Mission Creek to restore the bionic chips. Davenport tells the group that the president has decided to host an award ceremony because they have completed their one-thousandth mission.

Leo promises to limit his use of bionics, but he becomes jealous when Janelle becomes interested in Adam and wants to do a school science fair project fpisode his bionic abilities.

When the NASA representative arrives, Davenport agrees to give Chase, Adam, and Bree time off if they will do the presentation for him, as Leo is not properly trained for it. Later, Davenport finds out about the jewelry box’s disappearance and punishes Chase, Adam, and Bree by making them do every filthy, disgusting chore in the house without their bionics for a month. Douglas finds out that there is a student named Kate with the Commando App.

Chase, Adam, and Bree deactivate the cage. Perry tries to sell the skull online, but when the others see it, Chase decides to take it back to the other island. Davenport and the others are unaware that Sebastian altered the mainframe in an attempt to kill Davenport, as revenge on Chase, Adam, and Bree for what they did to Krane.

Chase and Kaz switch brains back and Bree stops liking Oliver after she realizes that he resembles Chase. Giselle also reveals that all of her film crew members are androids, including Troy. Archived from the original on November 14, When Davenport finds out, he bans Chase, Adam, and Bree from having contact with the outside world.

Chase, Adam, and Bree are forced to go without their sleeping capsules, which were destroyed in the lab explosion. He and Davenport have to get him back to his universe before Leo ends up in government lockdown.