Stand on the purple tile and push the block below it down, now light the torch above you with a Slingshot equipped with Ember Fruit and open the chest that appears for a Small Key. K Zora Secret Received: Both were written by Craig Wessel and based on the events in the games with few minor differences. Then step on the button and collect the Gasha Seed from the newly appeared Chest. Facebook Twitter Instagram Tumblr. When the floor appears, switch quickly to some Pegasus Seeds and run to the Cube. The secrets, which are ten-character passwords, are obtained by characters in a Linked Game that do not appear in non-linked games. Use the Long Hook on the left Diamond, then on the right Diamond.

Now use the South Polarity of your Magna Glove to attract the ball over to you, now walk with it and place it on the purple tile. God bless Nintendo for inserting this piece of nostalgia. After clearing the second dungeon, a Great Fairy will be inside who has a secret to pass on to someone who thinks himself a fairy. Push the top one left three times then the bottom one left once on to the button, then push the top one back right onto the button. Differences in a Linked Game. Head left to the group of three Pots, pick up the top Pot then push the block that was behind it left into the abyss then pick up the bottom Pot and push the block that was behind it left into the abyss. Before he can infiltrate Onox’s castle and Veran’s tower, Link must collect the eight Essences of Nature and the eight Essences of Time, which are hidden in dungeons and guarded by bosses. Give him the password and play the game.


February 13, Link’s Awakening for Nintendo Switch! Open the Chest for a Gasha Seed.

Jump across the gap and push one of the Yellow Statues down twice, then right twice. Retrieved December 6, Dig around the graves one screen below Explorer’s Crypt Spring, A If you think you can handle it, equip the Power Bracelet and the Roc’s Feather. Go back to your saved file in that game and give the passwords to characters who ask you for “secrets”. I wish I could tell you to do as you please, but Jabu-Jabu is still young.

Push the block on your right to the right. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If you didn’t use our Labrynna Secret to start the game, you will not be able to use these Secrets! Views View View source History.

Cross the bridge and open the Chest for a Gasha Seed. Talk to the Red Snake in Vasu’s jewelry, and he’ll give you a password to be told to the Red Snake in any other Oracle of Ages or Oracle of Seasons game, whether linked or not.

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons – Password FAQ

After you kill them all, a Small Key will fall down. Then, by taking a new password back into the linked game, the item or upgrade can be transferred. Pull the lever again and push the Cube right four times.

When he appears, unleash a Spin Attack. K Zora Secret Received: When she is Icerova just avoid the bouncing Ice Crystals and hit the Ice Balls she throws with your sword. The fireballs “usually” don’t go down the ladders, and they never get onto the moving platform on the second screen.


They are obtained in various parts of both Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons and come in the form of ten, fifteen or twenty-character passwords, which vary from game to game. Use the new password given to you in your Ages game to transfer the Bombchus. Archived from the original on January 21, Use the Seed Satchel Seeds on the remaining Eye. Make sure to check out his Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages website: Labrynnq its counterpart land of Holodrum and even the land of Hyrule itself, Labrynna’s geography greatly varies from region to region.

Much of the same values applied to differing colors of Rupees also apply to Labrynna’s financial system e. Appears after Level 2 Given to: After defeating Veran in a non-Password Ages Game, you’ll receive a Secret to Holodrum and have the opportunity to save.

Labrynna – Zelda Wiki

Retrieved February 12, Score a certain number of points to receive the powerful Biggoron Sword. This can only beā€¦Tingle! After defeating Onox in a non-Password Seasons Game, you’ll receive a Secret to Labrynna and have the opportunity to save.

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