However, what I did not understand was why did they not audition for any other act in showbiz? The negative yet equally witty comments thrived on her awkward body gestures, her strong bisaya accent, her apparent ditziness and the fact that she was a girl. Does this place or activity require reservations? He sang very well, but I noticed how he tried hard to sing like a woman especially at high tones. Reviewed June 23, Some probably went there to forget about their problems and have a break, and some might have just wanted to pass the time. There was a tech booth to the side of the stage, where there were two people manning it. Paid entrance fee and entertainers entertain you in exchange for more money, they play songs you like to hear only if you give them money other wise youll be the target of their entertainment, more money you give the better is their show, otherwise it

It poses not much of a challenge for a comedian to use sex whenever he jokes around. The audience was so amazed to see such a skill and to hear such a beautiful voice. The stage was well lit, with the lights hanging from the ceiling pointing to the stage. Klownz Comedy Bar, Quezon City: He ended up masturbating. Filipinos are known to be happy-go-lucky individuals who enjoy spending time with their families and group of friends.

After we paid for the entrance fee of Phpa waiter led us to our table. The first man to sing was being made fun of first. They seat people at the most appropriate seats that will maximize the space, and lessen unnecessary activity.

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lafrline Moreover, these insults and vulgar jokes express and portray stereotypes that we have learned from childhood. I have never been inside a bar before, and my mental image of a bar is the pub in How I Met Your Mother.

It removes the tensions that our day to day lives have imposed upon us through jokes that rely on shared experiences to make us laugh. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Every single bulb was focused on the raised platform where trios, duos and every possible combination of people performed. The comedy bar experience was truly memorable because it opened our minds to things that we were not exposed to. The performers would often make fun of people in the audience by talking about their physical appearance, social status and others.


They prevent the audience from identifying with the actors. The majority of them are homosexuals who have feminine bodies. The first round of jokes were centered around a group seated right in the front. Looking scheduke how the comedians interact, I realized that they were able to talk freely about anything — most of the time about sex. Previous Next 1 2 3 4 5 6 7. You would not even think that they have that sort of talent!

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The people who go there seem to be aware of what is going to happen in the bar. She just holds the money given to her. Even Ateneans, majority of schedulle belong to the upper class of the society, are not spared from their jokes. They also said dirty jokes, still referring to the old man.

I think live entertainment is an effective way to deliver comedy. One of such stereotypes that were made fun of was the Bisayan stereotypical pronunciation of the word eight as it. That was where we pay the entrance fee of P Lafflihe was a bit difficult for me to breathe but it did not stop me from enjoying the night.

While warming up the audience, the hosts constantly remind the audience to buy refreshments from the bar. There were children, teenagers, yuppies, and adults all together. Paid entrance fee and entertainers entertain you in exchange for more money, they play songs lacfline like to hear only if you give them money other wise youll be the target of their entertainment, more money you give the better is their show, otherwise it It is as if that place is their haven.

There were already three gay comedians up on stage doing their act when we arrived.

They had really fun interactive acts. However, if asked, I would choose not to go back. The very first thing I noticed was the thick mist of nicotine trapped inside the area. However coomedy or liberated the show was, everyone should be open in accepting it as reality of life.

See all nearby hotels See all 14, nearby restaurants See all 2, nearby attractions. At first, we were surprised by their offensive jokes but at the same time, we also tried to understand that they were only doing it to make people laugh. Yet, there was already a trio of performers on stage.


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So it seemed like the entertainers needed more protection than we did. So why stay at a comedy bar, get paid little, and miss out on being famous?

Honestly, I could not blame myself for feeling that way. After we paid for the entrance fee, we got a stamp on baf wrists it was a small star, holding a pole and an usher led us the way to the seats. Bad moment we entered the comedy bar, we were greeted with a dark and dimly lit space with flashing lights on the side which in turn made it feel like we were in a club. The hosts and guests will keep you entertained, relieve your stress and will make you laugh the whole night.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The kind of humor that the second group has somewhat told us that they are more aware of the consequences of their actions.

No wonder why comedy bars are such a hit. Leave a comment Posted by thehappyandgayexperience on May 13, in Laffline. This breakage of conventions does more for the performances in the comedy bar as compared to any other entertainment means because not only does it allow for more subjects of ridicule and jokes, it also one of the many means that a comedy bar employs to achieve success in its main enterprise—making people laugh.

One of the main stars of that night was Tekla. It is the easiest way of capturing the attention of the audience and eventually make them laugh. People go to comedy bars to have fun and to experience something that they do not usually experience.

However, one look at the menu would immediately discourage one from buying, especially one on a tight budget. People go to comedy bars because they want to lavfline fun. The next hosts did performances similar as the first performances.