I think the kidnapper is within the family. Kabir suspects Pratik, Lavanya and Kushaan to be behind Prem’s assassination, and investigates the case. He says he is 19 now and she is 40, so she should act more maturely. Kabir informs Prem that he has found a bottle of scotch in the bungalow, in which Trisha was held captive. It aims to filter and provide news-on-the-run for an impatient new generation. By Harry 94 views. They seek the help of their family members, and a police officer, Kabir, to find Trisha. Amrita remains dejected on recalling Trisha.

Amrita asks her to lend her jewelry. Sonali becomes shocked on learning about Nikhil’s secret. The kidnapper demands Rs. By Cocktails India views. She thanks whole family for their help and requests them to pray god to get Trisha back. Kabir interrogates Bobby and Vibhan about Trisha.

He asks his officer to find out her location via mobile network. Ep 13 Lavanya organises a press conference. Laut Aao Trisha – 21st July lqut The Swaika family performs puja in the house. She says she could not bring back Trisha. She says she understands and cuts call. By Bollywood Crazies views. Pratik and Amrita remain sad on recalling Trisha.

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Trsiha asks goon how dare he is to point a gun at her mom. Vivaan becomes dejected on recalling Trisha.


The four were mobbed by the millions of fans waiting for them outside the theatre. Kabir becomes annoyed with Pratik for not informing him about the kidnapper.

Like 0 Dislike 0. Kabir locates Trisha’s damaged phone near a sea beach. She asks if he is going to meet Pratik and says let them suffer, 20tn is their punishment.

She takes Meghan and Bobby to the Swaika house. Sonali wishes to learn about Nikhil’s feelings for her.

Abhay and Kabir take handwriting samples of the members of the Swaika family. He says she left in a car towards highway. By Bollywood Spy views. Prem organises a party for Lavanya. She picks call and says Pratik does not want to trixha to you.

Who is Trisha’s offender?

Amrita performs Octoober pooja and prays god to protect her Trisha and help her get her out of danger today. Sonali says even she cares about Trisha and says situations have changed her and now she wants Trisha to be away for some more days and it is punishment for Pratik.

Amrita calls Pratik, but Neha picks call and cuts it. Kabir and Abhay follow Amrita, to catch Trisha’s kidnapper. Meghan says what was she doing. To day i am sharing a video on how to get shinny, smooth, silky, soft hair at home He sees painting and sees a cartoon instead.


Kabir suspects Pratik, Lavanya and Kushaan to be behind Prem’s assassination, laaut investigates the case.

He says he will try until he is successful. Vivan requests money lender to help him, but he shoos him up. On the kidnapper’s order, Trisha asks Amrita to meet her at a specific location.

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By Bollywood Spy views. She says she knows he cannot help personally but if he can get some cash from office. Kushant rebukes Lavanya for not 2041 care of her children. Abhay finds a gift in Bobby’s room.

Amrita motivates Kabir

He says Pratik humiliated him and Triha and Amrita are innocent. The Swaika family confronts Kabir and Abhay for suspecting them behind Trisha’s disappearance. Amrita says they called her alone, says this diwali is going to be very special and everything will be alright and leaves.

By Llaut Trade Portal views. They both meet and pamper each other.