Leave this field empty. It is not that I lost interest in the TV show, it just became a real chore trying to find uploaded copies. In my opinion, I think http: Me to where abouts are you from then? I watch it with some friends and we all hate the plant! Feel free to share and discuss in the comment section below!

After you watch them you can keep them or delete them as you choose. I never knew that Dubbed-Scene did that! I just got done watching episode 13! About the Golden Chi, set-wise, it is the chi piece recoloured in pearl gold. The wolves kidnapped the crocodiles and put them in cages. Hopefully I can get the Daily Mail Polybags!

Hope you get it fixed or get a new one soon! I have a Quota of 7 polybags that I hope I could get. One TV show before the cbima on the same exact day! I find that site distrurbing as an adult, not to speak of kids!

It was so fulfilling to see Cragger swat that plant away a few episodes ago. There are torrent files available for all of the episodes to date. Yeah, of course the episode has been release. Admin when will episode 13 be posted Reply.

As I have mentioned, this is the only way to get the watchcartoononljne.

Watch LEGO Legends of Chima – Episode 12

I just had it approved. It should be very interesting! I got exciting news! I recommend wathing them at the slower times of the day earlier in the morning or in the evening — they tend to play flawlessly at those times. If and watchcartoononlime other versions becoem available I can change it, but at this point this is all we got.


Just threw a cookie in your direction. However I have found that if you take reasonable precautions you can use them safely. So sorry to hear that. And there was a fake Shadowwind!

Lego: Legends of Chima Episode 20 For Chima!

Foxtrot Legends of Chima — Episode The fake ones are still circulating, you know. Nothing like that ever happened to me.

The first website is called AnimeFlavor. Yeah, I know what you mean.

Buffering is usually a sign of either too many people trying to wathc the video at once, or that your Internet connection is slow.

They also attempt to download crap on your computer and take it over. So we are stuck with this one until a better one is available. watchcarhoononline

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Did you know that there is rumored to be 26 episodes in the Chima season 1? My two favorites are Rogon and Scolder from the scorpion tribe. Has this episode been released yet? Feel free to share and discuss in the comment section below!


Episodes Episode Leave this field empty. Hopefully that will be fixed and then I can replace this one. Are you going next week? The website keeps on saying that I need to create a free account. And if you find a better version with an embed code, you can let me know too.

Just a red play-button in the middle. Carbo, you are welcome. These websites are full of ads, pop-ups and even prompts you to download viruses. Feel free to share your thoughts below! Kabooshka, you are very welcome. What kind of word is Accra?!

Where to watch Legends of Chima episodes

Admin, why the moderation? But when will the wolves turn good? I hate stupid auto-correct on the I-pad. I would suggest that you watchcartoononlibe go to animeflavor and watch it there. Just go to gravatar. It works really well!!! When I watch the episodes I use Firefox with the AdBlock Plus plugin turned on which will block pretty much everything.

Although I will not post them here, we can continue discussing them in the comment section.