On the right, there is a Canister hiding behind a box. Take out all the Tuskens you can see, then have Threepio access the nearest vaporator front right of the area to harden the sand. Head inside and hang a right inside the room. It’s right at the start near the Control Ship. Hop up and into the door and the kit is in the back right corner. Okay, here’s the deal out here. The Prisoner of Azkaban Year 4: This will give you:

Use a Bounty Hunter with a jetpack or an Astromech to hover over to the right, then use a thermal detonator on the blockage to access a secret area. So use it to help navigate, not gospel. Also, you can use the Force on one of the walls to open the flap. It’s behind the second chair on the left. Assemble the obvious speeder parts and you have your classy ride. Bounty Hunter Missions Bonus Features. Using the Force on it will turn it into a ramp up the slippery slope.

Still in the hidden Tusken village, go to the upper ledges and open the left-hand door. Head behind the grated window to nab this kit. It’s small and hard to see before you’re right on it.

Set off all three Discos. The kit is on the far side of the sliding platforms. You’ll see this one stag you run to the rappel point.

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga Walkthrough – Page 5

Go back to the regular level area, then use a Sith character to Force away the wall. What do you need help on? The Order of the Phoenix Year 6: Using the Force on it will turn it into dars ramp up the slippery slope. Near you on the right are three boxes. The canister is inside.


Episode IV, Chapter 2: Through the Jundland Wastes | Lego Game Help!

You can go further back if bue wish for some more studs, or just go to the right to finally reach Ben’s house. If you have opted to use cheat codes then make sure to enable the ‘Mini-Kit Detector’ as it will help indicate where the Mini-Kits are as you go through the chapters. The first one will be in plain sight before the first booster. Assemble the obvious speeder parts and you have your classy ride.

Hop up and over the force-field and then go behind the Troop Carrier that exits the level. In this room, hop from platform to platform until you lower the big white one.

Now switch to R2 and hover to the left. Sign up for free! The kit is on the right side of the room. True Jedi at 60, While the ‘Mini-Kit Detector’ is an invaluable tool, it’s not perfect.

Now switch to a small character ex. Through the Jundland Wastes.

It’s near the tree with the bulls eye on it. This walkthrough is the property of TrueAchievements. When you get on the roof of Sandcrawler use Detonators to destroy silver things on the back of vehicle. Story Mode – Episode V. In the second area, this is on a high ledge that you need to assemble a grapple point to get to.

Your partner will cross, allowing the both of you to step on the buttons to reveal another handle. Secret Master Fire in the hole! Pop the door off the left tent and run around inside. Use a Short Character to crawl through, then step on the buttons to open the gate. Go a little to the left and jump onto the large rock to lower it, allowing you to reach a Canister.


Pull them both to open the gate to minikuts next area.

Mini Mayhem 60 Collect all mini-kits. Continue down the area, getting rid of any Tusken Raiders that come after you. This minikit is fairly easy to get even in Story Mode – it’s in the room where you’ve found R2.

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga Walkthrough

Okay, here’s the deal out here. Go forward to the ledge as much as you can without falling off. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Hover over there and use TDs to blow them away. Assemble the box in front of you, and either blast or deflect the Tuskens on the ledge.

There’s no ‘sure fire’ episod and I didn’t experience any such bug myself. After dropping down in the second area, build the grappling point and go up. In addition to this, I’ve noticed the Mini-Kit detector will sometimes show you an arrow and try to indicate that the Mini-Kit is in the ‘current’ room when it’s actually in the next.

Home All Tags Harry Potter: Pull them both and you’ll open the door to wrs next area. Place a Bantha on the bigger one and stand on the smaller one. Float across the hole as R2, and then blow up the junk with a detonator. Find anything you think is wrong with this walkthrough? Useful if you’re going for True Jedi.