Smedley-Smythe holds a science contest for young people, who are to prepare any kind of scientific projects and present them to a jury. Yes, the fabled Bert Raccoon plush exists. The pigs are sent to check out the noise. After a ridiculous stage appearance by the pigs, a guitarist shows up, introducing himself as Hill Bailey sp? Cyril is not convinced, and Bert sets out to discover the truth with a bit of detective work. I’m in the process of moving all of my webpages off of the Harvard fas server, so that they don’t get toasted when I graudate. Meanwhile, the pigs nearly screw up Woodie’s appearance by hiring him to another place for the same evening, but Cyril manages to bring him back in time.

Catalyst holds international sales rights, excludingFranceand several other European territories. Season 1, Episode 9: Cyril is taken ill and is advised to retire. Cyril has a short stay in hospital and makes a new friend. Knox to put the Sneer Steel Camber to the test. Toyed with the series concepts and format, setting the action on an alien planet that Schaeffer the dog ends up on possibly an early attempt to write-out the three human characters he had been seen with in the previous two specials. Sneer needs a product to sell to Mammoth and puts Cedric in charge of the factory. The pigs try out a career in television after being fired for shredding money by mistake.

The Complete Series – 2 disc box set.

A second special which focused on a hockey game between the Raccoons and Cyril’s team, for the fate of Evergreen Lake. But they soon regret this idea when they learn that her last victim, Milton Midas, utterly destroyed and ruined by her, had to fire all of his staff.

When Cyril learns the truth, he keeps up the pretence so that the Raccoons will spend the money they had earmarked for a new printing press on a memorial for him and force the Evergreen Standard out of business. George has been offered the job of presenter of a cooking program on K. S04E13 The Headline Hunter. While fishing, Bert finds a treasure map in a boot. Added a little sketch of Ralph by Meerkat tothe Images Page. The characters are all far-more closer in style to the final series’ characterizations of them notably Ralph and Melissa, who previously seemed to have the same personality as Bert rather than their calmer, more intellectual forms, seen later.


After being bullied by his classmates, Bentley is set on revenge. That is until Bert Raccoon wakes up. Cyril tries everything he can to get them out, even the promise of a master security key hidden in the vault, but it seems hopeless, until Melissa, Bert, Broo, Sophia, and Schaeffer find out.

Envie de parler de Les Amis Ratons? Showing of 4 reviews. Bert and Cedric have been looking forward for this day, er, night because of a very rare event: S05E09 The Wrong Stuff. Kevin Gillis;Rick Jones Format: When they say they would like to do thier next reminiscence to music, one of the pigs is heard saying what I first thought was, “Hit it, booyyz”; but, alas, I don’t believe it was slurred speech.

This special was separated into two parts for some TV broadcasts, with a couple of scenes edited out, due to timing. Cyril, greedy for the 1st price, puts the poor pigs into a plane, where they begin praying that they won’t hit the ground too hard.

Les Amis Ratons s02e07

After having his electricity cut off for failing to pay his bills, Cyril Sneer decides to build a raons dam. Season 1, Episode 3: Wiseman’s plans to take his animation work to the big screen led to an argument between him and Gillis. The Raccoons set about restoring the train to its former glory, unaware of Cyril’s scheme.

episoxe Finding out about a deal Cyril struck with Lady Baden-Baden, the pigs rig the election, but the outcome is completely unexpected. Share your thoughts with other customers.

I added the info to the Actors Page. S03E13 Games People Play. In order to prove himself as a worthy club member, Cedric will have to spend the night in there, alone Life would be simple in the Forest lss for Cyril Sneer and his life would be simple except for The Raccoons!

The product is a failure, but a trainload of garbage arrives at the Forest and sets Cedric to thinking about recycling plastics.


Following a similar path taken from The Christmas Racoons to The Racoonsseries, the direct-to-video title will serve as a pilot for a newpart Racoons series spin-off – The Adventures epiisode Sir Bert.

I think the third pigs name is Boyd. Ralph is offered the post of Editor of a paper, and makes ready to leave the Forest. In order to make sure she gets the role, Knoxie puts Cyril under pressure, who in turn tries to convince Cedric to modify the play in favour of Lady B.

Knox bragging again tells Cyril that he’s going to house the famous Mr. Let us address the problem of the Pigs’ names for a moment. Tue, Thu, Sat, Sun But as soon as Cyril gets wind of Bert’s enterprise, he’s after him, trying by all means to prevent him from reaching the top.

Les Amis Ratons S01E01 : infos, avis et bande-annonce de l’├ępisode

ragons Cyril has a short stay in hospital and makes a new friend. The pigs, mightily discontented with their living and working conditions, get in contact with scandal reporter Ms.

In order to survive, they have to help each other, and get to talk. Knox are trying to settle in the skateboard market; they have both developed their own product line and each of them equips a team for a coming race in order to prove the quality of his boards.

A Night to RememberSeason 1, Episode 4: Episodd Gillis, I believe, lex have any hand whatsoever in the film.

At the end, he tries out one of Tromboni’s most dangerous traps and nearly suffocates in it. Perhaps to emphasize their self-confinement? Cyril wants ratns join a golf club after losing a client to Knox at another club. Inthe Gillis family decided to move into Ottawa to be closer to Kevin’s work Luckily he has some good friends to help him out.

Soon after, the pigs moonlight for Mr.