Alors laissez les profiter et meme si vous trouvez ca debile, stupide…. These are the 50 very BEST ones, amongst those deemed “commercial” enough to be released by American distributors and exhibitors. Ca me fait plaisir. A 60 ans, on fait autre chose…. The French films or French language films benefit from hometurf advantage, so it’s unfair to compare them directly to a distribution inside English-language territory. Pas dans le but de battre les autres, mais dans celui de courir avec les autres. You have no clue what cinema at its best looks like when you see it. This is not a selection imposed to them by the European elite, they chose these willingly and ended up with this consensus.

So that’s what stops American audiences from supporting “big screen exhibition”? On many weekends, one or more of those titles captures first-place in per-screen average receipts. Ce ne sont pas des anti-sports, ce sont des pro-siestes et des pro-exercices physique! This is not reasonable nor responsible to declare such things in public, this is undermining an already moribund film culture. And smart-ass movie reviewers prefer to take cheap shots at Major Film Festivals than to deal with their domestic market and get some effective work done, culturally and commercially, for a viable art film circuit. Rue de l’Echiquier, janvier Pour en revenir au trail du mont Blanc. I don’t know how many screens it was released on in Iran, but it was some kind of a “blockbuster” at home even if it is somehow critical of the government!

Alors laissez les profiter et meme si vous trouvez ca debile, stupide…. Biscuits secs et bouts de fromage. Avant, un peu moins. Gaffe au coup de fusil quand vous traverserez et vandaliserez mon champ.

Even with the Talkies, theatres used to be non-stop screenings back-to-back all day long, people coming in and out at any point of the film’s duration. Cultural DiversityIronic. lees


“Pandora” sur Arte : Ave Ava Gardner ! – Télévision –

Tout cela sans dormir ou presque. Que ce soit la vague … ou la montagne. La fin du Monde je vous dis!!!

So that’s what stops American audiences from supporting “big screen exhibition”? So for most of these films this is kilomandjaro theatrical re-run only a couple are still running at the moment because their release was in the past few months.

Cannes 2010-2019 critics ratings

Sans tenir compte des autres, des plus faibles. Quel rapport avec les bobos??

Ils depassent rarement la soixantaine. Eteignez votre ordinateur, allez courir, vous en avez bien besoins… Doubi.

Comme le rappelle avec le sourire un internaute sur cette adresse: And whine about your own selfish comfort in the theatre later Et oui on peut aimer le sport autrement.

Naturally slightly biased in favour of French films a third of 15 selected because the event is a reflection of the French artfilm zeitgeist, but as you see it is no way overwhelming 1 is a Finnish co-prod, another is belgiumit roughly corresponds to the proportion of French-language films on the admission market in France. The percentage of household expenditure for a theatre admission is 12 times fikm than in the 40ies, which was the all-time largest cinema audience in USA history!

Although, these populist flicks are not quite at the top of the poll. Qui se repose sur le travail des autres?

A 22h je ne sais pas… mais en courant … certainement. Je lis bien vos arguments. From the top10 You haven’t seen 10 films better made than the ultra-academic A Dangerous Method??? October releases USA.


Mais je ne raille personne, je me moque et je me gausse de tant de turpitude autour de ce qui est tout sauf du sport: For all the blathering to the effect that US audiences have no interest in foreign film, in addition to university screenings across the thousands of US colleges, there is a vast array of small companies striving to meet the needs of this supposedly non-existent demand. Even if American critics love to remind that there is hardly 15 or 30 great films made every yearthat would deserve to be shown in festivals Des gens critiquent le capitalisme et ils ont pas attendu Marx, que vous vous en offusquiez est en somme ridicule.


Box-office tracking shows that the bright spot in was the performance of indie, foreign or documentary films. Rien de bien violent, mais tellement convivial.

Je sens que je vais me faire des copains! Nobody cares about your popcorn diet Look how many screens Kaurismaki’s deadpan-grim-comedy gets Decisions about the number of prints are also important during the final promotional effort for exhibition. Serpollet le constate avec regret: Black Swan was released on screens max during its first-run in France, which is the equivalent to screens on filmm USA market.

“Pandora” sur Arte : Ave Ava Gardner !

Major distributors usually opt for wide US release, with 1, or 2, prints distributed and advertised on a nationwide basis, including ‘ theatres in Los Angeles and 80 theatres in New York’.

Chacun son kiff comme vous dites. Bien parisien … bien bobos. Au passage, vous parlez du capitalisme en parlant de la course en montagne? Roger Ebert; 28 Dec Leird Hamilton, Kelly Slate, etc …. Mais ils ont pleinement raison sur le fond.