Functional score, appearance score and speech also improved. Tissue along with periosteum was separated from underlying bone. Ann Plast Surg ; Immediate postoperative view Case 2 Click here to view. The lingual frenum was divided into a number of segments, each with a Z-plasty designed in series. If ankyloglossia generates mechanical limitations and functional challenges, surgical reduction of the frenum is indicated, followed by speech therapy for an immediate rehabilitation of the lingual muscle.

None, Conflict of Interest: This technique may be suitable in situations where anterior aesthetics is of primary importance. A technic for frenectomy with 2 incision lines combined with active postoperative kinesitherapy during and after healing. Case Assessment A 22 year-old female patient reported to Department of periodontolgy and oral implantology with the chief complaint of improper speech. Measurement With Unc 15 Probe. Displacement and suturing of the pedicle. McGregor IA Fundamental techniques of plastic surgery, 9th edn.

Result Preoperative and postoperative scores were recorded. One month post-operative view is shown in Figure 4b. J Surg Tech Case Report ;6: Multiple series Z-Frenuloplasty helps relieve soft tissue tension and improve tongue functions.

The other two surgical techniques using lateral pedicle flap offer two distinct advantages. Support Center Support Center.

Lingual frenectomy using multiple series Z-plasty.

The wound was thoroughly irrigated with saline and debrided. A 21 year old male patient was referred from Department of Orthodontics for frenectomy. Examination revealed frenectmoy penetrating maxillary frenum and, midline diastema Figure 6a.

Published online Sep Clinical Picture Showing Ankyloglossia. Kotlow classification of ankyloglossia tongue-tie Click here to view. For correction of speech it was decided to lengthen the tongue using a lingual frenectomy. Early diagnosis of ankyloglossia is important for correct morpho-functional growth in the child. This case was treated surgically by unilateral pedicle graft technique. This is the case report of frenecromy traumatically amputated tongue which was reconstructed to fulfill its function effectively.


Postoperative 1-week view Case multipl Click here to view.

Lingual frenectomy using multiple series Z-plasty

A year-old man presented to the oral surgery department with loss of tissue from the anterior part of the tongue following a fall. Am J Med Genet ; Some thoughts on choosing a Z-plasty: Z-plasty, Tongue laceration, Frenectomy, Modified Z-plasty. Patient was asked to carry out few tongue exercises to develop new muscle movements, particularly those involving tongue-tip elevation and protrusion, inside and outside of the mouth as well as to increase kinesthetic awareness of the full range of movements the tongue and lips can perform.

A comparison of carbon dioxide laser and scalpel techniques. An oblique partial-thickness incision was placed on the adjacent attached gingiva, beginning 1 mm apical to the free gingival groove and extending beyond the mucogingival junction. On examination there was slurring of speech which was assessed to be due to shortening of length following the procedure. Various surgical procedures like excision, Millers technique, V-Y plasty and Z-plasty are being practiced to revise multi;le frenum.

Kindler syndrome in two related Kurdish families. The bilateral double pedicle flap technique has certain distinct usig, as healing takes place by primary intention, zone of attached gingiva is formed in the midline, excellent colour match and with no anaesthetic scar formation.

The results revealed the Z-frenuloplasty to be a more superior technique, showing an improvement of Frenulum length and tongue protrusion of Here we describe the use of a modification of freneftomy Z-plasty—multiple series Z-plasty for a tongue frenectomy. Overall the multiple Z-Frenuloplasty procedure is considered to be safe, cost effective and results in better functional and aesthetic appearance.


Ankyloglossia and its management. Horizontal incisions were made at 90 degrees to the vertical incision. Poke the tongue out as far as it can go.

Case Assessment A 22 year-old female patient reported to Department of periodontolgy and oral implantology with the chief complaint of improper speech.

There are several surgical techniques for removal of labial frenum. After the above procedure, patient was discharged and post-operative instructions were given. The subjects underwent frenectomy for periodontal or orthodontic linguual. Heller et al [10] compared the treatment outcome for Z-frenuloplasty and the traditional horizontal to vertical frenuloplasty in the management of Ankylogossia.

Lingual frenectomy using multiple series Z-plasty

The patient had sought primary care at the government hospital and was referred for further management. Following assessment of the laceration it was planned to reconstruct the anterior part of the tongue.

Maxillary labial frenum is lingyal of creating a diastema and recession, affecting aesthetics. Follow-up after 2 years Case 2 Click here to view. A hematoma was present in the floor of the mouth.