I am finding out how much has changed with this blog. I love your blog — you are so true! Makes me wonder though, North or South,or middle?? It goes against everything the Germans are otherwise about order, systems, efficiency! And this is why the German economy is doing well compared to the rest of Europe…. Frank the frank hat recht! If my efforts in German-only conversation are met with criticism, I like to switch to top-tier English vocabulary with winding and tangential sentence structure.

And in several occassions I saw a lot of very drunken Germans at 3am, buying tickets to get the ubhan home when they could easily just drive without paying …. They can talk about the most redundant things at length. I love your blog — you are so true! To which German beer brands do you have access? Is it odd that reading this made me miss Germany? Now I get it, ahhhh now I get it. I found German students to be just as much fun to be with as American students.

Ahhhhhh yes, I am familiar with mett. Regarding sleeping while the window is open: And even there you can automatically distinguish a German from basically any foreign dancer. I do so many of those things even though I spent most of my childhood growing up outside of Germany.

Personally, I think stereotypes that are made explicit can be deburred- those kept under the blanket will keep their destructive potencial. My German family and friends are actually quite spontaneous when it comes to making plans, even for vacations.


I love the whole list. When I grew up in Germany, I specifically remember my English teacher telling us that the British can queue really well! Franken has many, many little breweries that are relatively unknown. In addition we apparently harbor Michael Jackson, John F.

Well, I like clubs, official clubs as well as unofficial. This is a list of stereotypes. Thanks for this made me laugh.

I mean what the h.?! Only to find out there IS no queue, and you have been loitering politely as people shamelessly surge ahead!

Where I am lil, it is normal to attend a dance school from age when you are allowed to go to the club. I do enjoy talking about beer as well.

It takes time to come along with german people. If I know that lll of my friend invited Germans to party I will take a pillow and pajama with me for the next time. But then again they would be home late and that would be unacceptable.

Especially in a country that lacks national belonging meaning a healthy and politically correct one like no. Thank you for this laugh-out-loud article! VERY true re the religious thing! I do remember the Queuing thing.

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Oh, I know the Bavarians consider themselves of a different nation! It had me giggling the whole way through, everything is sooo true! The largest group are American women in California or those who want be in CA. Germans love to discuss. A couple of things you may want to include in your next update:. This is why Germany overtook Britain in the late 19th century, and overtook the US after the war.


You have a wonderful sense of humor!! I have been complaining about this habit for many many years here in America and on vacation in Mexico, Cost Rica etc. Germans have a weird obsession with paprika flavoring.

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Viruses cause illnesses, wet and cold causes hypothermia. The water ;art my house is kinda hard, sadly. My daughter has lived in the South for 20 years now grew up in New England and is just as good at it as everybody else here. When they should be outraged about something they say, there is nothing we can do and when I reply that other countries are doing better the answer always ganzee well this is America and things cannot be changed.

Even the nastiest smoke hole with puke in every corner will have squeaky-clean toilet with LOTS of toilet paper, good smell, soap AND towels.