Posted by called it on May 5, at 8: Eloise later visits Daniel and further encourages him to go to the island. Lost TV series American television seasons American television seasons Lost season 2 episodes. Malcolm David Kelley , who portrayed Walt Lloyd , Michael’s son, only received star billing in the episodes in which he appeared. Retrieved April 7, I guess the 2 hour Idol and the olympics are scaring Lost into not airing an episode. The cake featured replicas of a Dharma beer bottles, the computer from the Swan station, a suitcase and a miniature Oceanic Flight Jack says he will help them get to the plane, but it is not his intention to get on it.

Nadler admits he has a good memory. Views Read Edit View history. Archived from the original on February 27, So what was his secret before Season 2? Retrieved from ” https: I am surprised Jack had it off in the first place. While waiting, his wife Penny Sonya Walger , is visited by Eloise, who apologizes for involving Desmond in everything that has happened.

Retrieved April 1, The actor who played Henry wasn’t the same as the Wizard, but the actor who played the Wizard did play several roles – Professor Marvel, the gatekeeper, the guard and the carriage driver.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Hilarious line, but I for one am glad to have not seen it. But I could’ve been giving a self shout out! Because he keeps calling Jack bossy. V ‘s Loss Is Lost ‘s Gain”. Hurley chases after his old imaginary friend “Dave” in the jungle, and his relationship with Libby develops. I know there are a lot of haters for kate but still.

Turns out it WAS Lost I really really want to no wtf is that monster or sad day monster and all its history and how it got trapped i mean its a mystery. LaShade was written with Billy Dee Williams in mind and, when he was cast, the color scheme seaso LaShade’s hat was chosen in reference to his costume episove in his famed role as Lando Calrissian. You gotta be nuts to survive.


Archived from the original on January 10, Jack says no, Jin says yes. The second loxtpedia place off the island following Locke’s death and deals with Jack and Ben’s attempt to reunite the Oceanic Six and return to the island with Locke’s dead body.

He improved a lot in that area. TV by the Numbers. The series follows the experiences of the survivors of a plane crash on a passenger jet, Oceanic Flightwhich crashed on a tropical island in the South Pacific, with each episode typically featuring action on the island as well as a secondary storyline from another point in a character’s life.

The Variable

Lost Premiere Draws 23 Million”. Due to the time lost to the strike sesson was a mini-hiatus after loetpedia eighth episode had aired. Archived from the original on December 5, English English Dolby Digital 5. The finale began with a lostpwdia recap special, and continued with the two-and-a-half-hour final episode. Posted by troismommy on May 6, at 9: Posted by tianalys on May 6, at 1: Santoro said in an interview with Brazilian Rolling Stone that his character was going to die in the middle of the third season.

The season was released on DVD as a seven disc boxed set under the title of Lost: The guy is a douchbag and apparently so are you. Locke continues to lose faith in the island.

Nikki and Paulo were killed off due to being disliked by much of Lost ‘s fan base. Should’ve known lostpeeia would take a whole other season to actually develop!

Boone Carlyle Ian Somerhalder returned for the fifth time since his death late in the first season. Archived from the original on August 15, He needed them to mess esason the bomb so that whoever pulls out the wires kills them all, not Locke.

Sad Day Monster has gone ahead to the plane. Flashbacks reveal Michael’s time being held captive by the Others, during which he made a deal to first release “Henry”, and then trade Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley for Walt. The first 48 days after the plane crash are shown from the tail section survivors’ point of view.


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Retrieved March 16, Nikki figures out that Paulo has found the diamonds without telling her and decides to lure him into a trap. Posted by Eric on May 7, at 7: Charles invites Daniel to go to the island, which Charles claims will cure his psychological problems.

It still makes your point about the lying because he was the man behind the curtain, and there was still the hot air balloon connection. Now leave so that those of us with a sense of humor can have fun. Jack gets Sawyer to the beach where he teases all the ladies by starting to go in for mouth-to-mouth then pulling back.

But who is the war with? Like all broken superheroes and Freudian beings, the man has mommy issues.

The Shift key, too. For someone who has no knowledge of any established back story I see it incredibly easy to loath the leading man. Everyone else was willing to work for free.

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Ana Lucia, Sayid, and Charlie search for Henry’s balloon. Those who watched ‘The Variable’ saw more action than basketball player Wilt Chamberlain.

Posted by Lostledia McNeil on May 7, at 3: No one is sad. Flashbacks reveal Kate’s original crime, the murder of her abusive father.

The set was released in Region 4 on October 4, When Kate Austen Evangeline Lilly mentions that she found luggage from the plane in a lake, Paulo finds the diamonds, but does not tell Nikki.