Lum and Cedric Don’t like Abner for a Boss 14 min. Horlick’s Malted Milk, the —37 sponsor, offered a number of promotional items, including almanacs and fictional Pine Ridge newspapers. Cedric’s License Plates Are Returned 12 min. The hillbillies knew that the slickers would get what was coming to them sooner or later and either didn’t mind or knew more than they let on that the slickers getting theirs was a matter of fortunate circumstance. Pine Ridge Rubber Company Resumed 11 min. Two of my favorites.

The Lum and Abner Christmas Story 15 min. Getting Sloan and Widder Together 12 min. Squire Spreads Rumors about Matinee 14 min. Lum Decides to Remodel Cotton Warehouse 15 min. Pine Ridge Moving Picture Company 14 min. Family Trouble Because of Abner 14 min. Lum and Abner played the hillbilly theme with deceptive cleverness. Mousey Reads from His Secret Diary 12 min.

Grand Opening of Circus Is Tomorrow 15 min. Modeled on life in the small town of Waters, Arkansas, near where Lauck and Goff grew up, the show proved immensely popular. Lum Quits to Go into Business with Squire 15 min. Lum Exasperated by April Fool’s Jokes 14 min. Pine Ridge Rubber Company Resumed 11 min.

InWaters changed its name to Pine Ridge after the show’s fictional town.

Lum & Abner’S Friday Night Sociable .. episodic log

The new format was unpopular and the series came off the air in It was simply duplicated on a photocopier as new members were enrolled. Cleaning up the Old Bufford Place 11 min. Substance Isn’t Synthetic Rubber 12 min. Comment I have a related image to this show. Radio actress Jean VanderPyl was announced as the Convention guest.

Founding officers Sam Brown, Tim Hollis, and Donnie Pitchford have remained connected to the organization since the beginning. Lum’s Disgusted with Surrealist Art 12 min. For a general store, the “Jot ’em Down” was rarely bustling, so the silence was taken up with the events of the moment.


Yesterday Pine Ridge received a very great shock it was discovered that the oil well that Lum and Ab There was a rare Christmas drawing by Chet Lauck dating from his pre-radio days in Mena, and also an obituary for O.

The Prince Learns the Truth of Squire 11 min. Buying the Property from Squire Skimp 11 min. Rex Riffle resigned from his post as NLAS publicity director, and Bobs Watson retired from his pastoring duties due to medical problems. The humor always holds up, to me anyway.

Lum & Abner 180 Eps (plus 2 extra Eps)

Citizens Using Feed to Get into Circus 15 min. Professor Arrives to Examine Skeleton 14 min. I love Lum and Abner. Lum Orders Book on Salesmanship 11 min.

New writers were ,um, including Flying Tiger ace Robert T. The Edwards and Edwards Publishing Company 11 min. Cedric Beats the Pinball Machine 11 min. Lum and Abner is my fave so no one knows what the heck I am on about.

Additionally, various family members and personal friends of Chester Lauck and Norris Goff were present. Old Time Radio I can’t begin to tell you how much it means to me at age 63, with just a brief memory of when i used to listed to The Lone Ranger Radio programs laying on my parents bed at about the age of years. The new format was unpopular and the series came off the air in The Modern Salesmanship Book Arrives 10 min.

Lum and Abner Enforcemeatrationing 11 min. As with most old-time vuide shows, very little pre content in this case, two eisode survive.

I recommend Lum and Abner’s annual Christmas story to hear in Christmas holidays. Legacy As well as inspiring the program and its characters, Pine Ridge is also home to the Lum and Abner Museum, which opened in the s and currently features on the National Register of Historic Places.


InWaters changed its name to Pine Ridge after the show’s fictional town.

The very first issue of the Journal was the only one of the issues to date that was not professionally printed. Squire Spreads Rumors about Matinee 14 min. Lum in England Abner in Chicago 15 min. Collecting Junk for the Government 11 min.

Lum’s Infatuated with Miss Fredericks 11 min. It’s good there’s so much to choose from, and like. How to Dress for a Society Party 12 min. Between and the organization held 20 annual conventions skipping in Pine Ridge and Mena, Arkansas, playing host to numerous veterans of the Lum and Abner radio programs and motion pictures.

Lauck and Goff performed several different characters, modeling many of them on the real-life residents of Waters, Arkansas. Ged Club Learns about Etiquette 11 min.

Each strip is accompanied by an audio dramatization with voices, sound effects epusode music, a feature designed with blind fans of “old time radio” in mind, but one that any reader may access. Films Like several of their contemporaries, Lauck and Goff had the opportunity to bring their characters to life in movies. Ida motels for those who wished to begin making reservations.

The 60th anniversary of Dreaming Out Loud was brought to a close by looking at some dpisode the reviews and articles about the film during the months following its Arkansas showings. Mabelis a Painter from Little Rock 11 min. Smith, along with an orchestra and a live audience. Lum N Abner Apologize to Squire 14 min. Advanced embedding details, examples, and help!