She starts to walk off, but he yanks her back to hold her close. Thanks for the recap, javabeans! Tae-joon struts up, all idol confidence, and greets Geu-rim and Irene. Page 1 Page 2 Next page. All in all, Ma Boy was a cheery interlude from the heavier fare in dramaland, and a nice foray into a different market of storytelling. I’d love to put it in a little pouch and keep it in my pocket.

I loved and enjoyed the quick story. And can we talk about Tae-joon? I’m glad this drama was without any soul shattering Episode 12 by LollyPip. This was sweet candy. Yeah, Tae-joon was hilarious, and I loved the gradual changing of Geu-rim’s affections to Hyun-woo. No big deal, one of his endorsement freebies.

Oh, this just tickles my heart.

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At the sight of Tae-joon. D Also, I can’t get over how pretty Sun-woong is!! Geu-rim thanks both of them and heads off after Hyun-woo, leaving Tae-joon hilariously confused at her lack of swooning at his grand gesture.

episofe I watched it on gooddrama. I think all the young actors show promise, and I am looking forward to whatever they do next. She finds him alone on a bench, in a broody mood. They both stammer and bicker at each other. And uncle smells na score between Hyunwoo and Geurim.

You know, to thank him properly and all. Kinda bothersome because it just pushes home this judgmental idea of gluttony. I’m glad this drama was without any soul shattering It made sense for Irene to retire and disappear.


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Who happens to be the newly arrived kimchivrama. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. It oimchidrama well done and hope to see more in the future! Hyun-woo as Irene arrives at school just as the dust is settling. Im just waiting for subtitles, does anyone know if its gonna get subbed at all, im getting tired of waiting By sugarplum Started March 3, I hope Tooniverse will produce more drama that is good as this one.

This makes me wanna watch the drama even moreeee Thanks for the recap, javabeans! Kelinci Biru September 4, at 5: In dramaland, uncles are often so self-serving.

I love him he’s hilarious! Or they just cut from the original episodes? LOVE September 4, at 7: Maybe she can be in a drama or movie together with her. Thankfully the soft-hearted principal is eager kimchidrana let it drop. Aw, is this the birth of a new loveline? Hyun-woo watches this from the second story, eyes narrowed at Tae-joon… only Tae-joon glances up and sees Irene storming off in a huff and interprets this in a totally different way.

And can we talk about Tae-joon? The majority of the student body enjoys the gossip, and a few actively celebrate. Hyun-woo should be relieved, but this just makes him upset and he walks off silently.


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Only NOW does he link the resemblance between Irene and Hyun-woo — who are wearing the same hat and shoes in his photos.

D But it doesn’t really matter, just caught my eye. Skinship for the triple win!

Other than that, I really loved this. Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Girls falling over in shock. She realizes he was trying to bring it up last night before she cut him off. Well, since I read the manga, I figured the ending would be similar and it was the same; perfect. I love the way Irene just silently shakes her head throughout his monologue. So it just goes to show that you CAN whip up a funny, sweet, enjoyable show with likable characters and still have a plot.

Hyun-woo tries kimchidraama phone to no avail, and texts the other students asking about her. Posted September 14, Wait… that ajusshi… was at the school….