She thought that a perfect life awaits them after moving to a new place but circumstances lead her to suffer the life of a pariah, under the intense scrutiny of her community. Add the first question. With her family’s disapproval, how far can Berna go to fight for her love for Mark? With no money in their pockets, the two will go in search of their relatives, not knowing what kind of reception awaits them there. Daisy, the adopted daughter of Ed and Erlie, took over as breadwinner when her father’s business failed. How will they realize that they truly care for each other? What kind of misery would drive a mother to end her own life? Rennie and Garry’s friendship was strengthened by their dedication and love for the country.

Can Yong and Carmina’s relationship founded on superficial hints last when challenges take its toll on them? Gigi, a young child who had to sacrifice her dreams and her studies and work as a maid because of poverty. A heartbreaking story about how the relationship between mother and daughter can be destroyed because of their love for the same man. Mabel’s funeral parlor went out of business. Though she barely has money to buy their daily needs, she vows that no one from her kids should stop schooling. This episode is based on Iisa Pa Lamang in She has never entertained guys who wanted to court her. She worked in Dubai, Egypt, Lebanon, and lastly in Israel.

Where did he get the strength to move on from his past and change his own destiny?

Miho Nishida receives praises for MMK acting debut

When an opportunity for her to sing at funerals comes her way, Mihi discovers that she can still use her talent to bring honor to the dead. Lolong who’ll later be known as Medal of Valor awardee Lt.

What’s on Norman’s Watchlist? With the help of her friends, she finally captures his attention when she starts making changes with her looks. How did her family help her to accept her mistakes and devote all her love to her child? Epusode a couple, together with their two children, survive on the meager earnings of Marlon, who scavenges for metal junk in miuo for a living.


While he is away, Mark learns that Aurora has left for Manila for no reason, convincing Mark that she has abandoned him and Michael. Until one day, she finds herself taking care of a baby girl named Bronchelle. He grew up to be an optimistic student, and his father Rodolfo, was always at his side to lift his spirits up with constant love and encouragement.

Discover the trials faced and the sacrifices made by Osang just to support her family. Brenda is an insecure but talented lady who wants to prove to everyone that her short stature is not a hindrance to success. The popular quote ‘True love conquers all’ will be proven true in the love story of a half Korean-half Pinoy named Lenny and his conquest in pursuing his mjho for Yvonne.

In the beginning, he lands a profitable job in Macau episod paves the way for him to gain his grandfather’s respect. With his notorious reputation, it’s understandable why a decent girl like Len wouldn’t give him the time of day.

Francis is a teenage boy who finds amusement and solace in TV shows at an early age. The story Igge a good-hearted son who took on the role of father to his half-siblings after their mother died.

Gloria is a devoted mother who was forced to abandon her kids to work in another town. A heavy kzya episode about the Chavez Sisters. Can a mother sacrifice her happy family to continue her happy ending with her true love? In the meantime, Marcelito did not give up his dream to search for his biological parents. Despite their occasional misunderstandings, all three remain close friends and even make a pact to protect each other from the dangers of epislde in the streets. A Father’s day presentation.

Miho Nishida receives praises for MMK acting debut |

Was there a point in her life when she rebelled against FPJ and Susan because she was just adopted? But after feeling lonely in the custody of his strict aunt, Joshua decided to run away. Although his love had been reciprocated, their love story wouldn’t easily have a happy ending.


What kind of pain and hardships did Macky have to go through when he felt jaalaala he lost both of his parents?

Because of his sexual preference, Arnie episodee everyone when he confessed that he has developed feelings for Zyra. Paolo is at his lowest point when he meets Rovil, whose leukemia is much worse than his. Bibi is the protective father of Dandoy.

Know why they had to rush tying the knot while Mioh was confined in the hospital. Thousands were inspired with Lola Auring’s true love for Lolo Luis that a campaign was made to help her.

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Discover how a poor but highly spirited girl from Batangas, who grew up being criticized because of her physical appearance and economic status, fought for her dream of becoming the next Korina Sanchez.

How did Daisy remain unfazed and determined to be her family’s source of strength? The story revolve on Charles who kqya a great passion for music. At age 66, however, he found a house to stay in the family of Yolly. Manuela, the town beauty in Saranggani who captures both the hearts of her close friend Isyot as well as the chief of police, Manuel.

But he’s eventually forced to resign from his job and come home a failure in his lolo’s eyes.

Tirso was a big, big fan of one of the most popular singers-actresses during the s – Sheryl Cruz. Can Elena give up her dream family and let go of her greatest love or will she give in to her husband’s plea to save their relationship?