It was superbly designed with sleeper berths, a tiny bathroom, and a little visitor’s lounge. It has hilarious peccadilloes which are spot on, even prescient, and its call for a real organic memory of Mahabharata is a superb antidote to anyone suffering through the excesses of ‘taking one’s culture too seriously. But the constellations had to be appeased. Like all theatre producers he was tight-fisted, had an eye for detail and was a solid administrator. His mother nurtured him. Unfortunately, he is not alive to see it,” Mangesh Kadam, who is the conceptualiser now, said. This was subversion at its best.

Help us delete comments that do not follow these guidelines by marking them offensive. We will fulfil his dream. His final finale on a truck originated from Shivaji Mandir. An impromptu show was organised on 15th February. Collage Workshop for Kids 8 years years Mixed Media: Like all theatre producers he was tight-fisted, had an eye for detail and was a solid administrator.

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Makrand Sathe’s recent three-volume tome on Marathi theatre overlooks this play; and so do other well-researched theatre encyclopedias. In fact with Machindra Kambli’s deliberate-style of misdirection, it is able to move outside the usual Marathi middle class milieux and language. To verify, just follow mah link in vastraharah message. Naturally, in the post Babri Masjid era, the right wing objected to the denigrations. Like all theatre producers he was tight-fisted, had an eye for detail and was a solid administrator.

I don’t have ambition like Priyanka Amitabh and Shah Rukh’s epic selfie.


This storm brought by Macchindra Kambali, a veteran Marathi theatre actor, director and producer, known for his humorous style. Vastraharan -Comedy Blast, A play within a play about a group of actors attempting to stage the Vastraharan episode from Mahabharata, took the Marathi theatre by storm. The play was staged. The premiere was at Shivaji Mandir.

We serve personalized stories based on the selected city. Those days, Malwani sea food and the Konkan coast were not in vogue; so it took me a while to grasp what was being told to me. Dr Hemu Adhikari by Kamlakar Nadkarni. When I fastraharan to praise the show to the Late Machindra Kambli, he used to laugh, hic-cup, belch-burp and say, ‘Mr Ramu, art is long dead.

There’s nothing snobbish or smug about it; nor clumsy-preachy. The last time, I met Kambli, he was chasing an actor, back-stage, with a chappal in his hand. A Fifth Quarter Infomedia Pvt.

Particularly among Hindus who applauded at the shenanigans and humanisation of their gods. He would include Tukaram’s daarucha adda. So the young man travelled to Mumbai. He had called Babuji. I manage to procure tickets twice through Chander Patil, who ‘made-up’ the late Machindra Kambli and his cast csat almost 2, shows of the 5, shows the play did ; and then when the cast dwindled, Chander Patil had to perform shows as Shakuni Mama; since actors were not available.

VASTRAHARAN: A Landmark in Indian Theatre

Actors request audience to tone down their laugh so that mxha can complete the show in one theatre shift. There’s a story about the play which says that the famous actor Dr. With a good opening ‘Vastraharan’ could reach the figure of within a year’s time and the th show was held 26th January in the presence of late P L Deshpande, who was the special guest of honor. Entertainment Celebrating basant through dance and music It was 16th February His mother nurtured him.


Get set for this political comedy. See all results matching ‘mub’.

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The actors and Hindu Gods on stage gave them a thrashing. All Bombay Times print stories are available on. Young theatre workers try their hands at improvised drama.

It’s Malwani, vasttaharan lok natya, and in spite of being rooted within the tradition of the Mahabharata, it’s cutting-edge contemporary. It belonged vastrahadan his group: I want to do theatre in A friend told me, this is not Marathi, its Malwani.

Due to some problems with visa, the show looked impossible, but due to timely intervention of Balasaheb Thackeray, the show was successfully performed in London.

I think it’s a delightful satire of a nationally constructed notion of tradition which has been shoved down our throats. Collage Workshop for Kids 8 years years Mixed Media: I brought up the matter with cxst crew member.