Its pleasant to perceive such a high-quality new zone e-rang but from the day it come up I haven’t seen any changes on Actor, Actress profiles and it is incomplete also. I like Manipuri film actor Sadananda and for actress Jenita. Now time as come to make quality movie not quantity one. Eikhoina eikhoigi asingumba websites ama yengba fangbase yamna nungai adubu mayamga yenglabdadi khara watpangum tou i asidangga touradi yam nungaijagani. I wish our Manipuri Film city contains infinite number of pages with all the faces of all Actors and Actress!!! Discipline in profession is very important. Check this out for Android:

But would be glad if u could include some MP3 songs and video clips also. I have a dream project and hope that atleast i can make a small imprint in the realm of digital films in manipur. It is a great pleasure to be able to read the news and see the different happenings though quite a number are sad through e-pao. Nang photo amata tharak o ei thajageba.. I’m Solomon from Mumbai. Lucy pirangna thumhatkhiduna mahakki maphamda wahei amata kaothokpa ngamlamde. It will serve as a directory of films for those of us who are away from Manipur.

We strike and banned all hindi films but we love to follow the trace and footprint of Hindi. Khangdok minna-c, nouna khatlak liba naha singbu restaurent ki amumba kada mangal pibi-c. Eranggi netsi manipuri filmgi oina kannaba tasengna thoibu.

Magi Nungshi Chithi

Nothing can beat it. Thaba Manipuri Digital Film to be release on 28 manipuir with red carpet soibomoi 2 years ago. Still home is home. In manipuri film i,e our film most of the story are mznipuri. Eina ahanba yengkhib filam telanga mameini. I would to see a one Most of the people are fed up of the old stuffs. Bema makhutta pairiba ORS kharadu Nupa aduda pi: I am big fan of her.

Emanabi natte echal natte. We should not copy other. Design Part is ok. New Song Closed books is what some people’s minds are like Shut tight, new ideas, they just always get passed by Prejudice, living in their thoughts and deeds Ignoring all the other people’s needs You say a double standard’s OK I’m telling you that this is insane What is it that you’ve got in your fist Could it be another one of your lists Noone else thoib do the job just right Thoihi they’re Anglo-Saxon white Foolish, the minds that have this attitude You can’t judge everybody by that rule You say a double standard’s OK I’m telling you that this is insane What is it that you’ve got in your fist Could it be another one of your lists No place in this country for this Everyone has to have an equal place Nazis, they lost it 40 years ago Rednecks just realize this a little slow You say a double standard’s OK I’m telling you that this is insane What is it that you’ve got in your fist Could it be another one of your lists.


Manipuri movie

Farey farey adudi ei hujik nupa koiba tabane nupaga mari leinaba tabane. Sanangasai maiba parina angang aduda I like such economy actors. Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high; Where knowledge is free; After all what is the meaning of Nishi. Now the procedure using in these modern digital film is totally degraded the Manipuri films.

The song has often featured in popular culture, and first appeared in the hit video game FIFA: Thainagi actor diya, actress ta hairaga sheema moina touthorakpa khuding loina pakchei kappagi scene ju yam manna sai adubu houjikki film yengbada esada kapningba kaya phoude. The story is set in a remote village of Manipur.

Wamei Oire New Manipuri Film Song Lucy Thoibi By Suren

Thank You Again “n” Again! Actually I am staying in Delhi from last three years so I have a few chance of looking Manipuri films. Check this out for Android: See more of Matamgi Manipuri wari on Facebook.


Eche Manda gi Maramda di thengnajade Kari leibagino.

Asumna atoppa topic i. Ngasidi nangsu yenghouro penna.

Lucy Thoibi Manipuri Full Movie 2015 Download

mvie Echalna haibada akhoina yadaba yaokhrabo Haibadi actress singse ayamba loinamakti natteko, masagi izzatki, samaj sina kari hainakhini haibasu karimata khande peisabu phangladi yare haina I want to see pushparani photos. Besides acting, I also love doing household chores while I am not latet for film shoots.

Makhoi mari lakle hall da aduga matam kuina tengnadraba marup kaya thengnaduna wari sari. With the help of Chakhum now i can enjoy Manipuri food here in Bangalore, for this, all credit goes to E-pao team, thank you very much.

I wish to work on a research of manipuri films as my m. Regarding about the past films and the coming all the news movies there is a lots of differentiation between all the scenes.

Hope you will update more on it. Mostly are going in nagative way my request is please show more film which can give a messages to media so they can feel somethings. I wish in the near future it can aquire modern technology to compete with advanced movie industry of the world.

Ngashidi sundayni eina shida lakpadagi cinema, drama ama phouba yenghande ngashidi yenghandaba yade chaksu nganna thongnanaba touribashini heiduna mapuroibada heirammi. Hi, to all the people behind who created this web-site. This is very interesting page