What he said, what he preached and what he taught, his protest, his dissent, his disagreement might have developed into a religion in the course of time, even during his life-time. The definition of the term Sikh herein, is different from the one expressed under the Gurdwara Act of We have considered the submissions advanced by the learned counsel for the parties. On this aspect of the matter, his observations in his book “Struggle for Reforms in Sikh shrines” are as under: In other words, a religious body establishes and maintains schools in order to create a total environment which will be favourable to the promotion of its particular religious “values”. Online porno film izle kar beyaz.

As such, the right to vote, is only vested in a “keshadhari Sikh”. Its preamble declared its objectives, namely, the administration and management of “Sikh gurdwaras” and the mechanism of settlement of disputes connected therewith. We were informed that the Medical College was an un-aided educational institute, and as such, its decisions on the issue of admission, including regulation of admissions to students belonging to the Sikh minority community, could not be interfered with. According to him, Sikhs believe that God is a perfect creator. It is appropriate to extract hereunder the views expressed by the author: Reference needs to be made also to the following observations recorded by Professor Pritam Singh, wherein according to the author, the primary distinguishing feature between an individual following the Sikh religion and another following the Hindu religion is, that the former wears his hair unshorn, and in case, his hair are shorn, he is considered to fall in the latter category i.

It would be wrong, therefore, to look for an answer 211 the controversy, whether or not, Sikhs are ordained to maintain epiode bodily hair unshorn from the Guru Granth Sahib. Shri Gurtej Singh emphasised that for merger into “Akal purakh”, it is necessary to follow the path of a “gurmukh”.

To say so is only to indulge in etymological deception. A religion may not be wide-spread. Stephen’s College had the right to determine the manner of making admissions by adopting a legally legitimate procedure, and that, it was not bound to regulate admission of students on the basis of the University circulars.

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At this stage, it would also be fruitful to make a reference to section of the Gurdwara Act of We also wish to place on record our appreciation of the assistance rendered to us, by all the learned counsel, as also, the participation and interest shown by the interveners and others. The Sikh Gurdwara Act of hereinafter referred to as the Gurdwara Act of came into force with effect from 1.


In the meantime, he was selected to the Indian 31wt Service and came to be appointed as such in According to Shri Pavit Singh Mattewal, the means to achieve the ultimate knowledge is to follow the teachings of the “guru” with complete surrender. The definition of the term Maryadda herein, is different from the one expressed under the Gurdwara Act of The Sikhs believe that it was his direct communion with God which resulted in God entrusting him Guru Nanak Dev with his own mission of teaching people, the prayer of God.

Gurdwara Act of A “sehajdhari Sikh” as noticed above, is essentially a “keshadhari Sikh” i.

McLeod means the code of belief and conduct which are required to be obeyed. Only “kesh” will not suffice to inch towards perfection. The significance of protection extended to religious consciousness under the provisions of the Constitution of India, is apparent from the fact that the provisions relating thereto are contained in Part III of the Constitution of India, which delineates the fundamental rights extended to all persons in some cases, limited to citizens alone in their relationship with the State.

Etymologically, therefore, every bond between two people is a religion, but that is not true. Ramesh Chander Dogra one of the authors of the book is a scholar on the subject of Sikhism. In his 31sst, Shri Pavit Singh Mattewal also incorporated the historical impact of events on the Sikh maryad. It, therefore, follows that whatever God creates, is perfect. According to Sikh philosophy, it is only possible to achieve salvation and merge with “Akal purakh” during the course of a human birth.

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Qualifications of nominated members. Adoption of any of those taboos, were considered a matter of grave indiscipline, meriting immediate suspension from the faith.

According to Shri Gurtej Singh, preachings of the Sikh religion for about years from – culminated into two events that took place during the period of 10th Nanak i. In “sehaj” one is also C. The stage at which a Sikh is one with the “guru”. And the term “Rahitnama” means the manual of the “rahit” principles.


We were under an international scanner.

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It is in these circumstances, that Guru Gobind Singh created the “khalsa”, to sow the seeds of hope in the minds of the Hindus so as to relieve them from their fear of the Muslims, as also, as a matter of repulsing the oppression of the then rulers. He said that the right to establish educational institutions of their choice means the right to establish real institutions which will effectively serve the needs of their community and the scholars who resort to their educational institutions and that though there is no such thing as a fundamental right to recognition by the State, yet to deny recognition to the jjan institutions except upon terms tantamount to the surrender of their constitutional right of administration of the educational institutions of their choice is in truth and in effect to deprive them of their rights under Article epksode 1 see In re: This was sought to be done by administering “amrit” and by C.

It is difficult to assert with any kind of authenticity, whether or not, the same is a matter of myth jaan belief of the Sikhs. In their places of refuge in jungles and deserts, they prayed collectively or severally, seeking God’s protection maryasa the entire Khalsa, whosoever and wheresoever. Since all feelings of duality, basically develop around the subject-object dichotomy, with the dissolution of the latter, these disappear, distances vanish and reality comes to be C.

The answer to the third question relating to “minority 331st required a substantive examination of the history of minority rights.

Based on media projections, individual sentimentalities were aroused.