Hawkeye and Trapper’s constant pranks finally prompt Frank to request a transfer. Now some facts on some of the character of “Hot lips Houlihan” was inspired by the real-life Korean War MASH head nurse “Hot lips Hammerly,” also a very attractive blonde-haired person, of the same disposition, and from El Paso, Texas. William Christopher does not appear in this episode. The following personnel are assigned to the th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital. Characters Trapper John, M. Wayne Rogers war mit der Rolle des Trapper insofern nicht einverstanden, als dass sie im Vergleich zu der Rolle des Trappers im Buch abgewandelt wurde. Robert Klane Teleplay by:

Winchester ist der Charakter, der sich vom Frank-Burns-Nachfolger der als Seriencharakter von allen nicht gemocht wurde in einen absoluten Zuschauerliebling verwandelt hat. Start your free trial. Hawkeye and Trapper’s constant pranks finally prompt Frank to request a transfer. Hawkeye and Trapper are determined to have their hellacious fundraiser, but they know, to succeed, it will require a real shot in the arm September auf CBS. Hawkeye’s emotions run high when an old friend James Callahan comes to Korea to write a book about the war; meanwhile, a private Ron Howard turns out to have faked his age to enlist. Die Serie wurde bereits nach einem Jahr wieder eingestellt. Episode features Jack Soo , who would later appear in the series Barney Miller.

Wayne Rogersbester Kumpel und Kollege von Hawkeye. Audible Download Audio Books. September auf CBS. The nurses declare themselves off-limits until their colleague Edwina Arlene Golonkaan incurable klutz, gets a date with one of the soldiers — and Hawkeye is it.

Er wird aber schnell wieder entlassen und in ein Armeehospital versetzt. Rdar Scorch Laura Miller Potter Mike Farrell Cpt. Charlie Hammond Patrick Adiarte Henry gets transferred to softer duty as a reward for the th’s high efficiency rating, but Hawkeye and Trapper scheme to bring him back once they realize Frank will be the replacement commanding officer. Hawkeye is the prime suspect in a series of thefts at the th.


Er ist Pazifist, genialer Chirurg, Besegzung und Weiberheld. Harry Morgan spielt in der Folge 49, 3.

Hawkeye and Trapper plot to free a Korean girl from serving a GI. Geplant war eine Handlung um Radarder inzwischen sein Geld als Polizist verdient. Margaret “Hotlips” Houlihan in charge of the In der ersten Folge wurde Mulcahy noch von George Morgan gespielt.

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Trapper goes into the boxing ring against another unit’s thug in a deal with Henry to keep a nurse, Lt. Pierce stammt aus Crabapple Cove in Maine. In the conclusion of his letter, Hawkeye asks his father to give his mother bbesetzung sister a kiss, but later in the series Hawkeye is revealed to ,ash an only child and his mother is deceased.

A series of so-called “accidents” makes it clear that someone wants Henry dead.

Benjamin Franklin ‘Hawkeye’ Pierce. Search for ” Pilot ” on Amazon. Laurence Marks and Larry Gelbart. Elsewhereplays the filmmaker.

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Burns and his sidekick, Maj. That is, until he hears rumors about gold in the hills near the camp. Er stammt aus Hannibal Missouri.

Quotes [ first lines ] [ Trapper drives a golf ball, which sets off an explosion in the mine field ] Army Capt. Staffel — genau wie im Film — in die Irrenanstalt eingeliefert. Alan AldaChefchirurg und Hauptcharakter der Serie. The “Suicide is Painless” song begins and we see Radar’s familiar back and cap and football that is used in subsequent episodes for the opening sequence.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Die Figur Klinger Rang: Season 1 Episode 1. Cutler at the th. Versucht vergeblich, sich ins Tokyo General Hospital versetzen zu lassen. The first episode or in this case the pilot aired on September 17 Maria ‘Dish’ Schneider George Morgan While a colonel with a high casualty record Leslie Nielsen is recovering in post-op, Hawkeye and Trapper conspire to keep him out of action.

Klinger William Christopher Cpt.

Wayne Rogers war mit der Rolle des Trapper insofern nicht einverstanden, als dass sie im Vergleich zu der Rolle des Trappers im Buch abgewandelt wurde. McLean Stevenson Teleplay by: Er stammt aus BostonMassachusetts.

Full Cast and Racar. Ed Flanderslater star of St. He introductory theme song in this episode is about twice as long as in the version shown in syndication for all other episodes.

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Margaret ‘Hot Lips’ Houlihan. The first of three consecutive episodes that would feature a ‘jazzier’ version of the opening theme song Suicide is Zerie. Dobbs ” ” Ceasefire ” ” Showtime “. This episode features George Morgan in his only appearance as Father Mulcahy. Er hat zum Leidwesen von Frank Burns zusammen mit Trapper in ihrem Zelt dem Sumpf eine Schnaps destille gebaut, die sie auch reichlich masj.

He’s portrayed by Dennis Fimple. Winchester ist ab der 6. Blake oder treten nur noch selten auf Col.