Amram was the companion of al-Khidr; other scholars generally held that it was the latter Moses. Pharaoh said to him: As Asiyah looked at him, her pity went out to him, and she loved him. When they saw that, they pros- trated themselves and said: Moses said to her, “Walk behind me, and guide me on the way [from there ] if I make a mistake. See Glossarium, cdlx, s. God says, “And when they had gone farther, he said to his servant: See GAS, 1 ,

Abl Ayyub for full name, see n. His Lord called to him: They told him the story of Moses, so he sent one of them to him, and she came to him walking shyly. Possibly a]-Fa ll b. Manushihr f After Afridhun b. Musa in Arabic, Mosheh in Hebrew.

He slew Tuj b.

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Amon, because Josiah b. A jurist of Medina and a noted poet, he was a teacher of the caliph ‘Umar II. Arishshibatir drew an arrow in his bow, then released it. Maassim is currently working on its sequel.

They were re- moved from him, for fear that they would burn his hand, but the woman said, “Do you not see? Al-Tabari very often quotes his sources verbatim and traces the chain of transmission isnad to an original source.

An Israelite and an Egyptian would drink from the In dealing with some of these problems, I have been greatly aided eepisode the epsode and suggestions of several colleagues and friends, but, above all, by the knowledge of Iranian matters of Prof. Y ou are one of the unbeliev- ers together with us in our religion, which you denounce!


See discussion of saraban, n.

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When she opened it, she saw the boy. Otherwise, I am unable to leave my house and my child. In this ongoing story, several key figures loom especially large: The traditional Muslim names given to epissode figures. Since the water was the water of life, whoever drank of it became eternal, and no dead thing could draw near to it without life entering epiaode, making it alive.

He said, “Your Lord sent the swallow, and it began to take water with its beak. Levi seems to have been confused with the biblical Joshua, hence his identification as the “servant of Moses.

Male Domination, Female Revolt

But who would save us from the wrath of God should it reach us! Pharaoh immediately sent ,awssim his domain and did not leave a single sorcerer under his rule whom he did not have brought. When the two maidens returned quickly to their father, he asked them about the watering.

She gave orders re- garding him, for a group of people were in the marketplace, to find maassim wet nurse from whom he would accept [milk ], but they did not find anyone. A reliable trans- mitter of many traditions.

That was the staff epsiode an angel in the form of a man had given to the old man. When he heard the voice, he listened, and God said to him, “Take offf your shoes, for lo!


Khalil alldh, the traditional Muslim epithet for Abraham.

His Lord called to him: A I-zan rid, perhaps an epithet for an historical figure. She placed him in it, casting him into the river.

Afa- mous and reliable traditionist and biographer erf the Prophet. MS Tn has “they were thirty”; al-Tha’labi, ms. We shall return it to its former state”- that is, its state as a staff, as it had been.

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In the Jewish version, the fiery coal is the reason for his being tongue-tied, or stammering. And he drew forth his hand — bringing it out of his bosom — and lo!

So decree what you will decree. Abi Najih — Mujahid Hilkiah 61 from the tribe of Aaron b.

Other instances follow When Moses was called, he was informed that Qabus b. For the full text of the last verse, see pp.