Vaibhav assures Bhandari that he will come to his studio tomorrow. Bhandari takes Vaibhav to the audition room. One day he went for the audition but failed and the serial was on a life of a married woman. The actress refuses to practice with Vaibhav. He calls Laxshmi and informs her that he will help Vaibhav get a role in Makarand’s new daily soap. Vaibhav’s father-in-law calls him to know about the result of his audition.

Will Vaibhav’s be able to achieve his dreams? While Jaydeep and Isha’s friendship blossoms more. High End Yaariyaan Comedy Drama. Tula Pahate Re Vaibhav returns home from Bhandari’s studio. I feel this review is: He asks Vaibhav to sit in his rickshaw. On the other hand, Vaibhav comes home angrily.

Vaibhav tells his mother-in-law that he would return the money later to his wife. Laxshmi replies to Nisha that Vaibhav has bagged a role in a daily soap.

Vaibhav happily tells Laxshmi that he is likely to bag a good role in a daily soap. Makarand angrily asks both of them to get out from his office. He onnline Laxshmi saubbhagyavati her mother has gifted her the saree on the occasion of her 10th marriage anniversary. Chala Hawa Yeu Dya 4: Watch the episode to know more.

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Mazhe Pati Saubhagyavati Season 1. Lagira Jhala Ji 1: The scenes get on repeating and onlime tension in the audiences whether the actor vaibhav played by vaibhav mangle geting caught somwhow is fading.


An actress comes into Makarand’s cabin and tells him that she is not comfortable working with her co-star Ajinkya Kumar. Vaibhav, in his saubagyavati avatar, meets Bhandari to discuss about his role in the daily soap. Laxshmi advises him to not reveal the news with anyone.

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The suspicious Shanaya follows Saubhaggyavati. He asks Vaibhav patu sit in his rickshaw. Vaibhav yells at Prakash and asks him get out from his house. Vaibhav, disguised as a woman, gives audition for Bhandari’s new daily soap. Later, Prakash asks Vaibhav to open a tea stall for livelihood.

Vaibhav’s father-in-law praises him for his successful audition. Vaibhav, disguised as a woman, sits beside Bhandari in the press conference. The actress refuses to practice with Vaibhav.

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Vaibhav meets his friends and tells them that soon they would see him featuring in a daily soap. Vaibhav clears it to his wife that he doesn’t believe in such superstitious practices. Vaibhav meets the saubhagywvati actress of the daily soap and suggests her to do the rehearsals with him. In the meantime, Ajinkya Kumar joins the press conference.

The actress Isha Keskar who plays this character will make you feel confident in your own skin. Suhas asks Vaibhav to change his female attire in a nearby restroom.

It is story of middle class stage actor. Naik kaka meets Laxshmi and reminds her to pay the rent of the house. Bhandari addresses several questions thrown by the news reporters. Laxshmi tells Vaibhav that she wishes to buy a new house and also tells him that she would like to see him as a celebrity.


Vaibhav, in his female avatar, tells Bhandari that he mazq to participate in the auditions for the new daily soap. A rickshaw driver mistakes Vaibhav to be a woman. On the other hand, Laxshmi’s landlord asks her to vacate his place in next three months. Tula Pahate Re Laxshmi’s father asks Vaibhav to attend next day’s auditions in Bhandari’s studio.

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He gota ldies character. In the meantime, Vaibhav’s father-in-law enters the audition room.

He calls Laxshmi and informs her that he will help Awtch get a role in Makarand’s new daily soap. Interact With Zee Marathi. Meanwhile, Isha And Jaydeep’s plan to bring the entire household together is successful. Laxshmi tries to cheer Vaibhav up but to no avail. He suggests Vaibhav to accept any odd job that may come his way.

High End Yaariyaan Comedy Drama.

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