Yes, it was difficult to work in a drama after doing a lot of comedy. My goal is to secure good roles in good films. A lot of people go through a subset of these stages but an artist experience all of them and more. Remember me on this computer. Of course, I do. Have you considered a career a Bollywood?

Sadly, they were spread by an irresponsible but very senior journalist who chose to write them without ever bothering to confirm their veracity. How are the two media different for actors? I have been a part of Mazaaq Raat since it started in and am intensely loyal to the show. When my wife talks about her, I listen quietly but do not contribute to the conversation. Nomaan Ijaz and Vasay Chaudhury are both great hosts although their styles are very different. He is the first person who offered me an acting role on television.

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Video Listing Sidebar Advertisement. Lulubox-Free Skin for Mobile Legends 2. More importantly, they helped me develop confidence as a singer.

Do you ever worry about overexposure? They were kind, fair and generous, and gave me the encouragement that I needed to turn in a good performance in Na Maloom Afraad. Yes, at times, I do. I love the members of the core team and have a strong bond of kinship with each and every one of them. You act both in films and on television. Mazaq Raat Tags Entertainment. By clicking any link on this page you are giving your consent to our Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy. Javed Sheikh and Fahad Mustafa are the best costars I could have wished for.


A number of highly successful television plays, feature films, television commercials, stage shows and variety programs later, Mohsin is one of the busiest stars in the industry today.

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And I love to be able to mxzaq and interpret a song while performing it. Of course, I do. Mazaaq Raat Comedy Show — 21st September 0 0. A few tried to abuse me emotionally and financially. Mazaaq Raat Waseem Akram — 6th February 0 0.

My career keeps me very busy and leaves me no time for gossip, slander and mmazaq. Your first-born and only child, Mahveen Abbas Haider, passed away at the age of one month in December. I love the raw energy of live music. Nabeel Qureshi is a dear friend and a man of immense talent.

I have no reason to criticize Imran Abbas, or anyone else, for that matter. Mohsin Abbas Haider by Ally Adnan Photographs by Daud Malik A true artist and a patest of many parts — actor, budding photographer, host, model, news anchor, poet, radio jockey, video lateat, and vocalist — Mohsin Abbas Mazas started his career in show business as a radio jockey, in Lyallpur, while still in his teens.

His emotional and intellectual makeup requires a lot of reflection, analysis and examination. The only song that is recorded in a studio is the last one in the show. Did you enjoy your mwzaq at the institution?

I am glad that I never let the negativity of other people affect me and followed my dream of making it big in show business. I avoid talking about her. They played dirty politics. That is a lot. User Submit Sidebar Advertisement. He used to say that I had the makings of a good actor but needed the right role in the right film. No, it never does. Two of your television serials — Meraas and Laskhkara — are on air currently.


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I have faith in God. They helped me expand my vocal range, add diversity to my music and learn the nuances of classical music. Mazaaq Raat gives me a great platform to perform as a singer. Are you a good singer? On television, an actor has the opportunity to explore his character, over a span of several months. That causes me to worry but not a lot. They are all my Ustads. raaat

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Mazaaq Raat Sohail Ahmed — 14th June 0 0. I am a competent singer. His versatility also impressed me greatly.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Mazaaq Raat Comedy Show — 7th June 0 0. Would you like to set the record straight? The salacious stories about my marriage that have appeared in the press were categorically false.