It is a dazzling mix of sight and sound that needs to be experienced in IMAX screens. This is such a brilliant compilation. The footage itself is explosive, but how she managed to capture it for the film will blow you away. Nicholas Winding Refn is an interesting guy. The film’s final scene is brilliant enough to warrant a big fat Keanu Reeves-eque ‘whoa. Teenagers who perceivably spend too much time on their computers are forcibly sent to these military camps and are subjected to brutal psychological and personality shakeups. Read More Posted Mar 12, Ricki And The Flash

ElmerFuddnavis December 19, at 4: Contagion is fast paced and elevated by some great electronic music by Cliff Martinez. Tropa de Elite 2 is a ridiculously interesting movie that combines popcorn-gnawing SWAT team action scenes, stunningly observant political drama and a fist-pump-demanding hero in the form Wagner Moura as Captain Nascimento. Newer Post Older Post Home. More Top Movies Trailers. This time the Guardians feel like a rag tag bunch of team members that have lived together for a while — and the situation is evenly milked for laughs.

By the response fandavis delivered to Mr,Abc, a realization set in that Mr. As humans, we are conditioned not to laugh at serious things like cancer. There’s a certain panache to the way the characters talk, a certain style to the way they dress and a certain mojo in the way the film has an effect on you.

Packed with six shorts connected with the singular theme of revenge, this Argentinian film is darkly hilarious and enormously entertaining stuff.

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James Franco in Spring Breakers. Log in with Facebook. If you do get a chance to miyir “Where do we go now”, please give it a try. Flynn is a terrific talent, and if this film does anything apart from making you see it again, it makes you want to read her earlier work.


He wakes up one morning, takes a shower, and decides to make a movie about fingering. Read More Posted Jul 12, Director Felix Van Groeningen’s Belgian drama takes the subtext and non liner style of Blue Valentine and makes it even darker. Newer Post Older Post Home. Irrespective of the gratuitous sex, Gandu is a genuinely great film with gorgeous black and white aesthetics, colorful hard edged Bangla rap and trippy plot points.

Yeh Saali Zindagi Yeh Saali Zindagi carries the distinction of being the most accomplished mediocre movie of the year. Ultimately there’s no fun to be had in Fantastic Four, nor is it bad enough to be entertaining or unintentionally hilarious.

Definitely a filmmaker to keep an eye out for. Otherwise a fine list. There are plenty of superhero films out there and it’s made the genre sort of musty.

The Big Sick, T2: Trainspotting, Prevenge — 20 best films of 2017 from around the world

Michel Gondry and Noam Chomsky got together and made a movie. Read More Posted Aug 21, Director Frank Pavinch whips out a revelatory, moving film about the forgotten legend that is Jororowsky.

That movie is also very good and surely should be in your list. A trio of young friends hang out on Christmas eve, but there might be a killer on the loose — or so you think — because the 20 th minute has an mibir twist you will never ever see coming.

Mihir Fadnavis picks his 10 best Hindi movies of 2011

Web Junkie had very interesting subject matter — the film shed a light on Internet Rehabs in China. Prisoners does something different early on to bring a new twist to the serial killer genre.


It’s not often that a good horror film hits theaters, so make the most of it. Plus it’s a hell moviess a lot of fun.

Movvies Richard Ayoyade makes an exceptional directorial debut with this quirky, bittersweet British dramedy. ElmerFuddnavis December 19, at 5: Director Markus Schleiner forgoes the gimmicky musical cues and shock scenes and presents the movie in a vanilla context, making the twisted situation both credible and emotionally involving.

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Already have an account? This is not just John Wick on steroids, this is John Wick during a plutonium blast while careening at full speed towards an exploding star. You’ll probably be confused as to whom to root for by the end of the film, but the answer really is nobody. But yes, all these movies were the best of the year and must be watched. Safe Haven segment from VHS 2 – the most fun horror movie of the year. Director Gore Verbinski teams up with his Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp for a velvety fine animated film for adults.

When I watched Tom Cruise in a mech suit punching aliens in the face with one hand and spraying machine gun ammo with the other, I had just one thought in my mind — why was Edge of Tomorrow marketed so poorly? Read More Posted Jul 10, Kashmir’s iconic attraction is facing a slow death by sewage as politicians look the other way.