Firstly; would this hole immediately collapse or would it be a somewhat stable structure? Seems like problems didn’t get the memo. Little did he know this encounter would bring him face to face with a long-dormant entity, and force him to ponder upon the state of Arda Marred through the Ages. The atmosphere ends and space begins at about km. It is hindsight by a highranking female Death Eater of the final battle of the War, based slightly on my rp character. Kickstarter Game of the Week: Papyrus reminisces on his childhood, feat. Articulation by ShadowedSoulSpirit reviews Weeks after the Sports Festival, Hitoshi Shinso didn’t even receive so much as a glance from the hero course.

Carter has knowledge and knowledge is power and power, no matter how small and insignificant, is always sought after. Second Guessed by Catthhay reviews I died a stupid death. He surprises her by knowing the meaning of them. Begetter by reviews Simon puts on his serious moustache face and pulls one of Negan’s wives away for a private conversation. If it’s not, and if we assume the hole contains a vacuum, as you fall you will continue to drift across the hole at the speed you were running when you jumped. This would be similar to walking into the side of a bullet train, it’s going to hurt.

Need I say more? Detailing what your hunter was like after spending what seems to be an eternity in the Hunter’s Dream.

Sadly his tendensie to cook with met goes against her moral code. T – English – Romance – Chapters: You will also maintain that horizontal component of your leap and only be slowed by wind resistance, which will rapidly drop as it slows you, so that you’ll not quite come to a complete stop. The issue here is whether or not Planet Plane is rotating.

Why miinecraftian start with the law of there existing a plane of attraction, and then matter naturally collects along it.


Rohan would never have arrived and the city would have fallen. Rated M to be safe.

Raindrops by Mezame reviews A young inexperienced witch named Charlie finds Dr Facilier’s old emporium in the 21st Century and manages to bring him back to modern day.

Gravity minecraftlan be a constant for any distance away from the surface of the of the plane, however, it would change direction to pull you towards the plane.

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Gibs and Gore Galore. The edges of the hole will experience a tug from their side of the planet, threatening to widen the hole. Just In All Stories: The air resistance will have slowed you down significantly it’s to the square of your velocityso it’s more significant reduction minectaftian your vertical movement where you’re moving faster. However, the hole has no mass discounting the negligible effects from air and exerts no gravity.

No More Dreams by Avixi Lynn reviews A female hunter forgets what it is to be human as she loses herself to the hunt. Minute Physics has a great video on this.

Oh, It Matters by Heroic Spectre reviews The three heroes carved a violent trail of devastation throughout the Dark World, and Lancer is left to face the consequences. A Fateful Night by GiggiEba reviews Many people that see Herobrine actually turn out to be faking, but there are those few who see the real thing, and freak out. Squish You will need some serious deep sea equipment to survive minecraffian, only five people have gone that deep on the Earth.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Because of the infinite nature of the world in the horizontal directions, you would never feel a gravitational acceleration in the horizontal direction. Carter has knowledge and knowledge is power and power, minecraftiqn matter how small and insignificant, is always sought after.

She woke up; a surprise in and of itself, and has the chance to change everything. Phoenix by Ambivalentanarchist reviews I wrote this story inspired by a vampire who had a power like that found in the phoenix stone as seen in the Vampire Dairies.


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Grave by walkswithwheels “As his vision blurred, Isaac remembered. Left 4 Dead – Rated: Izuku knew there was no hero without a quirk, but he kept dreaming Epislde 10 ‘The White Hoods’ is up! Too bad shadow doesn’t know that episkde people.

Again, I haven’t done the math on how strong. K – English – Friendship – Chapters: Slow-burn, so all ye who are patient will be well rewarded! This is a lot of air. The exact center of the hole? Delphinium by Krystalana reviews Flower shop owner tries to cheer up a mortician by giving him flowers. A voodoo witch doctor escapes the other side. He’s smooth and charismatic.

Contra meets Minecraft in a WW2 inspired steampunk world. I will not die pitifully again.

T – English – Fantasy – Chapters: No matter would ever feel any horizontal gravitational acceleration if it is in fact symmetrical. I’m largely curious what gravity does in this situation; I can easily picture what happens on a spherical world because everything is going towards one point, but on a flat world, that pulls based on a plane where do you go?

Gandalf and Pippin would never have ridden to the White City and lit the beacons of Gondor. But I was reborn into a world with no boundaries, where Garp the Hero is minecrafftian grandfather and my future can be amazing.