When Marivic treats Dindo like a helper and not as a sibling, he vows that no one can make him feel like dirt again and that he will do whatever it takes to become rich. Would Ester forgive Eva for accusing her of stealing in the past? After he and his brother ran away from home, Rustie was exposed to different vices and crimes when he befriended other street children who learned to steal and use drugs. Because of his sexual preference, Arnie shocked everyone when he confessed that he has developed feelings for Zyra. Edit Storyline Nene Jane Oineza is a year-old girl who was recurrently raped by her stepfather. But her world drastically changed when her mother even assisted her live-in partner in the act of rape. For two weeks, she went around the city with two “missing person” posters of Luis pinned on her dress. Because of this, Joanna had a hard time adjusting to her married life, especially when her husband Allan lost his job and she was forced to leave their children to work as a nanny in Kuwait.

Will Cynthia find the courage to stand up for her children when she discovers they have become victims of domestic abuse by their own father? On Maalaala Mo Kaya, Jessy Mendiola and Ejay Falcon play a married couple, Lisa and Efren, who have sworn to love each other despite the disapproval of the former’s family. Lina, who runs away from home, thinking that she will be better off on her own. Was there a point in her life when she rebelled against FPJ and Susan because she was just adopted? But everything changed when Edison confessed to everyone that he’s gay. With her father’s strict upbringing, Karen promises herself that she will never disobey her parents and will never be in love.

He was eight years old when his father Maximino and brother Lito were left behind by their mother Rosella, who went to live with another man. At first, she was diagnosed to have paranoia and major depression; but later on Rosalyn was brought to a psychiatrist who declared that she was ill with bipolar disorder. Francis is a teenage boy who finds amusement and solace in TV shows at an early age.


Every day, Lola Auring was full of hope that she and her husband will meet again. But despite Ofelia’s oppressiveness, Becky keeps her mother-in-law’s maltreatment a secret from her husband Toto for ten years.

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Is love enough to bravely face death? While she’s a very competent police asset, taking care of her son often gets in the way. But Jane eventually left the convent to marry the man she unexpectedly fell in love with. Jomer is a high school freshman who pretended to be gay just to get close to his ultimate crush Jane.

Emelita Monsour Del Rosario Young Nene Elaine Quemuel Roque, a reserved type of guy who sought help from his younger brother Raul to win the heart of his childhood crush Merlinda. Watch now on “UnMade”.

How a couple, together with their two children, survive on the meager earnings of Marlon, who scavenges for metal junk in creeks for a living. Boys in their hometown are into her, and she is the subject of gossip among many villagers. The siblings’ love for each other remained steadfast especially when they started schooling, but not until they reached bde school.

Being gang-raped epksode probably the worst thing a woman could ever experience in a lifetime. Full Cast and Crew.

He’s so good at entertaining tourists that he quickly becomes well known in their town. After finally having the guts to admit to his family that he is gay, Bonsai left for Manila to live the life that he had always wanted and forget the pains that qulz family has given him.


Edit Details Release Date: Gretchen eventually discovers a temporary solution to her problem when her best friend gives her a wig as a gift. A story of a year-old man named Lolo Jessie Nanding Josef and his pet dogs Simba and Brownie, who taught him the meaning of a true family. What will a daughter do to make up for her mistakes?

It tells the story of Ofelia who makes life a living hell for her daughter-in-law Becky. Anna’s happy married life started to suffer when she confessed her extraordinary ability to her husband Sonny Gio Alvarez.

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How did he and Renato find it in their hearts to forgive each other and rebuild the good relationship they once epislde Vicente as Cocoy de Santos Chienna Filomeno Frustrated, Lenny sought the help of a witch doctor to make Yvonne fall for him through a love potion. But instead of being proud of his son’s accomplishment, Jerry is furious when he learns about the whole thing and even forces Andoy to quit his job.

An inspiring story of a visually impaired model-beauty queen named Jessa.


She invites herself to their training sessions and she becomes addicted to the sport. What will Jose do when his mother comes back after so many years?

At the hospital where she is to be confined, she meets Stuart, a nurse who would later, be the one who is “always assigned” to assist her. However, Mai eventually learns to move on and begins to believe in love again when she meets Phil at a youth fellowship.