Am I the only one to remember Recapguy’s Riven Guide? I don’t have a lot of the mechanics of the game down well, and I’m just curious. Guides are designed for lower level players so why should we get all worked up. Might be amazing for somebody else. I don’t eat between breakfast and lunch. Until last couple months I didnt even know what mobafire was. I felt so stupid when I got to around level 20, I could have just alt-tabbed Look at mobafire guide.

You can help make it better and help the people using it too, maybe even give props in your description about where you saw it first and that it worked better for your playstyle than the builds they had there. Kayle is an ap champion who is able to bully, waveclear, and roam ast across the map. Learn how to share your curation rights. New players read the shit guides, become shit themselves and upvote other shit guides. Fleet, overheal, bloodline, coup, biscuits, boots. I mainly used it when I was new to get a gist of what a champ’s kit could do. Also, integration with ChampionSelect is very, very nice. In that same amount of time, you could have played enough games with the champ to get a feel for them and at that point you’ll know more than what a guide is going to provide.

There’s nothing wrong with casual guides, but generally it makes more sense to seek out a guide by a highly rated player.


Not saying it’s a good guide, but don’t push it too far guys. Submit a new text post.

Thus, back to using Adblock for me Cheats, hints, tricks, walkthroughs and more for Celtic Kings: Honestly, I remember how intimidating it was not knowing a thing about any of the champs. Experience more accurate and natural colors.


Ashe Build Guide : Pre-Season 8 Ashe Guide (Patch ) :: League of Legends Strategy Builds

No, he meant what he posted. We’ll suggest content based on your keywords. Call to Order and Roll Call. The Karma guide has too much useless information and being too long isn’t always good, also mobafire in general has way too many crappy guides, which is what gives it its bad reputation This coming from a featured seasson writer.

I would default to solomid if it not for the srason as fuck ads at the top of every guide.

And this is the real problem with Mobafire. You were not looking at approved guides then. I don’t know what elo the author was playing at, but advising new players to adopt bad habits wasting the full 15 seconds you have from 1: How can I send a newsletter from my topic?

Branding your topics will give more credibility to your content, position you as a professional expert and generate conversions and leads.

But tends to get caught by ganks. Now that I have over games under my belt and play mostly for the LoLs, I no longer use the site. From what I just read about the “scout point” system, it’s aim is to choose if a guide should be featured but says nothing about the quality of the guide nor the credentials of the author. They simply aren’t good enough. That guide solely got me into karma mid.


Ashe Build Guide : SEASON 8 ASHE ”THE SLOW QUEEN” :: League of Legends Strategy Builds

How do Mobwfire follow my topics’ performance? He literally only played Singed at high Elo, and knows all the little tips and tricks to playing him. There is no censoring of guides that are complete and utter shit.

Here are a list of Taranaki radio stations, what frequencies they play on, and the The Hits. You’re melodramatic, arrogant, and ignorant.

The issue being discussed is not the quality of the guide itself. Do not touch hot surfaces. Solomid for example has some featured guides that make me cringe. I think Lolpro leads Mobafire, Solomid, and Lolking, but all of the sites do a bad job.

WotA just isn’t strong any more. Neither of which I’ve used for guides really, but in all honesty mobafire is more of a community than solomid.


How to dodge pudge hook guide. Guide seaason xTheUnlimited updated August 1, We do have a system that highlights guides we think are exemplary, however. Forgiven took fervor on corki and there were two lucians with fervor too. Lolpro is also my go to guide, but some of their guides are pretty outdated or only have masteries updated for s3.