And that was diffently played from all richboy falls for poorgirl dramas I’ve watched, so I applaud you drama! Yah Jiro was quite typecasted in the beginning of his career. It just finished airing in Taiwan. I don’t understand why Joo woon had to be so mad over nothing and why he was so mean to Ra im who did nothing wrong I love Pride and Prejudice, and this is totally Pride and Prejudice 2. His voice is a lot stronger, fuller and he is able to hit notes he would never had 6 years ago. Comment Name Email Website. His chemistry with them is also wonderful and he manages to elevate the scenes he has with them, as a few of them are inexperienced, first time actors.

P On that note, I’ve been reading some discussions, and just from personally watching the raw, i get the feeling that Joo Won driving through the tunnel was almost a sort of “test” on his claustrophobic tendencies Email required Address never made public. June 25, at Probably one of the first times I haven’t wallowed into Second-Lead Syndrome. March 7, at November 26, at

He ends up dragging her into the house to get cleaned up rawronly to come face to face with his dragon lady mother. November 29, at 3: I thought that leads did an amazing job in that scene.

December 10, at 3: January episodd, at 3: Soooo Sooooooooooo happy thank u very much for the recap ,finally i can go to sleep with a peace of mind!!! And he and his manager is eager to take it to increase his waning popularity. If I were Ra im I would’ve slapped his face.

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Thus, he was kinda berating himself for being an idiot n a jerk. Her roommate Ah-young arrives home with the dreaded vacuum cleaner in tow, causing Ra-im to freak out that she accepted it on her behalf.


December 19, at 9: I got mad at Eason and started to dislike him a bit because he should have given up on her long ago, instead of spending 15 or so episodes running after her like a lost puppy only to be rejected every single damn time. This is actually good news. Bc she thinks she won it and therefore deserve it? Nevertheless, the real star of the show, imo, is the adorable Wong Jinglun, who plays the outcast 5th brother.

January 21, dramaccrazy 3: November 25, at I think now is every saturday and dramacrazh each have one episode. Nice going on the producers part to have his glass house and convertible cars tie into his claustrophobia! His sincerity about this just cracks me up. I know I can’t be the only one who seriously thought they were going to and kind of wanted them to start ripping each other’s clothes off in that dressing room.

I like the little touches, like the fact that he cares enough to accessorize his outfits down to every last detail, or that he always has fresh flowers nearby. What does that say?


January 12, at 6: Now every week of my death I return. December dramacazy, at 3: Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Very subtle acting most of the time. I have to rewind it to finally understand it. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: I felt frustrated watching this episode and angry for Ra Im.

I fail to understand the logic behind Hyun Bin’s character actions towards Gil Ra In but I guess it’s llve of the complex. However, I do have plans to catch up on it eventually. December 16, at 6: I agree with VNing. December 1, at 8: My name is amanda todd now that u have started reading this.


I got into asian dramas last november and have been watching a slew of taiwanese ones lately. One Re Act K.

So here I was, watching K. December 8, at December 1, at I noticed that too! Oska calls Joo-won from Jeju, having landed himself in jail for an altercation with some gangsters. His complaint was that he had spent so much time setting up the date [demanding his 2, won back] and had lived in anticipation of seeing her again and she had put no effort in.

Jomo November 24, at He even starts seeing the paintings differently, now that Ra-im is back in his orbit. January 3, at 4: My curiosity is piqued now.

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I do admit I am a bit surprised that this particular post on Jiro seems to be my most popular in terms of comments. Students have special powers, personal weapons and challenge each other for better rankings. I still haven’t seen episode 4 so I suppose I will have more coming along – but that scene was seriously amazing, because as much as a jerk he was Dramacrrazy sort of understand his point, to be peisode honest.

I really wanted to pinch his face and pat his head every time he came on-screen. Anyhow, so glad to see him all around better, although he is way underutilized in this drama so far.