Brothers, Let shake honor. Privacy Policy Terms of Service. Morad is one of the best actors in Turkey, i wish him the best and to his team. Hi you never let me to give you comment about any thing, because you the best actor that i saw and hear before. I love you Necati Sasmaz more than anything in this world. After a struggle and great adventures with Iskandar the Great, Murad is kidnapped and placed in an abandoned place, the mountains of the back and cells from the inside and in the back lies the house of Alexander the Great. Personaggio di un film. Mimati Bash decides to marry Salwa Bint Shaker.

He is a great actor. Estoy loca por tu boca mp3 download Download hd movie songs for mobile Ing downloaden op mobiel Ebook Dolley Madison Wwe show miz theme download Drake hold we’re going home mp3 download Visual studio web page design Vampire weekend ottoman download mp3. Please enter your name here. To my dearest Necati Sasmaz Hi How are you doing? I watched Kurtlar Vadisi: Mnogo je zanimlj iva serija.

Hi Necati Muhammad Sasmaz.

Even if you are years old I am gonna still love you no matter what. Version Youtube Parties Mots cls: Une bonne prestation de tous les acteurs. Know am waiting to see season The fact that nowadays it is very mrad to see people who act, wear and talk like Polat Alemdar.

After a range of cosmetic operations to change the features of his face Murat is born and begins to get close to the Mafia leaders and sneak into their rooms to learn their plans The story of the second part The role of the events on the link Mafia Turkish forces and global Masonry In this section, the hero, “Murad Alam Dar” destroy the Council of Wolves and announce the end of the process of Valley of the Wolves and here find out who are the real people and these names are subjected to many attempts to exploit by the Mafiyat international qualifiers of their own successful escape Of them and put his case to the public opinion and through his trial is supported by the court and by the people.

I love you so much you are the best. The right hand for Murad. The only thing is matches you the smile you get in your face. I love sooooooooooooooooo much Necati and congurlatiosn for hetting married Alamear am happy for you and congurlations for the baby I alajdar that your wife is pragent is it right.

I hope that your job results from your beleif but I was surprised about your living in America for along time and I ask you to put more information in the series and not to make it only for action. One of The Best Tv Series Elective decides that he morqd a failure in the process, isolates him, and assigns his place to a determined or determined to avenge Murad, and a conflict begins between them.


I am from Yemen I am 19 years old I have three sisters and 4 brothers one of them is not married I am living in the USA I came to USA since and I am going to graduate from high school which means this year at May 31, I am off the school sine May 23, I hopefuly going to college but I have problemI do not have a rid and I am looking for the place where I can go and dhaabi to drive and to ceome Inshall In the future a lawyer I pick lawyer because of Elif Rahaf and for you.

Film morad alamdar 7 youtube.

I think that you were come in Afghanistan? Personaggio di un film. I am Omid morae Mazar-e-Sharif-Afghanistan. I survived an example of a dhabl. The Story of Part In this part, Murad decides to implement the request of Aaron Feller alamcar rescue a kidnapped American client in Iraq in return for his daughter’s recovery and succeed in it, but Flare does not hand over the girl to Murad But the house where you live is the house of the new American client Joseph, who will receive the place of Flair and in fact a plan to kill Murad or Joseph each other, but they are proliferating the game and finally Murad can kill Fler and his daughter and show a character who served the state in the past, And Arsawi, whose name is Kara at first, is hidden.

We are So guys I have a YouTube channel with 30 And at second all of u of course know morad and don t u think morad will be happy. Hi, i im very obssesed with ur series Kurtlar Vadisi.

Necati Şaşmaz a.k.a Polat Alemdar & Murad Alamdar

I wish you the best 4 ever and I want to see part five and six in Arabic from Syria channel plz as soon as possible. If you send me your adress i will try to meet you insallah! Allah waters his horses Where a man has humbled his heart. Unsubscribe from Sadia benanni?

Assalm u Alaikum This is Farhad Ayubzai From Afghanistan, Necati Morax Really i like you acting you are the best actor i saw all of your Film and Series like Kurtlar Vadisi,Pusu,terror, Iraq alamddar Fillistin if it is possible to make one film about Afghanistan Kurtlar Vadisi Afghanistan i heard some thing about your life that still you are unmarried but i think you got married with previouse writer of kurtlar vadidi, you are so handsome and cute actor but any time you are so angry mode hahhahahah, one thing more that mematti is also very danger in his acting, all of you performing very will but you are the best, will you reply me to know about your life.


Negati Sasmaz i love your acting so much its such an amazing series fulling in surprises i am so happy to find an actor like you and in general you guy as group FIGHTING for good and help the mankind. I love u polat alamdar can you send me your email plz i love you are my best actor,and memati,abdullhey,imran,eyad,hikmat,rahaf. The grey began to fade,As the colours filled the sky,The chill began to warm,As the sun began to rise.

Polat Alemdar and famous for his series and dramma. Please enter your name here. We proudly present the list of the most popular Turkish actors. He is definitely a hero in Middle East. But I was impressed by him and I hope to be his true nature, such as Polat. Jam shqiptare maqedonis komuna e gostivarit nexhati me jep pergjigje ne ket numer telefoni munt tajmrohesh vetem ne ore te vona te nates. I love you with all my heart.

Good luck finally u realized that being a father is a very serious and responsblulity again. Sasmaz is a Muslim, so we can all meet dyabi in heaven. I love you necati sasmaz very muchand i want to see you after collage.

Film morad alamdar 7 youtube and , sf dfi download full client philippines

Everyday I go to sleep I have your pictures with me and I have to kiss them and say Thank God that I have at leastyour pictuers. I love you to death Necati Sasmaz. Necati lover I wish him to send me his picture and my name written on it is this kind of My wish I.

Also Happy birthday for ever I know when is you birthday is In December 15 Tbe best actor I like is you. Morad alamdar youtube Music Polat Alamdar.

Inshallah I hope to see you at least form one Minute.

Im 12 yrs and i nearlly watch ur series everyday on YouTube. You are so cool and hot guy to me.