As a result, her punishment is gaining the ears of a rat. Member feedback about Galema: A true love’s kiss could break the spell. Jabar wants a dowry to his daughter, so he ask Alito have a half-million cash. She and the whole community of dwarfs lives in harmony until a plan to develop a project for the construction of an establishment endangers their home. The story teaches lessons regarding love, acceptance, and forgiveness. Maita is a young girl who has poor eyesight. Will he ask forgiveness from his family before time runs out?

Valentina, Melissa Ricks was born with snakes as her hair, due to a curse given by a woman that her father also had loved. Trina Julia Montes wanted to follow the latest fashion styles to be a member of her classmate’s group Hopia Legaspi. While the 5 men were bandmates who were also environmentalists. The next morning, Dong Pagong told Kikay that she must retrieve the magical pearl from the giant octopus to save all sea creatures from certain death. This is a story that will share a lot of important values especially obedience, with the help of Krystal, Jade and Emerald. Member feedback about Liza Soberano: Visitacion Parado born July 2, , better known by her screen name Tetchie Agbayani, is a Filipina movie and television actress, Mutya ng Pilipinas, psychology instructor and Playboy model.

Member feedback about WansapanaSummer: But after using the scarf, she became selfish and self-centered causing the magic boyfoe to lose its powers. The wish is a tree with a fruit that contains money, but when her greedy friend found out she wanted the fruits for herself. One day, he cuts a tree in their yard so that there would eansapanataym enough space for the court he wants, that causes all the plants in their garden to panic.

Ang Mga Alamat ni Ramon Ccast A story that values love of the family, Minnie, Edison, and Benson’s story will teach everyone the importance of hard work and the dangerous effects of abusing one’s power.

An 8-year-old girl named Bessy, who doesn’t really care about garbage, makes a mess wherever she goes.

“Wansapanataym” My App #Boyfie: Part 2 (TV Episode ) – IMDb

He got accepted, and was the second teen housemate that was introduced right after his eventual loveteam partner, Maymay Entrata and eventually became part of the Dream Team. Tina is a girl who likes to waste electricity. Mitos, a selfish young girl who is not fond of sharing her toys to others, even to her younger sister. Meanwhile, Heidi discovers the magic of an angel statue.


Claus Malou Crisologo on the other hand, needs someone to help her deliver gifts around town in time for Christmas. Though her parents were against her plan of joining, she still pursues. After this, they will play a muted video of each SEE-cret songer that reveals only 0. James had his first movie, without his onscreen partner Nadine, caat a lead role with Sarah Geromino as his grandmother in a remake of Korean Movie Miss Granny, which was shown in cinemas eansapanataym Augustalso starring Xian Lim.

At the same night, the stepmother’s dance instructor seduces Inday into getting her stepmother into kidnapping Inday.

Meet Tonyo, a boy who was electrocuted which gives him electric powers to help people who are in danger and in which he will fall in love with a news reporter named Penelope. Because of the man’s true love for Kara, the curse was broken.

Little does she know that the doll carries a cazt spell with it. On 28 Januaryhe released “Randomantic”, the third single from Reid Alert. Paulo Jason Abalos is a grouchy and lonely man who chose to drown himself caast work to forget his misfortunes. In which later, Cara married the man of her dreams and lived happily ever after with her father, husband and twin daughters.

While staying in his parents’ hometown, Mau Elmo Magalona meets a mysterious girl, presumably Holly. Will they be able to learn to share and learn not to fight? One 8 June Day 60Reid was notified by the producers of Big Brother that he was no longer required to use the oxygen tube, he was only required mu use it when he is sleeping.

Pia, a vain narcissist works as a car sales agent, while Upeng is an ugly woman but kind and has a sweet voice was struck by lightning on the same place and switched their bodies.


Kikay Kim Chiuis a simple girl wishing to do something extraordinary to other people. Filipino female pop singers Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Filipino pop singers Revolvy Brain revolvybrain 21st-century Filipino singers Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. An episode that will teach kids and their families about the importance of helping others. It can also be seen on TFC.

Leny was good and wansapantaaym while Lena was mean and selfish. Judy Ann SantosRico Yan.

Reid was almost evicted twice during his stay inside the house. General Star sacrificed her own “Star-Heart”, her power source to choose another set of Starfighters to defend, protect, and fight the menaces. On her birthday, a magical fairy doll gives Mitos the power to turn everything she touches to toys.

Matt Evans once again occupied the fifth season of Komiks, with a whole new adventure and characters. Kathryn Chandria Manuel Bernardo born March 26, is a Filipino actress, model and recording artist. The two friends decide to “borrow” the brush and use it for their own adventures.

Perry is a young man who wanted to be perfect to please his mother and his crush Kylie. Philippine anthology television series Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Philippine television series debuts Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Philippine television series Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Until one day a magical clown name Swap Matt Evans offers him the power to swap new toys for a price.

My App #Boyfie: Part 4

An episode that will teach kids the value of a father’s love and sacrifice. The story is based on the re-imagined version written by Regene Estolatan under Epik Studios. The song title is used as the episode title, while the song itself is used throughout the episode as background music. Replay of episode Cast: